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August 03 2018

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This has been going on for quite a bit, so I feel I should address it before it goes too far out of hand.

These days, we have been seeing reboots of characters with minority casts. The most common of which is the All Female Reboot, where a cast dominated by males is replaced with one dominated by females. We saw this with Ghostbusters, the recent Ocean's 8, and soon Terminator will be joining this club.

This honestly feels to me like a gimmick, and I'm going to prove it to you. Imagine if the opposite situation happened, the All Male Reboot. Imagine if, say, The Powerpuff Girls announced they would be getting a reboot involving the three roles being replaced by three little boys. Imagine if a reboot of Sailor Moon had the Sailor Scouts replaced with a squad of High School boys.

The outcry would be massive. "How dare you take a feminist icon away from us!" "You're denying agency to women by replacing them with some guys!" Well... why is it okay to deny agency to men by replacing them with some nobody gal? The original Ghostbusters saw a union of four of the greatest comedians in a massive role; Ghostbusters 2016... isn't funny. But then I hear the alleged "feminists" say in defense of these reboots "We aren't taking the original away from you!" "Just judge it on its own merits!" Well, in that case... why is it when the movie has no merits you pull out the sexism card? And if these All Male Reboots came to be, wouldn't you guys complain about us taking the original away from you?

See, this is the problem with these reboots. They serve an immediate "Get Out Of Criticism Free Card" without any merits. If someone made a chair that falls apart when you sit on it, and I complain about the chair's shoddy quality, I don't care if you say "The chair was made by a minority! Hating the chair means you hate all minorities!" No, no I do not hate all minorities; I just hate the chair you made because it's a bad chair. If the reboots were good, who in their right mind would complain?

Worse, when you do this constantly, any future one of these will raise serious red flags in the eyes of the public. And then the studios will shut them down by saying "movies about minorities don't sell", and we'll be back to the Straight Wight Male Brigade. Then you'll be denied agency.

If you want a good feminist icon, make a new one, like Samus or the Powerpuff Girls. Don't kill and replace an old favorite of the audience like a flippin' T-1000.

July 17 2018

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The Current Year is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you another example of blatant sexism... against men.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is quite possibly one of the manliest-named shows ever, and its protagonist is one of the manliest ever. His name is "He" and "Man" put together in one. He has bulging muscles and the outfit to show them off. He's so confident in his manhood, his prince outfit is pink and he still looks like a hunk. He's so much of a man, he's been joked about as being gay, just because he is so completely defined by "manhood". He's like the anti-Barbie, and people have made joke about it, too!

Naturally, toy companies wanted girls to be part of the market, too, so the same company behind He-Man also developed She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It's basically a gender-swapped version of He-Man, down to every last detail. And, for what it was, it was good from a sociology directive. He-Man wears a skimpy outfit. So does She-Ra. He man uses a sword to fight. So does She-Ra. It's a perfect counterpoint in all regards, no problems, right?

Well... Netflix, the people behind such tolerant series as "Dear White People..." have agreed to fund a new show in the Masters of the Universe franchise. The kicker? It's a GRRL POWAH show starring She-Ra. And if you note the costume, it is completely devoid of sexy traits, and has a totally flat chest. After all, breasts are scary to women! Of course, by this logic, He-Man would be wearing a suit of armor that covers up us ripped, bulging abs, and should look like only like a man that consumes over twice his weight in soy products.

I joke, of course. A new He-Man series would never be made in The Current Year. For you see, the mere presence of men is damaging to women these days unless they serve basically as slaves, ER I MEAN guys to service women or villains of the eeeeeevil patriarchy! After all, if we're going for revenge, the only solution to a patriarchy is a matriarchy, right? But then, notice it's only men who are the problem. Masculine traits are worshiped in this society, and feminine traits are to be looked down upon and scorned. After all, it's only okay for a girl to be a man... and for a man to be a corpse.

