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November 20 2017

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It's that time again: Role Reversal time! Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the Savino ep for a while.

So this one comes from the episode of Dexter's Lab titled "A Hard Day's Day." The funny thing is that this episode happens to feature a lot of nude Dexter. This is one of those moments, Dexter being undressed out of his pajamas by his machine in his morning routine, and sliding down something like the Batpole to change into his regular outfit. It's definitely one of the more notable shots of Dexter's butt in the series, and we see it a LOT in this ep.

So, for this one, Darkton93 and I collaborated on a fic to reverse the situation with Dee Dee. For this segment, Dee Dee throws her regular clothes into the air, jumps out of her pajamas, then flies right into them to dress in the air. And just like Dex, there's a nice big shot of her butt cuz exact change only.

I will likely do more with this episode. In the meanwhile, I've got both a comic version of certain scenes, and we've got a whole fanfic ready if this episode is one of your favorites and you wanted it to get the "Dee Dee's Rival" treatment. They're there if you know where to look!

July 07 2017

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Since I can't think of much How Do We Do It, mostly because we've exhausted the options I'm familiar with or are down to ones that don't fit thematically, I'm starting up a new series called What Would It Look Like? In this series, I post a character model I did with Krizeii's help to show what a girl might look like in any probable nude scene on the show. It's kind of a companion to How Do We Do It, showing anything that goes in that show.

Here's Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory. The idea is that she would, in addition to a leaf like Dexter's, have her chest censored by something up top. I picked a pair of daisies to be cute.

May 23 2017

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Why am I always late...

Don't know why I like this pic so much. Something about it seems very cute. Maybe it's Dee Dee's expression, or the way she's drawn. Either way, on-model stuff is the best.

April 17 2017

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So the second remake picture just came in a few days ago, so I'm posting it here so everyone knows. It seems Krizeii, the artist, took some influence from the original Xierra version, though I'm not quite sure where he could've found it, and quite frankly, I don't think I wanna know.

Side note, anyone else think Dexter looks just a tad bit more sexualized than normal? He's got a bit more detailed anatomy than he usually gets in identical situations. Well, I guess pedophilia is okay if the subject is a boy, am I right?

April 10 2017

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I won't need to talk about Dexter's Lab until... a while now, I think? So I'm just going to post this picture here while I still can. It's a good pic, though: nice and cute, a shared moment of closeness between a brother and sister. Although this could just be caused by one of Dexter's experiments backfiring and Dee Dee being caught in it...

March 28 2017

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I've wanted to cover this episode for so long... it even served as the first episode of this day's show on Tumblr! It's time once again to shame an animator who went out of their way to say No Girls Allowed!

Back to Dexter's Laboratory. If I feature this one a lot, it's only because I find Dee Dee to be really cute. There was an ample opportunity to give her a matching set with her brother, too! In the first two seasons (season 3 was handled by a newcomer and broke many of the established rules), whenever Dexter got nude, which happened a lot, he would always have his privates hidden by a leaf of some kind. This, I found, was really clever, giving it a sort of Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve sort of thing that showed off the creativity of the production staff. It also gave them a lot of freedom to position Dexter now that they didn't need to use outside censorship; all they needed was the leaf and they were set.

Of course, if there's going to be an Adam, there must also be an Eve, and the episode "Game For a Game" proved an ample opportunity to showcase this, with Dee Dee, as part of her morning song, accidentally forgetting to dress herself and jumping out of her screen nude. Except... it didn't happen. Instead, her entire torso was blocked off by a large plant, obscuring the parts that could've been censored just like Dexter's. Need I remind you that the animators here are not just perverts, but cowards, too.

I've tried for years to get the edit to this one just right, and eventually I gave up and just set my man Krizeii to the task. Even on the original I've always felt Dee Dee should have some daisies for her chest, just to be cute, so I'm glad Krizeii got that just right.

