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December 04 2017

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Bonus picture time! This one kinda falls outside the purview of our blog, but I thought I'd include it here because I find it good. It's an example of how a female can go through some kind of shirtless moment, like using one's shirt as a flag. It could also be used for, say, a moment in a series where a male would have their shirt damaged in battle, and I'm not talking about navel-baring scratches. Well, unless the area still kept the bloody scars.

October 14 2017

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How'd you spend your Friday the 13th? I spent mine laughing at all the sexism in it. It makes a great drinking game!

Here's a picture I really like for one simple reason: It's more focused on Fluttershy being beautiful as opposed to sexual. The female body is very much attractive, and this shows it in a good light that's more like an art piece. Though one must wonder why she's nude in the first place, given how shy she is. Maybe she's not BodyShy...

July 29 2017

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The difficulty in finding pics of ladies is that they can actually be sexualized, so finding examples of stuff that isn't is harder. This one cuts it close, but is ultimately more humorous in the author's intent. I can tell because no uncensored version of it exists, despite the artist having no problem with doing so. So, this is a nice little play on the portal to the other world, since, you know, ponies don't wear clothes. Well, if there is another version of her in that world...

July 02 2017

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I know I already posted a "Make New Friends But Keep Discord" human Rarity, but I wanted to post this one for two reasons. One, this pic was removed by the artist and censored, so this is the original intent. Two, this one is good because it keeps to the original anatomy of Equestria Girls characters. Pics that stay true to the characters and the show's style are the best.

May 26 2017

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I just recently replaced some of the pics I had to resize with larger versions. Enjoy!

Today's pic ain't much. It's a manga-esque pony comic that features the Cutie Mark Crusaders as humans in a world of Ponies. They were kinda poofed that way, so they started out without clothes; hey, if that kinda gag can work for boys, I don't see why it'd be a problem for girls!

April 15 2017

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So sorry about having no ladies last time, but, you know, April Fools only comes once a year. Have this humanized version of the Rarity scene we did last time to make up for it! It's a good one, having just the right details to be more humorous than alluring. Out of all the human versions, it's one of my favorites, and there's a lot of them!

April 01 2017

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It's that time again! Let's reverse some roles for a time when a female character got naked and do the same to a male. You know you love it!

This scene comes from an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's that show everyone loves except the people that don't. Anyway, today's pic reverses a scenario from the episode "Make New Friends But Keep Discord". In that episode, Rarity's dress gets slimed by a green slime monster called The Smooze, the monster eating up the gems on her fancy party dress. Discord, the resident trickster and the guy who invited Smoozey to begin with, vacuums up Rarity's smooze-covered dress. And, in a move common to cartoons, she covers with her forelegs and scuttles off.

So for this one, I happened upon a render of the same thing happening to Spike, the cute little boy dragon and Rarity's secret admirer. With careful editing of the screenshot to remove Rarity, we can place Spike in the whole thing and see how it works. If a girl like Rarity can get her clothes sucked away and no one minds, then why is it such a drama bomb when the same thing happens to a boy instead? Kids won't care!

Of course, none of them really wore clothes to begin with. Oh well, if the horseshoe fits...

(Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Couldn't afford to make this even a day late. Just a friendly reminder, equality goes both ways!)

February 20 2017

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Happy President's Day, everyone!

An instant source of cuteness is a shared bathing moment between a parent and child. For some reason, there's just something that instinctively calls to us when we see parents or older siblings giving children baths, like it plays into our desire to caretake and look after children. There's also a degree of closeness to it, like there's nothing to be ashamed about. Still not as close as Japanese parents tend to be, though.

February 16 2017

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Remember that "deer in headlights" expression I was talking about earlier? Well, here's an example of a different kind of deer. In this case, Scootaloo here has an expression that suggests she doesn't understand what the problem is with her being nude, as if she doesn't get why everyone is giving her shocked looks. Silly Scoots, bath's over, tree sap's gone! You gotta put your clothes on now, it's just how it works.
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