The fact that the 1980's understood what the gender-reversal of He-Man would be like perfectly while the current era struggles is just sad. Even worse is that it came from a cynical attempt to sell toys, not that this new show is. Say hello to He-Ra!

April 18 2018

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Welcome to the first installment of our new direction! I just couldn't help myself; this isn't gonna always be a point-and-laugh show, but... this is so egregious I can't help but point it out. And laugh at it!

So I recently found that a statue of a mysterious "Rebel Terminator" is being made. Which tickles me because... there already IS a Rebel Terminator! It's Ahnold! In the majority of the movies! Honestly, the idea of a Rogue Terminator was fascinating in T2, but now it just makes Skynet look bad that all their machines keep turning against them!

But hey, if this was just a genderswapped Ahnold, I'd be fine with it. But aside from this design being too 2018 for its own good, let's take a look at the writeup for this thing. First off, I referred to Ahnold as a "Rogue Terminator" because of things like Attack on Titan, where you have the "Rogue Titan," or recently Pacific Rim Uprising with its "Rogue Jager." So what makes this one specifically designed to be a "rebel" instead of "rogue?" It's all on her gender; she's rebelling not just against Skynet, but the eeeeevil partiarchy! And I say it's against the patriarchy because of calling Skynet "oppressive". And what is the Social Justice Warrior's catchphrase if not "Help, I'm being oppressed!"

But the worst part about it is that she seems to have been turned on her own. So liberated is she by her human spirit that she somehow overcame her programming for... some reason. Never explained, because the logic behind having the males have to be reprogrammed and her just... well, magically being a good guy despite being a cold, unfeeling machine, of which others like her exist like the T-X and the Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminators, seems to be "QUIET! And there's a fresh one if you mouth off again."

Granted, I wouldn't object to a female Terminator being in the Ahnold type role. Cameron showed that it could work out well. It'd be even better if it was a female T-800 so she could have muscles. But all these modifiers make her too perfect, make her into a less interesting character, all because apparently women need to be coddled because they're "too fragile to have flaws." If that isn't condescending, I don't know what is.

But hey, maybe she's the reason why Skynet doesn't let Terminators learn on their own. And that it makes the T2 Terminator a victim of what is basically brainwashing is just hilarious.

April 13 2018

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We're going to be finalizing our new direction for the blog very soon. In the meantime, I'd like to take a moment for an unscheduled role reversal. I post this to show that humiliation is humiliation, and if it only becomes obvious when it's happening to a girl, we've got a problem with how we treat guys.

April 01 2018

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It's that day again, April Fools day! And this time I have a role reversal of a girl's scene! It's not exact, unfortunately, but I do what I can with all of my artists up and vanishing for some reason...

January 23 2018

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Almost forgot this! It's time for our Monday Role Reversal, this time with a remake of the Chloe pic because I want my stuff to look its best.

November 20 2017

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It's that time again: Role Reversal time! Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the Savino ep for a while.

So this one comes from the episode of Dexter's Lab titled "A Hard Day's Day." The funny thing is that this episode happens to feature a lot of nude Dexter. This is one of those moments, Dexter being undressed out of his pajamas by his machine in his morning routine, and sliding down something like the Batpole to change into his regular outfit. It's definitely one of the more notable shots of Dexter's butt in the series, and we see it a LOT in this ep.

So, for this one, Darkton93 and I collaborated on a fic to reverse the situation with Dee Dee. For this segment, Dee Dee throws her regular clothes into the air, jumps out of her pajamas, then flies right into them to dress in the air. And just like Dex, there's a nice big shot of her butt cuz exact change only.

I will likely do more with this episode. In the meanwhile, I've got both a comic version of certain scenes, and we've got a whole fanfic ready if this episode is one of your favorites and you wanted it to get the "Dee Dee's Rival" treatment. They're there if you know where to look!

October 09 2017

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Krizeii didn't make it in time. Main plan it is!

