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November 20 2017

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And we're back! Things'll be a tad slower since I had to nix Savino content, but I'll do what I can.

We'll start off with this silly little comic. It's a nice humorous scenario with "how do you do that" followed by a demonstration. It's fun, it's cute, it's everything I've ever wanted. Oh, and the colors are thanks to Darkton93. Thanks, Darkton93!

February 21 2017

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I just got a few new pictures I'd like to try out, but before we do one of 'em, I gotta talk about a specific show, and the reasons why once again a cowardly animator said No Girls Allowed!

Cartoon Network was goin' through some real troubles in 2004. They just changed their look to a brand new "city" look, and had to deal with a lot of new original shows. One of them was a show so outdated, it was outdated when it first premiered: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

In this show meant to capitalize on the sudden popularity of the singers who did the Teen Titans theme, as well as cash in on the Japanese Invasion they helped start, Cartoon Network made a show about fictionalized versions of two famous pop singers, Puffy AmiYumi, the duo being Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura. And I'd suspect the guys behind the show thought their cartoon counterparts that bore little resemblance to their real-life selves were sexy, since they kept shoving them into a bunch of sexy costumes and having them hug and share long, loving looks at each other. These guys were so perverted, the real Ami and Yumi famously asked "Why are you making us gay?", which they responded to with a storyboard of the cartoon versions making out. All this and more while the girls are implied to be teen idols, too! (surely the real Ami and Yumi were of age)

Of course, with perversion comes the need to deny you're a pervert in front of the children, so despite all the bikinis, bellydancer outfits and even towels they give the girls, they can't pull off even one nudity joke. Case in point, when Yumi is stripped of her clothes by Ami in the episode "Neat Freak", she's stuck with a chip packet to wear. The blush and small eyes probably mean she has nothing underneath, but this act of cowardice makes the entire thing moot since it's just a costume change, completely ruining the joke.

I had my friend Krizeii do a render of this a long time ago, and that's what we got here. Notice how Yumi is about as sexy as a block of wood. Notice the lack of sexual features, including hips and breasts. Notice how the thing is an actual embarrassment joke. I'm sure if the kids saw this, they'd be laughing harder than anything the show had ever done before, but I don't expect such a bland show to be anything other than boring.

Kids don't see nude girls as "inherently sexual". Only perverted animators who play matchmaker with pop stars on the same band do.
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