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August 03 2018

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This has been going on for quite a bit, so I feel I should address it before it goes too far out of hand.

These days, we have been seeing reboots of characters with minority casts. The most common of which is the All Female Reboot, where a cast dominated by males is replaced with one dominated by females. We saw this with Ghostbusters, the recent Ocean's 8, and soon Terminator will be joining this club.

This honestly feels to me like a gimmick, and I'm going to prove it to you. Imagine if the opposite situation happened, the All Male Reboot. Imagine if, say, The Powerpuff Girls announced they would be getting a reboot involving the three roles being replaced by three little boys. Imagine if a reboot of Sailor Moon had the Sailor Scouts replaced with a squad of High School boys.

The outcry would be massive. "How dare you take a feminist icon away from us!" "You're denying agency to women by replacing them with some guys!" Well... why is it okay to deny agency to men by replacing them with some nobody gal? The original Ghostbusters saw a union of four of the greatest comedians in a massive role; Ghostbusters 2016... isn't funny. But then I hear the alleged "feminists" say in defense of these reboots "We aren't taking the original away from you!" "Just judge it on its own merits!" Well, in that case... why is it when the movie has no merits you pull out the sexism card? And if these All Male Reboots came to be, wouldn't you guys complain about us taking the original away from you?

See, this is the problem with these reboots. They serve an immediate "Get Out Of Criticism Free Card" without any merits. If someone made a chair that falls apart when you sit on it, and I complain about the chair's shoddy quality, I don't care if you say "The chair was made by a minority! Hating the chair means you hate all minorities!" No, no I do not hate all minorities; I just hate the chair you made because it's a bad chair. If the reboots were good, who in their right mind would complain?

Worse, when you do this constantly, any future one of these will raise serious red flags in the eyes of the public. And then the studios will shut them down by saying "movies about minorities don't sell", and we'll be back to the Straight Wight Male Brigade. Then you'll be denied agency.

If you want a good feminist icon, make a new one, like Samus or the Powerpuff Girls. Don't kill and replace an old favorite of the audience like a flippin' T-1000.

November 24 2017

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It's a surreal feeling updating so soon after the last one. That's what I get for being lazy...

Anyway, even if Blossom can't quite get the joke, I sure can! It's a great example of overreaction: skirt gets flipped over, so somehow that warrants outfit being destroyed? Her reaction to this whole thing makes for a really humorous picture, and I think the artist, who happens to be my comic artist Xierra099 does the job well. Also, Darkton93 provided the colors you see here, so go thank him, too.

October 14 2017

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I don't have much to talk about, so have a What Would It Look Like with Ms. Bellum! The hair covering her breasts is my idea, since her hair is just so big. I guess now we know why she's "too sexy" for 2016!

October 11 2017

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You know what's really scary? This example that shows Yes, It Can Be Done comes from the reboot.

Indeed, the reboot may be divisive and in my opinion full of wasted potential, but it did have a scene where the Girls take a bath without any shame. Granted, the scene lasted about two seconds, but with the gag they were trying to go with, the fact that they included a bathtub moment and went pretty far with it is pretty impressive. Remember, this is a series that cut out Ms. Bellum because she was "too sexy" for them despite never intended to be.

Still, the reboot forgot one thing. Even if Buttercup were around, she wouldn't be in that bath anyway.

October 01 2017

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Two pics in one day? Well, technically, this is a picture that represents a version of How Do We Do It? using an older girl, so it still counts as running a "show."

In this case, we have Miss Keane. What I like about this one is how modest she is in this pic. A lot of artists make Keane a little too sexy, but here she looks nice and adorable, especially with her modest bust. Krizeii's done stuff like this all the time for me, and I'm glad for it.

September 28 2017

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Since we're running out of ways to ask How Do We Do It, it's time for another edition of What Would It Look Like?

This one features Robin Snyder from Powerpuff Girls. She's kinda obscure, so I wanted to spotlight her. Note the raindrops: this is also a bit related to Nano of the North, one of my faves.

August 26 2017

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I don't get to feature the reboot of PPG a lot, mainly because the reboot isn't that good, thus, doesn't inspire a lot of fanart that isn't hate art. This one works though. It's a new take on that classic nano scene. I mean, why not? Depowering the girl heroes is the name of the reboot's game. Feminism!

