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January 29 2018

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This came as a surprise to me, since it was directed to me by a friend. Time for some Mature Musings!

This one comes from The Amazing World of Gumball, specifically the episode "The Rerun". The context is that the Watterson parents got turned into babies by the effects of the weirdness of the day. When time was reset, there's a brief frame of the parents in their underwear... only with Nicole missing something up top.

It amazes me that this got in on current era Cartoon Network. This is usually the kind of gag you'd see in adult cartoons, and yet it's done in a show for children. This is very good; it shows that things are getting into a position where this kind of gag can happen with females, too, which is all too fine by me.

November 26 2017

I know I technically should have a title, but I don't have a picture to illustrate this, and I don't remember if the last time I did something like this I had one, so have a nice entry of Mature Musings with mostly text.

I recently ended up seeing a trailer for another video game turned into a movie. And this one is in live-action, making it even less worthy of adaptation. We're talking about Rampage, a game that basically had the objective of "you're a giant monster, smash everything, eat stuff." It was very memorable, but for some reason, all the boys crowded around the Player 2 side.

There's a reason for that, though. Player 2 controlled Lizzie, a giant reptile that was like Godzilla. All the monsters in this game were, in fact, humans turned into these creatures, and when your health hit zero, they detransformed back into a human. A naked human. One who covers their privates with their arms and scuttles away. Lizzie, of course, was the girl, so she ended up being very popular.

The movie, I guarantee, might not have a scene like that. At least, not due to the original intent. See, all the monsters have been changed from transformed humans into giant versions of the animal in question, with George a transformed gorilla, Ralph a massive wolf, and Lizzie a giant crocodile. Since they will of course not revert back into anything other than an ordinary-size animal, this is either an act of Hollywood thinking they know better than "some stupid game designer", or an act of cowardice to get rid of the naked girl.

Oh, but I know Hollywood. Hollywood movies like these tend to have brief hints at existing material without actually honoring it, like the Finster, Squatt and Baboo toys in the Power Rangers movie when they don't appear, and Superman being referred to by that name exactly once before that name is called ridiculous, or Wolverine being chided for wanting yellow spandex instead of boring black leather. So of course there's going to be a nude woman covering in there, but it will not be for comedy like the original game; of course it's going to be played for sexiness, because the female body is, according to Hollywood, "inherently sexual" and can only be used to entice people who are not gamers to watch the movie just for the possibilty of getting whacked to it.

So, you've basically taken two problems Hollywood suffers from and combined them into a tragedy of global proportions. Needless to say, Hollywood will not get any of my money.

July 09 2017

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Back to a familiar company, it's time for Mature Musings! No big intro, I'm on a bit of a crunch.

Today, the topic shifts back to Disney, and how the company in no way reflects Walt's desires. A lot of early animators also worked as pin-up artists. One of them, for example, Fred Moore, worked on a short for the compilation Make Mine Music called "All the Cats Join In", which starts with some women going about their day, including a shower and putting on clothes.

Sounds perfectly normal, right? Not to the modern company.

On modern day releases of this film, the scenes of this portion are censored. The original shot showed some sideboob, whereas the censored version cuts out their breasts altogether. I am a believer in historical preservation of media, especially media from older eras past ours. Disney, however, chooses to censor just because, as said before, the comapny doesn't target "the child in every adult", just children, and has a very limited view of what kids are like.

And why wouldn't it? The guys in charge of Disney these days have never even seen a Walt Disney work. They say the party line about what a genius he is, but they don't truly mean it since they don't know how much of a genius he is. They took charge when animation was just for kids only, and they've held that opinion ever since. If they did care about animation, they wouldn't have to censor their works, since they would be remembered by adults for their historical context, not be shoehorned into the modern context.

Disney's not a good company by any stretch of their imagination, and their constant denial of history makes that most evident.

April 22 2017

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I didn't want to post this, but our upcoming situation forced my hand. It's time to talk about the ladies with some Mature Musings!

After so many years on the air, Fox new The Simpsons was a juggernaut, and seemed to be the only animated success on the channel. So the idea to create new animated shows for the network was simply to copy it, and this is how Mike Judge created the topic for today, King of the Hill. The big thing to separate the show was that it starred a family of conservative Texans, who tended to be portrayed as behind the times, but ultimately well-meaning. The big draw behind this show was that it was mostly true to life. In fact, the animation was its biggest advantage, since the numerous quotable lines could be attributed to the animation rather than being a knock against the show for being unrealistic.

