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April 13 2018

The New Direction!

When I first started this blog, I wasn't exactly sure why I was doing it. Regardless of which, I first opened this blog some time in 2016 on Tumblr. At the time, Barack Obama was in his final year as president, and America's culture was beginning to shift in the direction it would eventually head towards the following year; what is basically an act of revenge.

It is now 2018, albeit very early on in it. And now we're being told it's not okay to be white, and that all men are rapists. The frustrating thing is, well, we've been headed in this direction for some time now, you only need notice the cracks. But as seen by some of the stuff I've shared, we've been emasculating men for some time now, all for the sake of humor at their expense.

At the same time, though, we haven't been treating women well, either. Regardless of how men are treated, the Male Gaze is still in effect, as seen in works like Jupiter Ascending and countless others. So really, no side is getting off really well in this environment of The Current Year (TM).

So we're going to be handling things much differently than we used to. We've seen pages like The Hawkeye  Initiative counter the problem of sexism against women, and now let's take a look at the problem in the opposite direction. Starting now, we're going to be doing a few changes to show how gender roles are enforced in society by force, and how those roles fuel a distaste of men.

That means we're going to start becoming unscripted. That also means I'll be posting something when I find the best example of how to do it. Also, if you follow me for the pics, we'll be doing "art appreciation" posts whenever showcasing the good stuff.

As times change, so too must this blog. We hope you find the experience eye-opening!
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March 06 2018

New Direction?

So, I've been trying to think about how I want to work with this blog. I'm worried it might be something of dead weight.

Fortunately, I think I've found my niche. The downside to this will be losing a lot of the original objective, but if that's what I need to keep this afloat, so be it.

I'm going to start taking sociology a bit more seriously starting now, hopefully in a push for equity for everyone. Not everything I say will be accepted immediately, but they are very much things I need to say.

So here's hoping we can see some big changes!
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January 16 2018

Where in the World is Chris Hagen?

Not here, if you're curious.

Okay, actual answer is a bit more complex. See, one of the banes of this blog is finding material. I've been running... a bit low on that, since material for the shows usually has to involve showing some examples of what can/can't be done. That, and school alongside money bleeding dry means I don't have much to work with.

I'm in a bit of a tough spot. I don't know if I'm gonna even have enough money to finance things I do for fun, since my parents no longer financially support me aside from "gifts", which basically means once the money is gone, it's gone for good since all my attempts at finding a job have ended in failure. If someone could donate to me, and I MEAN it this time, that'd be wonderful.

If that were all, it'd be one thing. Problem is, with the changes to the internet rules coming in who knows when, I've needed to get my last few pictures out there ASAP. Problem is... my artists are slow! I've got $80 that I can't spend because it's locked down with one artist, an IOU on a commission from Kri and a chance that I won't be able to work with him before school starts because he keeps getting locked down in massive 60+ character commissions that eat up all of his time, and Xierra is bogged down in work herself so nothing from her can happen. All this combined with losing the ability to even access my blog to begin with is a... disturbing thought, to say the least.

I may, emphasis on may have a week ready next week. Until then, just consider this blog a "maybe" rather than a "will happen". In the meantime, be sure to check out my Twitter at @ArcRoyale_Chris to hear my personal stories. You might learn a lot about me outside of my... hobby.

See you whenever!

November 20 2017


Tomorrow marks the end of our hiatus and the beginning of another official week. I'll try and find some thanksgiving stuff, but expect that to mostly consist of football. Sadly, because of our temporary ban on Savino content, our golden girl Lynn Loud will not appear. Sorry.

Also, today is International Men's Day! Now, that may sound like "white history month" or "straight pride", but hear me out. With the recent sex abuse allegations with people like Chris Savino, Harvey Weinstein, and Al Franken, it begs the question as to why all these are coming out within the same interval. Case in point, a previous time I talked about some comments our president made that were taken out of context, disapproved by the women who they were told to.

So what does that mean? Well, putting aside partisan party politics, it's led to a lot of people believe women because apparently "women never lie". Uh, newsflash, EVERYONE LIES. And people will definitely lie if they think it'll get them power, and don't tell me you wouldn't; even the smallest lie is, by definition, a lie, or did those cartoons teach you nothing? A bluff is a lie!

What this means is that when men say "#MeToo" women write "Yeah, you should be saying #MeToo I sexually abused women", or when somebody says "#NotAllMen" some feminist says "#YesAllMen". This kind of thing essentially downplays men's issues, worse when male rape is treated like a big joke. "Love is in the air," anyone?

