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November 24 2017

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As we do nowadays, it's time to put some art forward and ask the question of What Would It Look Like?

I know Numbuh 3 had her time in the show, but later episodes ended up showing more of certain characters, most notably Numbuh 1. So I requested another pic of her for a later project of mine. Incidentally, this is the first time I asked for a pic from someone of a KND character! Good to feature lesser-known stuff.

October 14 2017

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I don't have much to talk about, so have a What Would It Look Like with Ms. Bellum! The hair covering her breasts is my idea, since her hair is just so big. I guess now we know why she's "too sexy" for 2016!

October 12 2017

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Here's something the Fox censors are too scared to do! It's another time where we show the answer to the question of "What Would It Look Like?"

Here's Lisa, totally embarrassed and totally nude. I originally got a pic that had her pearls, but I decided to have them removed. If she ever got her moment on the show, this is what it'd look like. Maybe she looked like this while she was swimming in the Fermentarium... whatever that is.

September 28 2017

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Since we're running out of ways to ask How Do We Do It, it's time for another edition of What Would It Look Like?

This one features Robin Snyder from Powerpuff Girls. She's kinda obscure, so I wanted to spotlight her. Note the raindrops: this is also a bit related to Nano of the North, one of my faves.

July 07 2017

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Since I can't think of much How Do We Do It, mostly because we've exhausted the options I'm familiar with or are down to ones that don't fit thematically, I'm starting up a new series called What Would It Look Like? In this series, I post a character model I did with Krizeii's help to show what a girl might look like in any probable nude scene on the show. It's kind of a companion to How Do We Do It, showing anything that goes in that show.

Here's Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory. The idea is that she would, in addition to a leaf like Dexter's, have her chest censored by something up top. I picked a pair of daisies to be cute.
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