Still, it did fall into some pitfalls. Most nudity was, as always, male-oriented, save a big exception in the episode "Naked Ambitions" involving the teenage Luann Platter. Still, today's example comes from the episode "Sug Night", where the main adult male Hank Hill has a dream of seeing his neighbor Nancy Gribble in the nude with a propane grill. While she is covered compared to how Hank usually is, that's okay by me since she's supposed to be alluring. Not so acceptable is later in the episode, where, in order to find out what the deal is with Hank, his wife Peggy takes him to a nude beach. And while Hank gives us a full show, Peggy has those same parts hidden by a foreground object, despite being as average as him. Need I remind you that cowardice isn't limited to just kids.

Since this came from early in my career, the edit is mine, coming from a Paint.NET drawing I did. I didn't want to post it, but at the same time feel maybe a guy who does such cute, cartoony art like Krizeii shouldn't do it, so this is probably the best to hope for (though I'll reverse that position if he proves otherwise). I studied some average-looking women to get the details on Peggy just right, and even then there's still some mild problems with it. Really, this is the best I can do, and I think I did a passable job.

On a side note, this was sent to me by a good friend of mine in a personal story of his growing up, and how this sort of thing frustrated him to no end. He and I agreed on this matter, this stuff has long-term consequences, and none of those consequences are good ones. Lack of confidence in one's body, body-shaming, feelings of inadequacy, sexism... all the results of cowardice that can't seem to see nude women as anything other than sex objects.

April 15 2017

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Let it not be said we're completely out of material! We've still got some content for some good ol' Mature Musings!

Today's subject is a fun one, something I've wanted to cover for some time now. See, back in the old days of animation, they used to do this thing where they'd take something that was popular and make an animated version of it, usually with the wackiness turned up to eleven. So in that vein, there's a cartoon adaptation of the comic book movie, The Mask.

For those unfamiliar with it, the movie, which shares basically no elements with the comic it's based off, involves Jim Carrey getting his hands on a strange mask that ultimately removes the masks he has, that is, removes his inhibitions and the things keeping him from fulfilling his desires. And in doing so, he becomes, essentially, a crime-fighting Loony Tunes character, using classic Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, what have you cartoon gags to save the day and get the girl.

Unlike crazier ideas like, say, having Gilligan and crew get off the island only to end up stranded on a planet (which is a real cartoon, look up Gilligan's Planet if you're that curious), a movie like The Mask actually lends itself well to cartoon format, since all you really need to do is have the humans act less cartoony than the Masked hero. But one episode in particular is rather fun for what it has in it, something you wouldn't expect to show up on kids' TV.

See, there's an episode called "Flight As A Feather", the plot of which eludes me but seems to involve a feather following its way through several Mask adventures. There's a plot by a woman named Cookie Ba-Boom to blow herself and town hall up with dynamite as revenge for the mayor falling out with her; they also mention she used to be an "exotic dancer", kids who read this blog ask your parents. Well, the bombs she wears are the only thing she has, so when the Masked hero saves the day by spinning her around and removing the bombs and stuffing them into a blender, he gets a distraction to get out of there by using her as a distraction, since, of course, no bombs equals no clothes.

How they got away with that on kids TV is beyond me. It even involves a joke about how perverted older men are! Then again, this was around the time networks were still showing classic cartoons, which kids still watched despite being made for adults. It was certainly a time where things were a lot different then they were now, and while it does prove that nude women are often thought of as sexual things, its usage here shows that that fact can still be used as a joke.

March 26 2017

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It's time for that show where we talk about what happens with older ladies, it's time for Mature Musings.

Today we're talking about something unique: A Disney film! Specifically, we're talking about the first in the Disney Renaissance, The Little Mermaid. Now, the movie went through a lot of production mishaps to try and make the film's main character Ariel look just right, believable yet family friendly. That meant giving her a bra made of seashells instead of featureless breasts shown in concept art.

Well, there's a moment in the movie where Ariel gets legs, and she isn't wearing anything down below because she's a mermaid and leg clothes don't exist in the deep. For the most part, she's hidden in shadow... but if you brighten up the lighting of the scene, you can see her shapely rear. This is portrayed as something completely natural and normal, a natural consequence of the change, not called attention to. Plus, Disney made this film to entice adults, too, so there was no point in denying that this kind of thing exists.

Of course, Disney today is a spineless organization, who takes Walt Disney's drive of making movies for everyone including the child in every adult and twists it into only making movies for children with some psuedo-PG-13 reference to keep the adults from walking out of the theater. They're solely a kids' company, to the point where they even censored a knee later on in the movie because it kinda looked like a boner. As such, for the most recent release of the movie, Disney made the frame look darker so brightening up the gamma would do nothing, proving themselves to be complete cowards in the process.

This is the evil of Disney. Because they think animation is only for kids, and that kids would see a nude woman as "inherently sexual", they take a scene that passed in the old days and censor it to make it suitable only for young children. And considering they benefit from animation only being for kids, and have maximum influence over the field of animation, then it means we have to work extra hard in order to get things on the right track.

