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August 03 2018

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This has been going on for quite a bit, so I feel I should address it before it goes too far out of hand.

These days, we have been seeing reboots of characters with minority casts. The most common of which is the All Female Reboot, where a cast dominated by males is replaced with one dominated by females. We saw this with Ghostbusters, the recent Ocean's 8, and soon Terminator will be joining this club.

This honestly feels to me like a gimmick, and I'm going to prove it to you. Imagine if the opposite situation happened, the All Male Reboot. Imagine if, say, The Powerpuff Girls announced they would be getting a reboot involving the three roles being replaced by three little boys. Imagine if a reboot of Sailor Moon had the Sailor Scouts replaced with a squad of High School boys.

The outcry would be massive. "How dare you take a feminist icon away from us!" "You're denying agency to women by replacing them with some guys!" Well... why is it okay to deny agency to men by replacing them with some nobody gal? The original Ghostbusters saw a union of four of the greatest comedians in a massive role; Ghostbusters 2016... isn't funny. But then I hear the alleged "feminists" say in defense of these reboots "We aren't taking the original away from you!" "Just judge it on its own merits!" Well, in that case... why is it when the movie has no merits you pull out the sexism card? And if these All Male Reboots came to be, wouldn't you guys complain about us taking the original away from you?

See, this is the problem with these reboots. They serve an immediate "Get Out Of Criticism Free Card" without any merits. If someone made a chair that falls apart when you sit on it, and I complain about the chair's shoddy quality, I don't care if you say "The chair was made by a minority! Hating the chair means you hate all minorities!" No, no I do not hate all minorities; I just hate the chair you made because it's a bad chair. If the reboots were good, who in their right mind would complain?

Worse, when you do this constantly, any future one of these will raise serious red flags in the eyes of the public. And then the studios will shut them down by saying "movies about minorities don't sell", and we'll be back to the Straight Wight Male Brigade. Then you'll be denied agency.

If you want a good feminist icon, make a new one, like Samus or the Powerpuff Girls. Don't kill and replace an old favorite of the audience like a flippin' T-1000.

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