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August 03 2018

The Internet is a Police State

You may think that title sounds a bit clickbaity. But it's completely accurate. The internet is now a police state.

In the last few days, we've seen several large outlets for hosting content eradicated, while single large companies tighten their grip. In just this decade, internet celebrity Linkara lost several different platforms for his video hosting, including Blip.tv, Vid.me, and many others he migrated to. Chuck Sonnenburg, aka SF Debris echoed these same issues.

That alone wouldn't be a problem... but there's a larger one. The major companies are biased and cowardly at the same time, and not just in the sense I deem it, but in the sense that they overcompensate for any problem by creating a police state. If there is a problem with copyrighted content being uploaded, including full episodes, all content is destroyed involving that content... including things like reviews and fanvids such as AMVs.

Put simply, a machine cannot tell the difference between the content itself, and the derivative work, despite Fair Use. This even gets to the point of stepping on the toes of other companies; Linkara is a member of Saban's official Power Rangers fan club, the Power Force, and has been requested by them to use official sources like DVDs for the episodes. Unfortunately, this official content falls into the over-vigilant and ignorant eyes of automated machines, and the videos, despite having the consent of the Power Force, are taken down anyway.

But that's probably not why you're here. You're here because my Pixiv page exploded and lost a lot of content. That's because the internet is also a police state because it tries to deplatform "enemies of the state". Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Tumblr, all platforms millions use, all have clear biases against people with the "wrong" opinion, and will shut them down any way possible, including complete banning of their account. If it sounds like the phenomena of "unpersoning" in George Orwell's 1984, it's because it is.

Moreover, this policy has done damage to the loli art community by destroying their works. I often make many attempts to keep my art SFW and not show too much, but according to the policies, and the court of public opinion, drawing a child in a state of undress is considered sexual abuse of a child. If we go by that logic, drawing an adult being sexually abused is actual sexual abuse, drawing a death scene in a webcomic would be considered murder; even depicting a bank robber in a piece of clip art would be considered equivalent to actual theft.

The statement on monopolies applies here as well, as alternative platforms for artists wanting to depict this art are destroyed, while major platforms strictly increase their policies. DeviantArt recently enacted a policy that a character is as old as their first appearance, to which characters who start as children or even babies in a prologue would be considered children by this policy. Furthermore, these policies are often retroactive; James Gunn was removed from Twitter over jokes involving touchy subject matter; to that end, anyone who wrote a gory comic book would, by this logic, be a felon for several counts of murder.

I started doing the work I did in the art field to provide a safe, sensible alternative to lurid pornography, as well as to provide people with something that was too often denied by the actual networks. Violent video games are cited numerous times as an outlet for aggression, and the work I provide is much the same way. It actually prevents further harm towards children, especially since it means any kid who accidentally stumbles across the work in question will see nothing worse than what the show would depict.

But with the internet becoming a police state, where thoughtcrimes can and have been punished with imprisonment, I worry that I may lose a platform I can rely on to publish less-damaging works of art. I've lost DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Pixiv as places to post my work, and I worry Inkbunny will be next. If this does not stop, the number of people who do not have a safe place to see non-damaging works like mine will increase, and with it a rise in potential child rapists.

And it will be a monster the censorship bureau creates in an attempt to stop its creation.

January 29 2018


Another productive week come to a close, and just in time for it to be a month! As such, here are some final thoughts for you guys.

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue doing that thing I do. Every day I go on my Facebook or Twitter, I tend to see a story about how someone said Them, Too about a guy... keep in mind all we have is their word. I'm sure the possibility that women, as humans, also lie never crossed their minds when the justice system goes Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Because of that, I'm worried something like that, despite noblest intentions of mine, is gonna happen to me, too. Granted, I'm pretty low profile, but hey, living in the state I live on a college campus, I'm in double jeopardy. I might just stop commissioning things if I find myself in a position where I could get arrested.

Now, this is not my final answer. I just need some time to think this over. My birthday's coming up soon, I might have an answer by then. I'll let you know how things go.

See you then!

January 16 2018

Where in the World is Chris Hagen?

Not here, if you're curious.

Okay, actual answer is a bit more complex. See, one of the banes of this blog is finding material. I've been running... a bit low on that, since material for the shows usually has to involve showing some examples of what can/can't be done. That, and school alongside money bleeding dry means I don't have much to work with.

