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November 24 2017

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As we do nowadays, it's time to put some art forward and ask the question of What Would It Look Like?

I know Numbuh 3 had her time in the show, but later episodes ended up showing more of certain characters, most notably Numbuh 1. So I requested another pic of her for a later project of mine. Incidentally, this is the first time I asked for a pic from someone of a KND character! Good to feature lesser-known stuff.

September 27 2017

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Ah, the wondrous joys of not censoring young girls on the basis of them being young girls. It's time once again I remind you that Yes, It Can Be Done!

Today's exhibit comes from Codename: Kids Next Door, a show that I haven't gotten a chance to do art of, but probably really should. Anyway, this particular example comes from "Operation: A.R.C.T.I.C. (Am Really Cold That Is Certain)", where Numbuh 1 orders their command ship to fire something that sounds like a "new torpedo", but when it hits is really a "Nude Torpedo", and unfortunately, it ends up right at them!

The end result is two boys and two girls, all nude with their arms being the only things to hide them. This scene is fantastic, the boys and girls having equal exposure, and the one that shows more doing so because he's big and large. It's a gag that lasts about five seconds long based on wordplay, and there's an added layer to it of it being in the arctic as well, so there's also the cold to worry about. All in all, a fantastic scene with many layers to it.

Although, in a show as driven by continuity as this one, makes you wonder why it never came back...

March 03 2017

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Sorry for not posting on time as often. I've been very sick these last few days. Often times, late at night, the only thing I wanna do is get some shut-eye and maybe sleep off the illness. Still, this blog is a daily thing... at least I don't have to do two pics a day anymore.

This one is just plain funny! It's a good use of shy embarrassment in a classic scenario. I love the use of the Rainbow Monkey as a cover, and the fact that the people involved are secret lovers who have crushes on each other. Well, while we're here, might as well make it official! Or do you want to play the waiting game some more, Wally? You know she's had enough of it.
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