July 05 2017

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The good news is I don't have to do my specific days of the week shows with Powerpuff Girls. No examples of Role Reversal, already did the one "No Girls Allowed!", and because of the numerous examples of Yes, It Can Be Done! we already know How Do We Do It. That means I can post examples freely.

As for the pic, I love this one because it's got Princess as cupid. Cupid is a nice situation for non-sexual nudity involving kids, and it's good to pair it up with a subversion of the purity of angels with a naughty girl, and Princess is definitely naughty! The author mentions he drew it before the fandom exploded with pedos. Okay, the fandom was never free of pedos, but they are worse now. Then again, it's 2017; everything's worse now.

June 28 2017

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I was debating whether or not to post this here, but I decided to for a couple of reasons: This was the original artist's intent for the picture, and the forum he posted it to because DeviantArt took some of his older PPG loli down was a public one before it crashed. So I feel it's justified posting it here, since it used to be quite public.

As for the picture, what makes it all work is the final panel, or rather, the stretching of the panel providing a unique form of cover that really only comics can provide. Better than a bedsheet!

April 21 2017

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I think I may be just a little too busy, skipping out several days. On the other hand, looks like the image size limit just got larger, so I can post some full-size stuff!

This pic is fun! It's official art from a magazine, and it may just be the most revealing official art of the PPGZ. I'm glad they spent it on something as cute as this, what with the Girls enjoying a nice onsen trip. Though I'm surprised Kaoru is taking this so well, given who she's supposed to be...

April 13 2017

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I'm really embarrassed right now. I could've sworn I posted yesterday's show, but I guess I didn't. Nevertheless, let's explore some examples that prove that Yes, It Can Be Done!

I love talking about The Powerpuff Girls on this blog. The mere fact that the animator's weren't cowards means there's a lot of potential for humorous nude situations involving these girls, and no one really seemed to mind until this whole thing became a big deal.

Case in point, at one point, Persil, a brand of detergent sold in the United Kingdom, ran a special promotion with Cartoon Network and Powerpuff Girls in early 2002 to have the Girls appear on boxes of Persil, with a bunch of PPG stickers included as well. But there was also a contest for the whole thing, the objective being to go to a special micro-site and find the Girls' clothes, having been stolen by Mojo Jojo. The winner would win glamorous prizes like a Game Boy Advance, some PPG games, that stuff.

Now, you might wonder how far they were willing to go with the idea of the Girls having their clothes taken from them. Quite far, actually, as the picture shows. Indeed, we get to see the Girls in the buff, forced to cover themselves with their arms in that little girl sorta way. The whole thing was cute and silly, and kids didn't seem to mind one bit. The microsite went its course and the contest found its winner.

This really shows how liberated the UK was compared to us, in a country known for censorship. They felt free to run a children's contest featuring naked little girls used for comedy and no one bat an eye. None of the kids turned out messed up, and Persil even saw an increase in sales with the Girls to advertise. This is yet another example in a long string of The Powerpuff Girls proving that young female nudity doesn't have to be taboo, and can work very well in a non-sexual context.

There's a reason I love this show so much. Risk rewarded, I'll say!

March 28 2017

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I ought to be thankful; I only need to dedicate one show to PPG, and thankfully it doesn't have to be this week's show. So I just get to post as many PPGs in the bath as I want. This one is rather fun, showing that baths for a trio of superpowered girls can be stressful. One doesn't even want to be there, so you gotta make sure she doesn't try and bail out! And poor Bubbles, just watching the commotion like a deer in headlights. All she wanted was to have some fun in the tub!

March 23 2017

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After all the good I've talked about The Powerpuff Girls, it's time to talk about a moment where they gave into pressure and said No Girls Allowed!

One of the most notable moments of nudity-related humor came all the way in the first season, with the episode "The Bare Facts." In that one, Mojo had attempted to become Mayor, so he had to strip the existing Mayor of... something, something which led the Girls to laugh and laugh. We got our answer at the end, where the Mayor had been shown to be stripped of more than his powers... in a very personal way.

