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January 29 2018


Another productive week come to a close, and just in time for it to be a month! As such, here are some final thoughts for you guys.

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue doing that thing I do. Every day I go on my Facebook or Twitter, I tend to see a story about how someone said Them, Too about a guy... keep in mind all we have is their word. I'm sure the possibility that women, as humans, also lie never crossed their minds when the justice system goes Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Because of that, I'm worried something like that, despite noblest intentions of mine, is gonna happen to me, too. Granted, I'm pretty low profile, but hey, living in the state I live on a college campus, I'm in double jeopardy. I might just stop commissioning things if I find myself in a position where I could get arrested.

Now, this is not my final answer. I just need some time to think this over. My birthday's coming up soon, I might have an answer by then. I'll let you know how things go.

See you then!

January 07 2018

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Siiiiiiigh... Okay... 2018 is not off to a good start. I was going to talk about this in proper during a week of production, but now's a better time.

On January 1st, 2018, and let me emphasize that for you, the first day of the new year, YouTube user Logan Paul filmed an actual suicide and posted it to his account, one which is watched by numerous children. Now, if Paul had something resembling, you know, a conscience, he'd delete the video from the feed and not post it there, or if he did mention it, talk about it in a separate V-Log, not one where he does things like say Mt. Fuji isn't where Fiji Water comes from. Instead, he subjected kids to a snuff film; not "basically", not "kinda", that's what he did, and that's what it was. In the end, the video was taken down... by Paul... after facing heavy backlash... while he chose to play his patented Victim Card at how those big meanies were saying mean things to him like how bad it is he joked about suicide.

And what was YouTube's punishment to the guy? Nothin'. Nothin' at all. He's still making videos. He tore the internet apart, and he gets a slap on the wrist.

Also on January 1st 2018, an Elementary School teacher in Utah got in hot water for showing kids porn. Except... that's not what really happened. He was an art teacher, and was showing kids examples of art in his class, his sixth grade class so they were of maximum age for elementary school. And the art was said to not fit pornographic standards at all. It was just a female butt. So what happened to him? Got fired. For, you know, doing his job. Apparently the parents complained about the art, then let the kids watch more TV and movies with butts aplenty.

Do you see now why I'm still working on this problem?

This nonesense double-standard of violence being okay and sex not being okay is absurd. The Last Jedi, a movie made by Disney, features a fight scene with lots of graphic, albeit bloodless violence. But the violence is quite horrific; heads getting cut off by lightsabers, impalements, stabbings through the brain... scary stuff! Meanwhile, Slave Leia is now being considered unacceptable to sell in figure format anymore, so stuff like that no longer exists. Which company did the deed? Disney! Apparently it's okay to sell "Star Wars figure with graphic violence action!" to kids, but not "Girl in outfit!" to those same kids just because of what that outfit looks like.

I mean, really, it's illogical. Kids don't see nudity as "inherently sexual", they find it funny! It's why nudity-based humor is a staple of adult comedies! In fact, if you do it to the right person, you can even have it in kids media, especially cartoons! Violence? You'll often find that in horror films, or stuff where violence is designed to horrify. Kids get scared of graphic violence. They don't get scared of girl butts. Show a kid a naked girl intended in a sexual scene and they'll be laughing their butts off. Show a kid a scene from Saw and they'll be in tears. So why does one get a scumbag a slap on the wrist while another gets guys who're doing their jobs the axe?

I grew up in similar situations to the kids in this class, and I was mostly okay with it. Kids're fascinated by the human body, especially given the things that're different between boys and girls. That makes sense for the same reason they're attracted to swear words; they want to learn more and accumulate info. Show them actual sex acts, however, and they don't wanna see them at all, and graphic violence is much the same way. The way we are treating content that is allegedly "unacceptable for children" is completely upside-down and backwards! We should be showing butts and hiding guts, not the other way around which is what we're currently doing!

In the end, if you're looking for an example on why the taboo against nudity and acceptance of violence in America is loony, look no further than how a jackmule of a YouTuber gets away with filming murder, and how a guy gets fired for doing his job.

February 27 2017

With the week over at last, and with a lot more stability than last time, I leave you with these final thoughts.

First, on the announcement front, we're planning a themed week where we focus on a specific show and how it relates to a specific country's climate. The week will begin the week after I acquire the pic I need to illustrate my point: a specific No Girls Allowed entry involving something culturally specific... but not to our culture.

Now for the meat of things. This week was the week of the Oscars. Not too keen on all the politics, but that's the current era; we're already the Divided States of America, and part of me wonders if that was intentional.

Now, the Oscars are ostensibly supposed to promote excellence in filmmaking. They don't; this fact has been documented several times. So, because of that, I wanted to talk about a trend that's been bugging me, and yes, it involves the way female nudity is used.

Today we're talking about Science Fiction, or Space Fantasy or Future Fantasy or whatever unscientific thing they're calling it now. Typically Sci-Fi has been seen as the realm of nerds, and the typical perception of a nerd is someone who is scrawny with a nasally voice and glasses, who'll never get a date because they're too much of a geek. For that reason, Hollywood has always had a problem with getting their beloved 18-year-old males to see it, since all they're gonna come up with it people who're more interested in gadgetry and tech than anything 18-year-old males are "supposed" to like. Give me a fictional universe and you can bet a large portion of the fanbase has created its own explanations for how everything works, all in incomprehensible gibberish that sounds scientific but means nothing.

So the Hollywood execs decided to go the extra mile and add sexy women, because that seems to be their default to how to "improve" things.

Thus we get stuff like Oblivion, where a woman shows her butt as she skinny dips through the water; or Jupiter Ascending, where the first thing the camera does with a woman who had her youth restored is show her bare butt to the camera (there's a PG-13 joke here, but this blog is trying to be family-friendly); or Terminator 3, where a sexy female Terminator travels back in time, and shows her butt (noticing a trend here?) to the camera. Sex was even added to both of the first two new Star Trek films, showing women in underwear for no reason other than gratuitous pandering. One shot even held a clue to a viral website, with the assumption being the perverted 18-year-old male viewer would be too distracted ogling the woman to notice or care. I think it's safe to say Gene Roddenberry would never approve of his franchise going in that direction.

There's a particularly insidious side to this, too. Men get to show their butts on camera in these films, too, and it's getting more and more common. There's X-Men: Days of Future Past with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, The Martian with the main hero of that film, and now that the T-800's being used more as a hero now, he has that, too. The common link between all of these is that these men are the heroes, while the women being exposed are all villains. It's essentially sending the signal that attractive men are good guys, but attractive women are evil. It also sends the message that a woman should never be intimate or proud of their bodies, or they're bad people for some undefined reason other than society being run by men and standards being hard to break.

But don't worry! There are heroic women who bare all in fiction. There just aren't any villainous men who do the same. Clearly the director doesn't want the girls to fall in love with the bad guy. Feel free for the guys to bag the bad gal, though!

This is just an example of the double standard of how nudity is used in fiction with regards to men and women. Once again, female nudity is being put somewhere it doesn't belong just to titillate the perverted guys in the audience. But when it comes to equal-opportunity fanservice, there's specific rules that make them look good. I have no love for Hollywood, not as long as they keep doing things like this and making it seem acceptable.

So why pat Hollywood on the back when they deserve to be slapped instead?
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