I'm in a bit of a tough spot. I don't know if I'm gonna even have enough money to finance things I do for fun, since my parents no longer financially support me aside from "gifts", which basically means once the money is gone, it's gone for good since all my attempts at finding a job have ended in failure. If someone could donate to me, and I MEAN it this time, that'd be wonderful.

If that were all, it'd be one thing. Problem is, with the changes to the internet rules coming in who knows when, I've needed to get my last few pictures out there ASAP. Problem is... my artists are slow! I've got $80 that I can't spend because it's locked down with one artist, an IOU on a commission from Kri and a chance that I won't be able to work with him before school starts because he keeps getting locked down in massive 60+ character commissions that eat up all of his time, and Xierra is bogged down in work herself so nothing from her can happen. All this combined with losing the ability to even access my blog to begin with is a... disturbing thought, to say the least.

I may, emphasis on may have a week ready next week. Until then, just consider this blog a "maybe" rather than a "will happen". In the meantime, be sure to check out my Twitter at @ArcRoyale_Chris to hear my personal stories. You might learn a lot about me outside of my... hobby.

See you whenever!

November 27 2017


Our productive week is done, so I leave you with these final thoughts.

If you've noticed, any of my pictures tend to have a lot showing, but never anything I'd consider "inappropriate." That goes for crotches of both genders, and the nipples of girls. But you've noticed I don't show that same level of censorship towards female butts. Why is that?

Maybe it's because I've seen screencaps from stuff like Family Guy and some of The Simpsons, but I don't necessarily consider butts a sexual thing. If we were to count every part of the body that made guys go gaga, we wouldn't be able to show girls' feet. But the butt is special. That's something shown on guys practically always. It was just in Thor: Ragnarok and used for comedic purposes there! To me, it's an easy way of using nudity for humorous purposes.

Of course, as primates, we are kinda animals, and we've caught animals doing far worse down there. They're even the reason breasts are on girls! They're literally designed to remind us of the butt. Come to think of it, the male sex organ is much the same way; often used to signal a guy as ugly or non-sexual, given how it shows on boys in anime and on ugly guys in stuff on [adult swim]. I honestly don't know what it is.

Still, this kind of thing, where a female butt is used for immediate sexuality and a male butt for immediate humor... it makes me wonder why, is all I'm saying. To an extent, I feel the same way about female nipples, but those can only be shown in R-Rated movies while butts can be PG-13, and parents take kids to see those movies all the time. If anyone has an answer, let me know.

Thanks for listening, all! See you in December!

November 24 2017

Ask ArcRoyale #7

Someone else had a burning question for me, so he decided to Ask ArcRoyale! I love answering a lot of these questions; getting close to 10!

Today's question comes from a friend of mine who writes "Dear ArcRoyale: When did you get started on your crusade?" That's an excellent question, so I'll try to explain as I can.

I was a wee little baby when I was born in 1993. By that time, the country was saying goodbye to George Bush the 1st, and hello to Bill Clinton. Clinton, to me, seemed to be a guy you'd want to hang out with, and had a good relation with the media, so a lot of movies and TV, even kids stuff, was getting daring!

When 1997 rolled around, I was five years old, and Y2K didn't strike for me when I was seven. I'd say I felt my first understanding of the world around me at seven, maybe eight. I grew up on the media of the time, including lots of 90's era animated movies, an anime boom, and Cartoon Network.

What does that mean? A lot of things. See, my brain develops a little differently from other people, and is somewhat of an analytical beast. But at the same time, as a child I had difficulty distinguishing certain elements. I didn't have sexual education until I was I think 10 or 11, so I just assumed body development was similar with slight differences. 'Cuz of that, I had trouble understanding why, say, Satsuki and Mei or the PPGs could be shown in the bath just fine, but Dee Dee's shower was more censored than Dex's.

Not too long after sexual education comes the curiousity phase, and shortly after that, I got my first-hand exposure towards "Nano of the North", followed up by Seiryuga's popular Nano Dance gifs. At the same time, I was just the right age to have "Natural Born Kissers" as part of my regular rotation. I didn't even see sexuality in that one scene from the Season 15 "Treehouse of Horror" that I'm sure those who've seen it know what I'm talking 'bout.

Sadly, I was the only one who didn't. DeviantArt conducted a massive ban of young girls right when I was 14 or 15 or so, not good for one who's mentally stunted and curious about the world. Of course, I'd say most of what I learned about the world and what made me what I was came from trial by fire, and exposure to more media helped me recognize patterns.