This one isn't mine, mostly because it involves something we don't often see 'round these parts: genderswaps! The situation is the same, the level of clothing is the same, the character is the same... but the gender is different! It shows how this kind of thing would work if a girl were involved in the kind of situations this boy was.

Just a thought. You know, since Star wouldn't work as well.

September 25 2017

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I've wanted to show this pic for some time, but only just got the ability to. It's time for a role reversal remake!

This is a remake of our first ever commission. I wanted to have something in time for my 3-year anniversary, but since Krizeii takes a long time to work, I wanted it done ASAP. So I asked him to do it months in advance. The result looks great, dontcha think?

July 03 2017

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Role reversal time! And with a fresh commission right off the ironing board!

There's an episode of Dragon Ball GT where Goku falls under attack by one of the seven Evil Dragons. I can't say the name of this one because it's different depending on the English or Japanese version, but it's the girl Dragon for the Six Star Ball. During the battle, Goku gets hit by a whirlwind attack, which, for some reason, blows off all his clothes to shreds.

So for this version, the one getting hit was Goku's grandaughter Pan. (Goku got shrunk back down to a kid in the first episode.) I did a version of this pic earlier with a different artist, and had Krizeii redraw the pic. Pan's got shredded clothes covering her vitals since I prefer censored pictures, especially depending on where I post. I realize this is not quite accurate to the original screenshot, which I even had to censor, but this blog needs to have some posts more open than others and, well, this is a difficult situation to go for because fanart is a little different than official pics. Sorry!

April 17 2017

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So the second remake picture just came in a few days ago, so I'm posting it here so everyone knows. It seems Krizeii, the artist, took some influence from the original Xierra version, though I'm not quite sure where he could've found it, and quite frankly, I don't think I wanna know.

Side note, anyone else think Dexter looks just a tad bit more sexualized than normal? He's got a bit more detailed anatomy than he usually gets in identical situations. Well, I guess pedophilia is okay if the subject is a boy, am I right?

April 10 2017

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After proudly displaying this on my Inkbunny, I thought today's role reversal should be the remake of the Billy and Mandy Dumb Luck pic. Now with closer resemblance to the original and with a more accurate anatomy!

April 01 2017

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It's that time again! Let's reverse some roles for a time when a female character got naked and do the same to a male. You know you love it!

This scene comes from an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's that show everyone loves except the people that don't. Anyway, today's pic reverses a scenario from the episode "Make New Friends But Keep Discord". In that episode, Rarity's dress gets slimed by a green slime monster called The Smooze, the monster eating up the gems on her fancy party dress. Discord, the resident trickster and the guy who invited Smoozey to begin with, vacuums up Rarity's smooze-covered dress. And, in a move common to cartoons, she covers with her forelegs and scuttles off.

So for this one, I happened upon a render of the same thing happening to Spike, the cute little boy dragon and Rarity's secret admirer. With careful editing of the screenshot to remove Rarity, we can place Spike in the whole thing and see how it works. If a girl like Rarity can get her clothes sucked away and no one minds, then why is it such a drama bomb when the same thing happens to a boy instead? Kids won't care!

Of course, none of them really wore clothes to begin with. Oh well, if the horseshoe fits...

(Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Couldn't afford to make this even a day late. Just a friendly reminder, equality goes both ways!)

March 28 2017

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Today's role reversal is a little bit on the fun side. I'm reversing one of my own pictures!

I already talked about the moment where Yumi got her outfit swiped by Ami. Well, in this version, shortly after Ami lightens up on her whole General of Cleanliness thing, Yumi swipes the outfit right off of her and tells her not to do the swipe clothes thing again. Fun stuff!

Of course, to get this commission, I had to wait several months after I paid for it. Krizeii got stuck in some personal traffic and found himself unable to complete the pic in a timely manner. However, he eventually got it done, and for that I'm glad. It's hard working with him sometimes, but he always provides in the end. He's a good guy.