Because if we don't have the top people in charge of animation on our side, we're in trouble.

March 05 2017

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It's time for us to remind people that naked ladies don't always have to be sexy, as we delve into some Mature Musings.

Family Guy is not a show I have a lot of love for. It's incredibly mean-spirited, unapologetic about that fact, and goes out of its way to make the worst kind of political jokes. That said, I am perfectly willing to give a pass to the early seasons of the show. Both of the episodes I saw from those seasons, "Road to Europe" and "From Method to Madness" are some of the funniest things I've ever seen. Keep in mind that the show was on its way to becoming the successor of The Simpsons, and it was facing a lot of competition, such as the down-to-earth King of the Hill, the crass South Park, and even Simpsons creator Matt Groening's satirical Futurama.

"Method" is one of those episodes that really gels. All the jokes are on point and hit their mark with perfect accuracy. I'm not even talking about the stuff with then nudist family, either; the main plot of Stewie becoming a broadway star has so many great moments, like a Broadway orchestra coming out of a school piano. It's definitely one of the high points of the series.

Speaking of which, the way nudity is used here is also a really high point. Aside from the fact that the nudist wife also shows her butt like the guys, and that the butt is intended more to be humorous, there's a moment where Peter and Lois shirk all their clothes to try and make Lois' nudist boyfriend feel comfortable. And in every single moment, Peter and Lois share equal exposure from objects, like when Peter's lower body is covered by a chair, so is Lois', and when Peter shows his butt, Lois' is not far behind. Peter's not ugly because he's a man, he's ugly because he's ugly. And as for Quagmire, well, that's a joke at his expense to ridicule him for being a pervert.

It's probably one of the highest moments of female nudity in animation and it's just so wonderfully subversive. What "Natural Born Kissers" had such difficulty doing, "From Method to Madness" excels the test with flying colors. It's definitely a landmark achievement in a series that is later known for poison for poison's sake.

If there's anything to take from this, it's that even I think old Family Guy was better.

February 26 2017

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Saturday is almost over, so let's get some coverage of mature ladies. It's time for some Mature Musings!

One of the last truly great episodes of The Simpsons was "Natural Born Kissers", the finale of Season 9, which many people will point to as the final great season of the show. That episode had three plots in all: a plot about Homer and Marge having difficulties in bed, a subplot to that with Bart and Lisa hunting for treasure, and that which calls us today, the ending of the episode featuring Homer and Marge having to run through town completely naked, trying to get home without being seen by anyone. They fail. In fact, they fail so spectacularly they become the front page article of the newspaper after landing in a football field on camera day.

The use of nudity in this episode was such that Marge wasn't really being sexualized. Most of the time she was but an equal partner to Homer in a shared compromising scenario. The nudity was used more like an obstacle, a problem to overcome. As such, while Marge is naked and shows her butt quite a few times, even if only for a second or two. Homer, of course, shows more than her, but most of that was because he was being used for physical comedy, especially during the balloon scene. Marge often shows just as much as homer does, save her bare breasts because that's too much to ask for.

Still, there is one shot that lasts 6 seconds that stands out for one reason: the cel showcases both Homer and Marge's butts in full, but was clearly intended to be cropped since Gil isn't fully painted in. But, as seen in the edit I have, the shot could've indeed showed both their butts without any problem. It makes sense with Fox's seeming embarrassment of the episode; Fox said they didn't want the staff to air the episode, and hardly any more cels come up from the episode, and if they do it's from the other sections of the episode. Presumably their own cowardice meant that the shot had to be censored to avoid offending anyone, which makes no sense since The Simpsons is all about offending societal standards; eliminating the standards on female nudity would be a huge triumph.

Don't get me wrong. The episode is still good. But maybe, just maybe, it could be better...

February 18 2017

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Another thing we do on Saturday is do one of the previous shows and focus on adult women. We call this one Mature Musings.

Like I keep saying, nudity doesn't have to be always sexual. In fact, it doesn't need to have too much meaning attached to it. There's something I call Clinical Nudity, where the nudity is used to service the plot and is not called attention to. It's just... there.

This example comes from the Disney show Gargoyles, specifically the episode "Eye of the Beholder." The character Fox transforms into a werewolf, and in the process the monster has no clothing on. So naturally, upon turning back to normal, the human Fox doesn't have any either, and is shown nude for a few seconds before she's given something to preserve her modesty.

The fact that it only goes on for a short while, coupled with the fact that the situation is portrayed simply as a natural consequence of certain evens is what makes this good. She's nude, but it ultimately isn't made a big deal out of. It's just something that happens. That makes it a big victory in my end since no emphasis is probably for the best.

I'll be coming back to Disney later on this show. In the meantime, we'll prepare for the end of the week.
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