There is, however, a brief silver lining to this scene. For one frame of animation, Dee Dee doesn't completely go behind the curtain, meaning we get to see her (featureless) chest. I'm sure if any kid used the pause button on it, they'd get the answer to a question that bugged them for so long. Seriously, even as a kid, this scene bugged me. I found it odd she wasn't censored like Dexter was, and found it hard to tell she was even naked like the song said. If it bugged me, it surely must've bugged other kids.

It's funny how we can only get stuff that should've been given to us by default on accident. That's gotta say something for the state we're in.

February 20 2017

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Monday already? Gosh, things fly! Well, we're doing things a bit out of order, mainly for variety's sake. We'll get back to missing entries later.

Remember how I said Dexter tended to get naked and show his butt to the audience? Well, that whole joke was the punchline behind the episode "Better Off Wet." In it, Dexter's family kept trying to get him into the pool (yes, there were some sexy Mom shots, the perverts), but he didn't want to for some reason. He finally got in the pool at the end, but as he lamented he didn't know why he was so shy, his swimsuit came off underwater and we were treated to a full shot of Dexter' butt.

The name of the game is role reversal, so here we are with a new victim! This time it's Dee Dee who loses her brand-new bikini in the water (hey, it happens to girls, too), and we get to see her all the way. When Xierra099 sent it to me, I knew this was great. Dexter's family's reactions keep it from being perverted, and Dexter sits at a bench on his own to keep the same thing from happening to him. Good stuff!

February 14 2017

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Well, it's a good thing I get to start this blog again! I get to showcase one of my new toys! For those who don't know, every Tuesday I showcase just how unequal the standards of male and female nudity are, even when they're both put in the exact same situation. We call this show No Girls Allowed!

Our first example comes from the Cartoon Network show Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter's Lab was the first original television show produced by Cartoon Network that relied on its own characters instead of Hanna Barbera stock footage. That show, debuting in 1996, was a launchpad for the careers of many animators. It's probably the most important show in Cartoon Network's history, and has left a massive impact through the staff that worked on it.

That show was also very brave about nudity. One common gag was that the main character Dexter would be disrobed for humor's sake, and we'd often see his butt. The most prominent example of this is in the episode "Dexter's Rival" where we see his overjoyed morning routine, which includes him showering. It's very important because this was one of the few times it was used in children's entertainment; while Bart Simpson showed his butt numerous times, that was a strictly adult show. This was a kid's cartoon doing the exact same thing, which showcases how animators were really getting daring in the late 90's!

Unfortunately, I'd suspect the animators were a band of massive perverts. All the women in this show save the children have massive hips and many of them have large breasts. All of them are also lacking in personality beyond "mom" "surly waitress" "sex object" and "touchy-feely neighbor lady." That lady is of special note since at one point, she bends over and a clue to a mystery is printed on her tight-clad butt.

So if they regard female nudity as anything, it's sure to be sexual. And, as I've said numerous times, no one wants to sexualize children.

So when Dexter's older sister Dee Dee goes through the exact same scenario in the episode "Dee Dee's Rival", that includes a shower scene. Unfortunately, while Dexter's scene bared all, Dee Dee was hidden behind a shower curtain that showed nothing. Rather than try and be daring and do for boys what they did for girls, the animators take the coward's way out and censor completely. Even as a kid that bugged me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So, to start off the third portion of the show, I'll introduce you to my dedicated screencap edit guy, Krizeii. I paid him to edit this screenshot to move the curtain to the same place Dexter's was, while at the same time showing as much as he did. What's the difference between the two? Well, to a kid, there isn't any. It's only the adults who've been raised in a society where female nudity is "inherently sexual" that sees this in a bad way, but the target audience doesn't mind one bit and is in fact bugged when the expected doesn't happen.

How unfortunate that this whole show showed it was okay to be brave with boys, but girls needed to be protected at all costs. A chance to change the rules was missed, and for that reason, this scene is the harbinger of the whole problem we're in.

And none of it was necessary at all.
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