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April 01 2018

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It's that day again, April Fools day! And this time I have a role reversal of a girl's scene! It's not exact, unfortunately, but I do what I can with all of my artists up and vanishing for some reason...
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So... just to show I'm not dead, have some cute boys. Since last pic was anime, this time we're doing toon. I'm not doing a pic of a sexy girl because that's not what this blog is for.

April 01 2017

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It's that time again! Let's reverse some roles for a time when a female character got naked and do the same to a male. You know you love it!

This scene comes from an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's that show everyone loves except the people that don't. Anyway, today's pic reverses a scenario from the episode "Make New Friends But Keep Discord". In that episode, Rarity's dress gets slimed by a green slime monster called The Smooze, the monster eating up the gems on her fancy party dress. Discord, the resident trickster and the guy who invited Smoozey to begin with, vacuums up Rarity's smooze-covered dress. And, in a move common to cartoons, she covers with her forelegs and scuttles off.

So for this one, I happened upon a render of the same thing happening to Spike, the cute little boy dragon and Rarity's secret admirer. With careful editing of the screenshot to remove Rarity, we can place Spike in the whole thing and see how it works. If a girl like Rarity can get her clothes sucked away and no one minds, then why is it such a drama bomb when the same thing happens to a boy instead? Kids won't care!

Of course, none of them really wore clothes to begin with. Oh well, if the horseshoe fits...

(Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Couldn't afford to make this even a day late. Just a friendly reminder, equality goes both ways!)
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Shy boys are best boys, and that's what makes this picture so great. He's got a great expression, for one, with nice squinting eyes and a cute sheepish smile that says that things didn't quite go according to plan. Also, the fact that he has one leg lifted is just so adorable and adds to his embarrassment. Pics like this are prime reasons why we need more cute boy nudity in cartoons. Girls can't hog all of it!
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