March 21 2017

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Welcome to our next role reversal picture! I don't have much of these left, only a few comics and stuff. I'll try and populate my gallery with a bit more of these, though.

Today we look at a moment from Fairly OddParents, specifically the episode "Crime Wave". In that one, Timmy Turner, our main hero didn't want to take a bath, and would rather be at the comic store. So he asked his fairy godparents to poof him over there, which they did... without dressing him first. So he had to make his way across the town of Dinsdale without being detected, and failed numerous times due to hidden cameras, bad hiding places, all that stuff. That, and he got mistaken for the comic hero Naked Lad!

The setup for the below pic involves a new character, Chloe. She was introduced in Season 10 as someone who had to share the fairy godparents with Timmy, so naturally, she could be poofed out of the bath and forced to go on an adventure as Naked Lass, too! If you note the full picture, the news report says "Little Girl Streaks Through Dinsdale - Concerning or Very Concerning?" Ah, the hyping media...

February 27 2017

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Here's a fun one, one of my particularly old ones. I'm sure by now you've seen these characters before on the blog. They're from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The boy's Billy and he's an idiot. The girl's Mandy and she's cynical and evil. Together, they hold the leash to the Grim Reaper. It's kind of a gross-out show.

Case in point, this episode here, "Dumb Luck". The premise is that Billy spilled salt, and since he didn't throw it over his shoulder, he's got absolutely terrible luck. One of the things to cap of his humiliation is when someone pulls a thread on his outfit, and his clothes completely unstitch, leaving him naked in school before the next scene begins and he's fine.

For this one, I actually redid the story in a fanfic, "No Such Luck", found on my Inkbunny. The idea was to switch the situation to star Mandy instead, as a way of giving her what's coming to her. There's ultimately only one nude scene in the whole thing, and it pretty much amounts to this one here. The premise is, for a quick gag, Mandy gets unstitched like Billy did, and upon realizing it, flatly covers and says she doesn't care anymore before scuttling off. Just that single picture does the job.

February 20 2017

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Monday already? Gosh, things fly! Well, we're doing things a bit out of order, mainly for variety's sake. We'll get back to missing entries later.

Remember how I said Dexter tended to get naked and show his butt to the audience? Well, that whole joke was the punchline behind the episode "Better Off Wet." In it, Dexter's family kept trying to get him into the pool (yes, there were some sexy Mom shots, the perverts), but he didn't want to for some reason. He finally got in the pool at the end, but as he lamented he didn't know why he was so shy, his swimsuit came off underwater and we were treated to a full shot of Dexter' butt.

The name of the game is role reversal, so here we are with a new victim! This time it's Dee Dee who loses her brand-new bikini in the water (hey, it happens to girls, too), and we get to see her all the way. When Xierra099 sent it to me, I knew this was great. Dexter's family's reactions keep it from being perverted, and Dexter sits at a bench on his own to keep the same thing from happening to him. Good stuff!

February 14 2017

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Because I only just found out the website is running again, we're doing Monday's show on Tuesday morning. For those who weren't there last time, on Monday we take a scene of female nudity and switch things around to feature a female character instead. We call this... well, we don't call it anything.

Believe it or not, our first picture breaks all the rules we established earlier! That's because this picture is based on a time two adults lost their clothing; it's the Simpsons episode "Natural Born Kissers." The situation was that due to a mishap involving public sex and a golf course, Homer and Marge lost their clothes and had to run back home while completely naked. So for this picture, the target of the naked escape is Bart and Lisa, under the assumption they lost their clothes some other way; these are kids after all.

Why post this first if it's atypical? Well, this is actually the first commission I ever did! The artist for this one was Xierra099, a cartoon hentai artist who does both SFW and NSFW pics. I asked her to do something in between, and it worked out swimmingly. We've been inseparable partners ever since that day, and she provides all my examples of role-reversal and stories. Thanks once again, Xierra!
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