And the pattern I saw was clear: If a female is used for nude scenes, it's usually sexual. If the nudity can't be sexual, it usually doesn't exist.

I didn't start true development until I got acquainted with a secret society just three years ago, which would be at 21 years old, right after I had noticed good material was hard to find and had talked to several psychologists about it. To my surprise, I wasn't crazy, and the website had a full gallery of citations: the website covered nudity in animation, and didn't discriminate in purpose and who had it. As a result, I got to see quite a bit of material from various locations, and met people who thought much the same way as me.

On a whim, I decided to thank them by commissioning a piece of art for them, the Bart and Lisa in "Natural Born Kissers" pic. Since I enjoyed it, and it got good response as this group loves role-reversals, I kept doing it for their sake. Later on, a contact of mine suggested I open up a Tumblr page. While I initially intended it to simply show off artwork I liked and pics I did, it eventually expanded to a big weekly thing in roughly the second day I posted to it. As a result, I realized I could do something for justice's sake, and use the pictures to help illustrate key concepts. It even led to the creation of a comic series involving an original character of my friend Darkton93 to help illustrate the point.

So that's how it happened! Have a good Black Friday! I'll be sitting at my computer regretting the fact that my artists don't do sales then or Cyber Monday...

October 15 2017

The week is over, and our hiatus has begun. With that, I leave you these final thoughts.

On a memorable blooper of Family Feud, the question was "Something you find in any horror movie." The contestant responded with a girl running without clothes. He was teased for his answer, and got buzzed incorrect.

Sad thing is, he's not exactly wrong. A while back, I did a run of the Friday the 13th movies in honor of the day itself landing in October (and I'm surprised a new one wasn't released that day!). I started to play a drinking game with the amount of times certain scenes happen, stuff like Window Kills, Failures to Secure the Kill Against Jason, Kills After Sex, Kills After Baring Breasts...

Yeah in case you couldn't tell, there's a lot of unnecessary nudity in that franchise. Despite how cool the first movie was, the movies seemed to really go all out with female nudity and sex scenes, and I'm not really sure why.

I think I might have a clue, though, and it has a lot to do with how adolescent these movies seem. These movies already have enough "awesome" gore to titillate the violent-minded 18-year-old male audience, now add in some sex and we're all clear. The strange thing is, it never seems to happen to males, for one reason or another. They get killed, sure, but not after having sex, or not after getting nude.

This sort of thing is very damaging for how men treat women, since it tells men "yes" but tells women "no." That is, "feel free to horn in on the nekkid girl, guys, but don't you ladies dare get nekkid yourselves unless you wanna get brutally murdered/raped." This kind of thing both celebrates perversion and denigrates women, and it's a terrible thing to do.

So that's what I've been doing on Friday. Have a great October!

Marked NSFW due to mentions of R-Rated movies.

September 29 2017

ArcRoyale's Personal Stories #2

I thought I'd share with you a moment from my life that was really eye-opening, something that can better help my audience understand me.

I already told you the story about my experiences with Sankaku Channel and DeviantArt, but those experiences led to some interesting things in my development. Like I was saying before, I found myself in a position where art that fascinated me was being restricted, and it could only be found in terrible places. For the longest time, I had naturally assumed I was worried about being a pedophile, someone attracted sexually to children.

But then I went to that secret society and started commissioning art. No longer did I have to wait for material I wanted to appear; I just had to buy it and someone would do the job. That gave me a sense of power I never thought I'd have, since I was in full control over what I received. And well, let's just say the stuff Xierra does for me is quite different from her usual stuff!

A while back, I discovered a discussion on my homebase about the nature of loli art, and whether liking it for the kids was bad. The discussion got into a bit of "well, you might not act on racism, but it's still a thoughtcrime" (which isn't a bad POV), but the thing I learned about this discussion was the idea of what the art I commissioned and saved represented.

I saved situations from movies and TV, but not true pornography. I saved embarrassing moments and cartoons. I commissioned characters I thought were cute based on episodes I really enjoyed. And there's also the sociology angle, where the pics match up with a pic from an existing episode, especially later on with Krizeii's recreations.

I came to the conclusion of one thing: The fact that it was about kids was never due to attraction to them. It was about appreciation for things that fascinated me, of cute characters, pleasing forms, and fun scenarios.

It's that kind of thing that helped me work out a lot of my issues, and I'm glad to have made that discovery. It fills me with a sense of confidence and makes me feel at peace. I'm not a monster, far from it. I'm a fan, and this is how I express my fandom.

