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January 26 2018

Ask ArcRoyale #8

Another day, another time someone decided to Ask ArcRoyale!

Today's question goes something like:
Dear ArcRoyale:
Is there any kind of material you won't publish on this blog? You know, that fits with the theme.

Of course there is! I'll explain thusly:

First off, I will not feature media from countries that, for the most part, have the problem fixed. That means I most likely will not feature anything from, say, French media, unless it was exported to the US in a high-profile way. The reason for this is, well, those countries are already "liberated" so there's no reason to feature them on a blog that talks about how liberation is a main objective. Funny thing, the artists behind Wakfu deliberately drew the missing details in a scene intended to be censored, and that, as a French cartoon, proves my point.

Another thing I will not feature are series designed to cater to pedophiles. These series, commonly known as "loli series", go outside our objective for an obvious reason: This blog is about how the female form should not be seen as "inherently sexual". As a result, anything that is quite sexual should not be glorified as a triumph, but as an example of a far worse strain of the virus infecting our culture.

And, of course, no matter how cute they are, I will not feature males unless it is to sexualize them in the same way women are, with emphasis on the same way part. That is, I'm not gonna feature something on our Sunday show that's intended to arouse gay men specifically, although it certainly can. The situation is closer to She-Hulk being a muscular brute and the male counterpart being an Adonis in swim trunks.

Also, certain artists have been blacklisted because I do not have their permission to post my work. Furthermore, certain series have been blocked from my shows where I require Krizart's work because he does not want to draw them in that way.

So that's what I won't do. Please do not ask for those as you will not receive them.
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