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November 24 2017

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It's a surreal feeling updating so soon after the last one. That's what I get for being lazy...

Anyway, even if Blossom can't quite get the joke, I sure can! It's a great example of overreaction: skirt gets flipped over, so somehow that warrants outfit being destroyed? Her reaction to this whole thing makes for a really humorous picture, and I think the artist, who happens to be my comic artist Xierra099 does the job well. Also, Darkton93 provided the colors you see here, so go thank him, too.
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I couldn't find an anime girl that fit today, so I'll just say "Happy Thanksgiving!"

This pic is good because it demonstrates the difference between a sexual picture and a humorous picture. The left side is a girl who is obviously trying to be sexy, doing a shirt lift. The right side is what that girl would be like in reality, doing a cover of her nudity. I usually say consent is everything, but kids should be discouraged from being seen as sex objects, so the right pic is a good example of a way to discourage it. At least, I hope...

November 21 2017

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Wouldn't you know it, I just found this pic today! Pretty cool, huh?

I don't quite know why Sakura is sleeping nude, but the situation is funny in how she realizes quickly she overslept and has to do the whole morning routine. There's plenty of room for jokes here, like how Sakura has so many different outfits that choosing the right one would be hard, or how she'd practically be in a hurry to get into her outfit, trying to get dressed while running... heh, that's not a bad idea. Should hit up Xierra when I get some cash.

October 13 2017

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Monster girls in the bath! Is there anything cuter? Well, there might be, but I haven't seen it yet. And this pic is indeed cute, with the two in adorable poses, clearly relaxing, and just having some time to wash away the struggles of the day. Or in this case, um, the night.

October 12 2017

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A good art style can diffuse a lot of sexuality from a picture, turning it into something adorable. This is an example of such an art style: The stylized nature of the face and anatomy help make the picture look more adorable than alluring, as is the case here. Though, I'm sorry kid, but no costume is no costume.

October 11 2017

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Oh right. I have a blog, too. That's kind of a thing I do.

I wanted some Gravity Falls here, too, because that's sorta Halloween-themed. In this case, it's a funny little recreation of The Birth of Venus with Mabel in the title role. Homages to classical art are great because they put things in a historical perspective, and can be used for fun gags. Still, who does Mabel think she is; Lady Godiva?

October 10 2017

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The pumpkin counts, right? Anyway, nothing fancy this time. Just a cute little girl in the bath. What more do I have to say?

October 09 2017

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October is here, so I wanted to do some Halloween-themed girls. I don't have many, but the ones I do have should be enough. Also, just to let you know, depending on how fast Krizeii can work, we may have a different pic for our Role Reversal than intended.

This is a fun pic because of how awkward it is. I love how Mandy is trying to make the best out of the situation by just trying to get on with it. Also, naked Grim is simply funny as all heck because he's a skeleton. More naked than anyone on this blog ever!

September 30 2017

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Due to the material I have on hand, we're gonna have to switch the anime and cartoon picture. Sorry...

Not much to say about this. I wanted to do this pic for a cute Vivio, but Nanoha's more prominent, so I'm posting this on our Older Girl day. At the very least, Nanoha looks like she's having fun. Maybe she's with Fate?

September 29 2017

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The girl here has a lot of great energy and a cheerful face that makes this one work out. This pic gives me the impression the big guy is giving her a bath, and she's just goofing around. It's a really cute pic here.

September 28 2017

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Well, it's Thursday. I wonder if there's something I should be doing...

Oh right, the blog! The blog I started and run on my own, my blog.

Not joking, I actually forgot I had this! So, since my brain isn't working right now, here, have a Coppertone Loud House with the twins. Closer to the original drawing so you know it's good!

September 27 2017

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I've been looking for some good pictures of Nanoha girls to use on this blog, and I think I found one that hopefully isn't a duplicate. This one's got cute embarrassment and that kind of cover I love to see. It's a really adorable pic when you get right down to it, which is a lot better than I often see Vivio get used for, even by official works. Especially by official works.

September 26 2017

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I think this kind of gag is just fine for kids' stuff. Mulan did a whole plot point about this in one scene. This kind of thing also would make for an interesting episode idea, as well. Still, I would bet Arnold's life expectancy has dropped to about... 10 seconds, give or take.

September 25 2017

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I've wanted to show this pic for some time, but only just got the ability to. It's time for a role reversal remake!

This is a remake of our first ever commission. I wanted to have something in time for my 3-year anniversary, but since Krizeii takes a long time to work, I wanted it done ASAP. So I asked him to do it months in advance. The result looks great, dontcha think?
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Ah, it's been so long. I enjoy doing these and am genuinely saddened when I can't. Well, now we're back for some fun!

This pic is a great one because it's got some nice elements to it. The Abra pulling a prank on the girl, the subsequent cover-up using the same Abra, the look on the girl's face... it all adds up to a genuinely cute picture!

August 26 2017

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I don't get to feature the reboot of PPG a lot, mainly because the reboot isn't that good, thus, doesn't inspire a lot of fanart that isn't hate art. This one works though. It's a new take on that classic nano scene. I mean, why not? Depowering the girl heroes is the name of the reboot's game. Feminism!

August 23 2017

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Good grief, nobody told me finding toon pics would get harder and harder. Anyway, this is a silly little parody of the Lynn bath scene, with the differences being made apparent. This kind of stuff gets in kids shows every now and then (Rugrats, anyone?), so I'm certain it's safe. Hey, the fact that this scene even exists in the original says I should be fine. I mean, the chests are the same! ...for now.
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Dragon Ball is not a universe where clothes grow with the wearer when he changes size. Heck, clothes in that show barely stay on even when the wearer is the same size, given all the fighting! So when an accident causes the predictable to happen, poor Pan is stuck without an outfit in the ship they came in. The thing that makes this pic work is that it mostly takes a comedic approach this portion of Dragon Ball would take, with Pan "wearing" the ship. I think the bigger worry right now is how they're going to leave the planet!

August 22 2017

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Gwen stuff is really hard to find, but at the same time I'm having a really difficult time finding something I can use for the toon pic today. As such, we're going with one of my commissions, an old one.

This one is based off a moment from Metal Gear Solid 2. The idea is that Raiden was stripped naked and had to sneak through a base to get to a goal. Along the way, he had calls from his support staff that were basically nonesense. There are reasons, but they're spoiler-y, and they don't make sense even in context.

Now, I don't know much about Ben 10, but I do know Grampa Max is played by the same actor as that support staff member, Paul Eiding. So I had Gwen streak through a base while Max, dressed as the staff member, delivers crazy lines. It's a fun little VA joke. I could've make Ben the streaker, but you know me. Plus Gwen needed some non-sexual stuff.

I dunno, maybe I should do a Himmsday version with Reboot Gwen when my budget goes back to normal. We'll see...

July 29 2017

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There's this one Shizuka artist I just found. He does his own take on certain scenes from the series. I think his version of the Waterplay scene is pretty good, capturing the essence of the scene with a charming art style. I'd love to see him do some other moments from the series, too. But then, lightning can only strike so many times...
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