Now if only there were an easier way to explain all that...

September 17 2017

I know it's a special week, but I thought I'd leave you with some final thoughts.

Things've been pretty tough for me ever since I stopped earning income, but I've made due on donations. While I still can't quite work with Xierra yet, there are some cheaper artists out there I can work with, meaning I can still provide some content... provided I do it strategically.

As for word in the world of television, tonight marked the American TV premiere of the seventh episode Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, aka the episode that had a nude 11-year-old girl in it with plenty of shots of her butt. Granted, it was on [adult swim] and it was a tense scenario, but some progress is better than none. Seems to me like we may be approaching a new paradigm, that young female nudity is acceptable if it's tragic or harsh, while comedic female nudity of any kind is right out, as shown by an incident involving the N-Sane Trilogy of Crash Bandicoot. We'll see how this goes, however.

In terms of my personal life, I'm in a bit of limbo. I may or may not be moving to college this week. Given the tense relationship with my parents, I don't think things will go very well if I miss out on this week, but the situation is caused by factors out of my control. I'm doing what I can to survive, but with no source of income and the way things are going looking like I'll never get it back, and my inability to find another job, I'm in big trouble if I get kicked out. I'm gonna try and do our designated "week of examples" at the end of the month, of course, but I can only do so much.

So that's what's going on in life. Maybe we'll talk more when we get things under control. Until then, cheers!

March 04 2017

Ask ArcRoyale #2

Once again we're up to a Q/A session with someone who frequents the places I do. Now, while most of the questions are directed towards me, this one is directed against me, that is to say, it's more of a judgement than a true question.

Phrased as nicely as possible the question becomes: "Arc, how can I tell you're not really a pedophile? You voluntarily chose to commission these pictures, and have on at least one occasion referred to it as your fetish. So are you really as noble as you say you are?"

This is probably the most difficult question to answer, since no matter what I say, the answer's not gonna sound good. Thing is... it's complex, but yes, I do take time to... appreciate the works in this collection.

Now, that doesn't mean I automatically qualify as a pedophile. I take time to appreciate works of adult women as well. I usually don't find enjoyment in pictures of real children, but I find plenty of enjoyment in real life women. And I actually do find my own enjoyment in pictures of boys.

However, I can't really stand sexual pictures. Often times when I peruse the resources I gather my pictures from, I have to sort out several cases of bad examples, and if I think for a moment a picture is too sexual, then it's not getting saved. In fact, the original purpose of the archive is exactly as it sounds: an archive, to say a picture is worthy of being preserved. Any picture I don't save is essentially being sent the message to let it die if the server crashes, or the website it's stored on deletes it.

Innocent nudity is more of a turn-on than gratuitous nudity, and that's reflected in my enjoyments of certain pictures over others. I also get better enjoyment out of pictures with... certain anatomical details if the details are not very detailed. Like, black dots and a line, or just a pair of circles for boys, that stuff. I don't like my little girls to be seductive. Inviting, but not seductive, sort of a "come on in!" rather than soliciting for anything.

Now does this sort of diminish my message? Hardly! On the secret society I went to, the people there were a combination of crusaders and appreciators, and plenty of them enjoyed young boys, too, provided they were cute. A lot of this also has to do with my upbringing; I was subjected to Dexter's butt a lot as a kid, and just before my teenage years I saw the PPGs naked in some fanart that cemented embarrassment.

In many ways, I'm a collection of things from growing up that affected me in big ways. Some major things that get to me are Reverse Transformation (turning from a monster, animal, or anything else into a nude human), Embarrassment, Public Nudity (in the sense that the person has to hide and get to a spot where they can find clothing without being seen), and losing clothing one by one. Those were things I saw a lot of in my childhood, and they impact me even today. It's sort of like a guy getting turned on by inflation or feet after seeing enough episodes of Dexter's Lab.

I'm still doing this for a good cause, though. I feel boys have already had enough time in the spotlight, and perhaps girls can do the job just as well. If anything, it might possibly reduce the amount of mental cases like me, since when an outlet is provided, kids don't have to stumble across porn sites to get that question answered.

So am I a pervert? Only slightly. Does that mean I'm doing this for my own ulterior motives? No. Does that mean I can't appreciate what I receive? Hardly! I'm sure some people somewhere understand, and can explain it better, but just know that this is both business and pleasure.

Huh. This got suddenly mature. Better put it as NSFW just in case.
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