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January 29 2018

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A very silly picture, this one. It's a nice, clean joke about Leni being less than bright. In particular, getting to see her reaction is good here because it can lead to a comedic scene with the soap getting in all the wrong places. This is one bathroom gag I have no problems with.

UPDATE: Darkton93 provided a colorized version of this pic! Thanks, Darkton!

January 24 2018

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Now that a new director has been put in charge of The Loud House, our ban on Savino content is officially over. As such, since this picture was recently censored on DeviantArt, I wanted to preserve the original picture here.

As for the picture itself, it's a silly little gag based off Spongebob. I like how riled up Lana gets here, and how Lola gives her a ticket. Fun stuff!

September 28 2017

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Well, it's Thursday. I wonder if there's something I should be doing...

Oh right, the blog! The blog I started and run on my own, my blog.

Not joking, I actually forgot I had this! So, since my brain isn't working right now, here, have a Coppertone Loud House with the twins. Closer to the original drawing so you know it's good!

August 23 2017

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Good grief, nobody told me finding toon pics would get harder and harder. Anyway, this is a silly little parody of the Lynn bath scene, with the differences being made apparent. This kind of stuff gets in kids shows every now and then (Rugrats, anyone?), so I'm certain it's safe. Hey, the fact that this scene even exists in the original says I should be fine. I mean, the chests are the same! ...for now.

April 21 2017

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More of our golden girl Lynn with this one. Part of the difficulty in finding pictures to post is that I don't have as many folders as maybe I should have, but I have a massive base folder full of unlabeled stuff that everything without a folder goes into. Finding pics for toons is easy for the first few days since I can look in a folder. The last two? Not so much.

Oh, the pic! This is a great example of a girl getting into a nudity-related pickle. You can tell some chain of events must've happened that conspired to make her suffer in embarrassment. Special note goes to the band-aids; probably one of the best methods of censorship the Japanese came up with, they work great for Lynn because she's a sportsgirl and is expected to have a few some places. Guess she took some personal injuries...

March 31 2017

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More fanart of our golden girl Lynn Loud, this time thanks to someone generously sending it my way! In this case, it's based off an episode that used the classic Charlie Brown "speeding baseball leaves character in undies" gag, only with a little more nudity and a lot more object censors. This is such a funny pic I can't help but share. Cute, too!

March 21 2017

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Well, I'm getting better, so I might as well start posting again. Sorry for the week of delay, all!

More fanart of that legendary moment that broke the mold, only this time from the rear. I can't explain why this is so cute; it's a bathtime fun picture between two kids, that's pretty much all the explanation I'll need, I guess.

March 01 2017

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Well, now that this moment has actually happened, we're gonna get some fanart of it now. Here's a particularly good one. The goofy expression on this one makes it work.

February 22 2017

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Uh... so. This happened. It's rather unexpected. I'm not saying it's bad, in fact, just the opposite! I just wasn't expecting to see this on a mainstream children's network. Ladies and gentlemen, for our entry that shows Yes, It Can Be Done, today it's more like Yes, It Was Done!

So... context time. This is part of a popular Nick series titled The Loud House. It's by a member of the old Cartoon Network staff, Chris Savino, and it's even more popular than SpongeBob. It's also mostly garbage, full of simple humor that involves an awful lot of juvenile body functions, but this... this surprised me.

That's a photo from the main male character, Lincoln Loud's album of one of his cherished memories, bathing with one of his many sisters, Lynn. The show data says Linc is two years younger than than her, so the only way this'd meet the maximum baby age requirement is if he was 1 in this pic. But there's an actual 1-year-old in the show, and we've seen her gender-swapped, and the two body types don't match. Plus, she's missing a tooth, and there are two 6-year-olds who are also missing teeth. The specific tooth she lost puts her at 7 or 8, and matches up with the biology of the 6-year-old's missing teeth.

I think all the evidence points in the right direction! This is a little girl in the grey zone who showed her nipples alongside a boy of similar age-range. The only bad thing about it is now I'm mandated by this to start including nipples in my pics.

That said, how this goes over will depend on the audience's reaction. It's just a bath pic, so I don't think kids'll find it funny. All I need to do is make sure the grown-ups don't cry foul over it and we'll see if society is on the right track.

Keep a close eye, people! We may start seeing a change.
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