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April 13 2018

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We're going to be finalizing our new direction for the blog very soon. In the meantime, I'd like to take a moment for an unscheduled role reversal. I post this to show that humiliation is humiliation, and if it only becomes obvious when it's happening to a girl, we've got a problem with how we treat guys.

April 01 2018

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It's that day again, April Fools day! And this time I have a role reversal of a girl's scene! It's not exact, unfortunately, but I do what I can with all of my artists up and vanishing for some reason...
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So... just to show I'm not dead, have some cute boys. Since last pic was anime, this time we're doing toon. I'm not doing a pic of a sexy girl because that's not what this blog is for.

January 29 2018

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And since I missed Sunday, too, here's the pic for that.

In my Supply Raids, as I call them, I often see pictures of girls with condoms in low amounts of clothing. So here's the exact opposite of that, with a guy holding his own "protection". After all, "the exact opposite" is what I'm all about!
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A very silly picture, this one. It's a nice, clean joke about Leni being less than bright. In particular, getting to see her reaction is good here because it can lead to a comedic scene with the soap getting in all the wrong places. This is one bathroom gag I have no problems with.

UPDATE: Darkton93 provided a colorized version of this pic! Thanks, Darkton!

January 26 2018

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I keep thinking I've submitted this, but I'm only now doing so! Anyway, what works about this pic is the sense of panic to the whole thing. The "naked at school" situation is often a great source of humor, and this one works great because of her reaction to being caught. Sorry, foooouuuund you!
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Another deleted picture. I want to preserve these as much as possible, so I'm posting this here so it stays somewhere.

January 24 2018

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Sometimes shyness can be very cute, especially with regards to certain children. Really, it's all in the face and body posture, which can be used to enhance a picture. This one is a clear example of such, using both elements to make for an adorable picture.
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Now that a new director has been put in charge of The Loud House, our ban on Savino content is officially over. As such, since this picture was recently censored on DeviantArt, I wanted to preserve the original picture here.

As for the picture itself, it's a silly little gag based off Spongebob. I like how riled up Lana gets here, and how Lola gives her a ticket. Fun stuff!

January 22 2018

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And we're back, like I said we would be.

I never got to properly feature a piece from Touhou, so I thought I'd do one now since this pic is so cute. It's called "The Ice Fairy's New Clothes" and Cirno here is saying "Idiot's can't see my clothes!" It's nice because of how oblivious Cirno is and, let's face it, this scenario is always quite funny. Now I wonder if she can see the clothes...

December 04 2017

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Bonus picture time! This one kinda falls outside the purview of our blog, but I thought I'd include it here because I find it good. It's an example of how a female can go through some kind of shirtless moment, like using one's shirt as a flag. It could also be used for, say, a moment in a series where a male would have their shirt damaged in battle, and I'm not talking about navel-baring scratches. Well, unless the area still kept the bloody scars.

November 27 2017

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Yes, our sexy guys can come from screenshots, too!

Just look at this guy! He's got a great body, and that pose is just smokin'! The facial expression is almost feminine in a sense, adding to that feeling. It's a great example of this kind of thing being equal opportunity, given it comes from Disney.

November 26 2017

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This is a little bit of a mature picture, but I don't feel it's out of line since it's more of an artistic picture. Even if the full anatomy is shown, it doesn't necessarily need to be a sexual picture. The human body is beautiful in all regards, and stuff like this proves it well.

November 24 2017

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I couldn't find an anime girl that fit today, so I'll just say "Happy Thanksgiving!"

This pic is good because it demonstrates the difference between a sexual picture and a humorous picture. The left side is a girl who is obviously trying to be sexy, doing a shirt lift. The right side is what that girl would be like in reality, doing a cover of her nudity. I usually say consent is everything, but kids should be discouraged from being seen as sex objects, so the right pic is a good example of a way to discourage it. At least, I hope...

November 21 2017

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Wouldn't you know it, I just found this pic today! Pretty cool, huh?

I don't quite know why Sakura is sleeping nude, but the situation is funny in how she realizes quickly she overslept and has to do the whole morning routine. There's plenty of room for jokes here, like how Sakura has so many different outfits that choosing the right one would be hard, or how she'd practically be in a hurry to get into her outfit, trying to get dressed while running... heh, that's not a bad idea. Should hit up Xierra when I get some cash.

October 15 2017

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Let's showcase some sexiness, shall we?

Here's a fun picture! The guy is so hot, they had to censor his nipples! Stuff like that isn't often seen with males as much as females, but the guy's body, combined with his pose, means we simply had to! I think I saw this in Kill La Kill once or twice...

October 14 2017

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How'd you spend your Friday the 13th? I spent mine laughing at all the sexism in it. It makes a great drinking game!

Here's a picture I really like for one simple reason: It's more focused on Fluttershy being beautiful as opposed to sexual. The female body is very much attractive, and this shows it in a good light that's more like an art piece. Though one must wonder why she's nude in the first place, given how shy she is. Maybe she's not BodyShy...

October 13 2017

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Monster girls in the bath! Is there anything cuter? Well, there might be, but I haven't seen it yet. And this pic is indeed cute, with the two in adorable poses, clearly relaxing, and just having some time to wash away the struggles of the day. Or in this case, um, the night.

October 12 2017

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A good art style can diffuse a lot of sexuality from a picture, turning it into something adorable. This is an example of such an art style: The stylized nature of the face and anatomy help make the picture look more adorable than alluring, as is the case here. Though, I'm sorry kid, but no costume is no costume.

October 11 2017

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Oh right. I have a blog, too. That's kind of a thing I do.

I wanted some Gravity Falls here, too, because that's sorta Halloween-themed. In this case, it's a funny little recreation of The Birth of Venus with Mabel in the title role. Homages to classical art are great because they put things in a historical perspective, and can be used for fun gags. Still, who does Mabel think she is; Lady Godiva?
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