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November 26 2017

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This is a little bit of a mature picture, but I don't feel it's out of line since it's more of an artistic picture. Even if the full anatomy is shown, it doesn't necessarily need to be a sexual picture. The human body is beautiful in all regards, and stuff like this proves it well.

April 24 2017

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Our big announcement is just around the corner, so for now, let's savor the sexiness of the male gender.

Nothing like a good ol' shower scene to exploit women's bodies. Anime loves sexy showers, and often use them in ways to show off every sexy contour of a lady in true voyeuristic perversion. Well this time we've got an adaptation of a shower scene the male character Char Aznable took in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, courtesy of the comic book adaptation The Origin. The reason i picked this one is that it's more scandalous than the original anime, being sure to make Char look as sexy as possible. Need I remind you that good lookin' ladies aren't the only ones who can be good lookin'!

March 05 2017

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Well, now that the hags and brats are out of the way, let's bring on the real hotties!

This promotional art of Camille is quite infamous around these circles, and often is used to shock and horrify others. But just look at it! This pose is so completely feminine! It's just like something you'd see out of a men's magazine, only now it's being done with a guy here. Add to that the guy's name is typically associated with girls, and you have a clear parody of the type of art women tend to get in promotional material. Not so neat when it's a guy who's absolutely secure in his masculinity, huh?
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