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January 29 2018

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And since I missed Sunday, too, here's the pic for that.

In my Supply Raids, as I call them, I often see pictures of girls with condoms in low amounts of clothing. So here's the exact opposite of that, with a guy holding his own "protection". After all, "the exact opposite" is what I'm all about!

November 27 2017

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Yes, our sexy guys can come from screenshots, too!

Just look at this guy! He's got a great body, and that pose is just smokin'! The facial expression is almost feminine in a sense, adding to that feeling. It's a great example of this kind of thing being equal opportunity, given it comes from Disney.

October 15 2017

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Let's showcase some sexiness, shall we?

Here's a fun picture! The guy is so hot, they had to censor his nipples! Stuff like that isn't often seen with males as much as females, but the guy's body, combined with his pose, means we simply had to! I think I saw this in Kill La Kill once or twice...

October 04 2017

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Stupid Soup ruining my good week... Well, time for some sexiness!

I've said before it's hard finding good pics that aren't just gay, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not the purpose of the blog. This one may be, but it's interesting to look at. The feminine pose and the direct attention to his rear make him real eye candy, and the alluring expression is very inviting. I get a kind of pin-up vibe when I look at this one, and if the pose is feminine, it works great for this blog! So... is this the worst thing we've caught him doing?

August 27 2017

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More sexy guys! This one is fun because it's specifically bait for female audiences. The long hair, the chiseled body, the thong of shielding... I can tell this isn't a gay pic because the artist seemed to want it to be for the ladies. Yeah, I'm sure John Smith WISHES he looked this cool.

August 22 2017

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Sorry for the delay. Complications kept coming up.

This pic was on the blog before. I like it because it's got that perfect bedroom look. Part of the difficulty with these is in finding stuff that isn't just homoerotic; it has to be something that's like a female picture. I think this qualifies, but I've found plenty of pics that don't, hence the low activity.

July 09 2017

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Sexy time! Just with someone you don't usually see do it.

It's really hard finding these sexy male pics because I have to make sure they're female-oriented. Too many of these things may cause people to think I'm gay, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not gay so I don't want people to have any misconceptions. This one works, however, because of all the women throwing him money to take his clothes off. We don't often see this kind of thing in pop culture, so it's nice someone is acknowledging it. It certainly proves we're more alike than we realize!

July 03 2017

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This time, our sexiness is more equal-opportunity.

I don't get very many chances to display shows like Sword Art Online, mostly because I'm not a big fan of it, but also because the show tends to exploit females for sexual purposes, including a memorable example with a 12-year-old girl. This picture is good, however, since it shows the kind of sexiness men get when compared to women. Asuna's got an intrusive bath sequence, while Kirito has a shot of him splayed out on the bed with his bare chest. Asuna's totally nude, Kirito keeps his pants. It really shows here that even when the intent is to be sexy, the way they treat their sexiness to different audiences is more biased against the series' woman. I'm sure the Abridged Series would've handled it better...

June 24 2017

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Since I missed our Sunday sexiness, let's get it down today!

This pic of Homer here is totally the kind of thing you'd see in a men's magazine pinup, only done with Homer of all people. Note the chest he's covering even has cleavage, which shows a real dedication to the whole "this is what a female pinup would look like with a guy instead" angle.

April 24 2017

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Our big announcement is just around the corner, so for now, let's savor the sexiness of the male gender.

Nothing like a good ol' shower scene to exploit women's bodies. Anime loves sexy showers, and often use them in ways to show off every sexy contour of a lady in true voyeuristic perversion. Well this time we've got an adaptation of a shower scene the male character Char Aznable took in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, courtesy of the comic book adaptation The Origin. The reason i picked this one is that it's more scandalous than the original anime, being sure to make Char look as sexy as possible. Need I remind you that good lookin' ladies aren't the only ones who can be good lookin'!

April 17 2017

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What was I thinking?! I accidentally uploaded two cartoon pictures in a row AND forgot to upload Sunday's post! I guess I just really wanted to post that Rarity...

Anyway, today's sexy guys are in another fanservice bath poster, you know, the kind you'd see a lot of girls in. Special note goes to the kid on the bottom; if a lot of anime nowadays make use of children for sexual purposes, then that kid shows what it'd be like for boys to get the shoe on their foot. Sometimes I wonder if I really should be saying no one wants to sexualize children...

April 04 2017

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Time for an explosion of sexiness... just not with who you'd expect.

There's certain ways specific parts of the body are drawn to accentuate their attractiveness and sex appeal. The most prominent of them is the nipple; there's a certain way they're drawn on women in anime and adult drawings to make it look even more attractive. Well, here we find a male sporting the female design, just to see what it'd look like. I wonder if the corresponding girl just has a pair of dark circles...

March 27 2017

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Geez, at this rate, the blog's gonna be an updated nightly sorta thing...

Anyway, on to the Sunday sexy men. This one is a bit interesting; it's from a Seth MacFarlane show, so naturally the intent is to gross you out. But still, it's being done in the exact same way a sexy car wash with ladies would be done, with almost no changes. If it were Marge and Lois doing this, it'd pretty much be softcore porn and I've seen the edits to prove it. Not so fun when it's happening to the men of the family, huh?

March 05 2017

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Well, now that the hags and brats are out of the way, let's bring on the real hotties!

This promotional art of Camille is quite infamous around these circles, and often is used to shock and horrify others. But just look at it! This pose is so completely feminine! It's just like something you'd see out of a men's magazine, only now it's being done with a guy here. Add to that the guy's name is typically associated with girls, and you have a clear parody of the type of art women tend to get in promotional material. Not so neat when it's a guy who's absolutely secure in his masculinity, huh?

February 27 2017

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Blast, I missed Sunday's post, so have to do it now.

Now, here's a fun little picture. Now, this is Seth MacFarlane, so his intent was definitely to gross the audience out by virtue of a nude man being the last thing his audience, which is presumably those 18 year old men, wants to see. However, pay attention to their poses. They're clearly being done in feminine manner. It's very clearly supposed to be a parody of female model poses, so to show what happens when a man does it. And hey, the women on this show don't look too good either; no one does!

February 19 2017

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Sundays are fun! That's because on Sunday, we take a situation you might find a female character to get a sexy nude scene... and put a male character in it while keeping it exactly as sexual! These are the only things I regard as NSFW, for the record, don't want the kids getting into sex.

One of the most common ways anime producers add revenue to their product is through Fanservice Posters. These depict the ladies of the show in some kind of sexy situation, and the most common way this is done is a bath scene. The purpose is pure Sex Sells, playing on the Otaku market's baser instincts and giving them softcore porn to use as they please, for their pleasure.

Enter Free! Eternal Summer. Free! is all about taking fanservicey swim team anime involving women in bikinis... and doing it with men instead, while maintaining the sexy. The women all get the ideal perfect female body with big hips and breasts, so the men get the ideal male body with muscles and smoothness. Since fanservice anime relies on the girls being lesbians to fuel more fantasy, Free! insinuates the guys are all gay behind the scenes to fuel its fantasy. It's probably perverted women's fantasy, given it does everything girls get and gives them the equivalent.

So what we have here is a Fanservice Poster of the Free! boys, putting them in the common bath scenario women go through. It's a perfect example of role reversal, and shows that male nudity isn't always humorous; it can be quite alluring, too if you do it right.

I mean, if you take what happens to a girl and do it to a guy, it's still sexy, right?
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