Three seasons later, in the episode, "Nano of the North", nanobots invaded Townsville via raindrops to destroy everything made of carbon (except evidently people for some reason), including buildings, cars and clothing. So when the Girls tried to fight them at full size, they failed, and they had to return home naked. Unfortunately, a series which used to do episodes like "Down N' Dirty" unashamed now embraced cowardice and comparatively censored the Girls, with them covering their butts and their fronts hidden by the Professor's arm.

It's a little weird why they'd chose to do that, given Craig is an unconventional person who does weird things in his cartoons. I have a hunch, though, that it was because at the time, the series was also airing on Kids WB, which was broadcast television on Saturday Mornings. That kinda thing is comparatively censored, and, in fact, this episode debuted on Kids WB, hence the probable need for censorship.

Nonetheless, it is an error, and it needs correcting, so I put Krizeii to task on creating a new version of the scene with less censorship. Considering later on one of the Rowdyruff Boys shows their butt, I don't think kids would mind. They'd more than likely see it as funny, since they laughed so much at the Mayor all those years earlier.

How sad that after years of bravery, they so suddenly embrace cowardice. What a waste.

March 02 2017

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It's time to remind people once again that I'm not just a raving lunatic by giving the audience a reminder that Yes, It Can Be Done!

The second season of The Powerpuff Girls introduced some key concepts like Princess Morbucks, and fleshed out the characters a little more. It also was the season with one of the best episodes in the series, "Speed Demon." The Girls did get a little meaner, though, but that was rectified in later seasons.

A particular oddity are the two episodes that take place in the middle of Season 2, clustered together. Both are intended as PSA's for kids, done in the usual style of the show. "Beat Your Greens" taught kids to eat their vegetables... and did so by showing the Girls, and other kids in town, eating up an army of broccoli aliens, in a way that was charming, yet scary. The second, "Down N' Dirty", was all about taking baths, with the boyish Buttercup not wanting to take one herself. The stench becomes so much, not even the monsters she enjoys fighting want to do anything with her, so she is forced to take a bath to get them to do so again.

Those sequences with the Girls in the bath are some of the best sequences in animation, since they show quite a bit. After all, if you wanna show kids taking baths, they gotta get naked! Thankfully, these sequences are totally for cute reasons, and the shots we see have no emphasis of any kind to them.

And, to remind the audience, this is something we all grew up on. We saw this episode as kids, and the only thing we took away from it is to actually take a bath to get clean. This was in the running for years, and no one batted an eye, nor saw a problem with it. That's because it was fantastic, and quality is quality to anyone.

Yes, we can have things like this in animation. After all, we already have.

February 25 2017

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I'd like to spend today in a good mood, so our picture today is something that puts me in a such. I have no comment on this pic; it's just really cute, and you should be able to tell why just looking at it. Expect a lot of these, people enjoyed the episode it was based on!

February 16 2017

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For Wednesday, our weekly show is to showcase examples of humorous female nudity that slipped through the cracks, stuff that went by in shows we used to watch, especially in our childhood. We call this one, Yes, It Can Be Done!

One of the most popular shows of the late 90's and early 2000's was The Powerpuff Girls. This show starred a trio of superpowered kindergarten-aged girls who fight crime and save the world before bedtime. It's easy to see why it's so popular; the show was a different kind of feminist show, a kind where boys could watch and not feel ashamed. It was about three distinct characters going on adventures together in a time when most girls shows are inoffensive and boring. The audience could relate to them, and loved to see them do things little girls couldn't do on TV, all while they were still identifiable as girls. It was funny and it was cool, and it was just the thing our feminist market needed.

And the animators behind the show? They weren't cowards.

So in the episode "Mommy Fearest", the blue Powerpuff Girl, Bubbles, deliberately resists going into her dress and spends 17 whole seconds in her underwear, which is a lot of time in a 10 minute episode. Not to lapse into my old Tumblr language, but can we talk about how a little girl pranced around in her undies and we didn't mind as kids? It was very much something kids did at that age, and the older kids would identify it at "Yeah, I've done that before." It also fit the character perfectly since Bubbles was the childish one. It's a great scene all around.

See? Just because people say it's bad to do this to girls doesn't mean it is, and this scene is proof of that.
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