The lie that "men are incapable of being sexually abused" and "women never lie about sexual abuse" is just as ludicrous as saying, say "an apple is a fruit, but an orange is not an apple, therefore not a fruit." No, both are fruit, and men and women are both people. Why should one always be believed in and one never? Revenge is not a substitute for justice.

So, that's all. See you tomorrow!

November 02 2017


Hello, hello! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! I sure did!

So here's our update. We have completed the Role Reversal for this week. We are currently working on our What Would It Look Like right now. Our No Girls Allowed! will be another Shizuka scene, so sorry if you're sick of those. I will start perusing my galleries for a good Yes, It Can Be Done! and Mature Musings. Or Friday show will be an essay that I think you guys will like.

Now for some unfortunate news: Due to recent snafus involving Chris Savino, all of his work has been temporarily suspended from this blog. That includes Dexter's Lab Seasons 3 and 4, Powerpuff Girls Seasons 5 and 6, and, unfortunately, The Loud House. That last one was the driving factor behind all this, since the snafu happened during his time there. All Savino-related content will return when Loud House Season 3 starts, since it will operate without Savino.

That's all. See you when that happens!
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October 15 2017


Hiatus has begun again. There's some final thoughts for the adults if you're in NSFW mode. See ya later!

October 04 2017

Our week has concluded after a slight delay, so I leave you with these final thoughts.

First off, we have just enough content to justify another week of this! We'll start this up again next week. Just know we'll be doing another Doraemon thing, in case that turns you off.

Now for the thought of the week. Ahem.

The sad thing about being a mad genius is that one is often misunderstood, and their misunderstanding leads them to be outcasted from society. People got arrested for saying the Earth was round. People got blacklisted for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun. And it's no surprise that a guy like me sees trouble as well with my crusade.

DeviantArt's rough standards make posting stuff like mine impossible, and every day those standards get stricter. 4chan's mods have become even more strict as of late, to the point of deleting even the censored material that my work is based on.

The only place left for me to go is some weird websites, but the numbers of those keep shrinking. Not only do they have to deal with Google's increasingly draconian policies, but they face takedowns on a regular basis until few remain.

All this means that in a sense, we're losing. That's not good.

I would urge you all to try and fight for this thing as much as possible. This problem still exists in the modern day, with people seeing pedophilia where none exists. Even boys are starting to fall under the grip of censorship. We need to start fighting back, or else we will fail in our objective.

Good luck, everyone. We'll need it.

September 24 2017


Well, having found my example for No Girls Allowed on the budget I have, I figured now would be a good time to get the blog going again for another "proper" week. Hope to see you soon!

September 09 2017


Next week I may or may not be moving to a place without internet for a long time, so I'm gonna make this next week the week of our next special episode. Hope you like!

August 27 2017


I was planning on doing my next special episode sometime soon. I've decided a theme for it already, I'm just going out to get my examples.

Since the end of next month is a long way away, I'm just going to start talking about the theme for this special episode: Cartoon Animals! The weird thing about character designs for cartoon animals is that the girls are more conservatively-dressed than the boys, even though the boys are already featureless. Technically speaking, the girls should be, too, but for some reason the industry insists on dressing them despite there really being no need to.

Over the course of the week, we'll be looking at different ways companies handled animal dressing, through looking at comparisons between boys and girls and, of course, doing some reversals with dressed boys and undressed girls. Don't worry, there's nothing to be seen! At the weekend, we'll do some funny pictures to illustrate the concepts I'm talking about.

See you whenever that is!

August 22 2017


Okay, so I just lost my one source of income. That's what we call "bad". I've had to cancel deals with artists and sell some old things and start asking for donations.

That means if we come back next time, it'll likely be a Special Episode. I've got a theme picked for it, I just need the resources. You'll find out what it is before we started.

Also, since the month is almost over, we'll be starting a week of examples. Just formality.
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July 26 2017


I've finally decided what I'm going to do about this hiatus thing. I'm currently working on a massive comic with Xierra099, but in between I like to work on smaller ideas. As such, after the deal is done for the first chapter, I will work on a deal with her for a very special No Girls Allowed! I also have a fun little twist on the usual Role Reversal type pic involved. There might even be a little bonus for those of you viewing in NSFW mode...
Tags: announcement

July 22 2017


I had to send that message earlier because it needed to be handled ASAP. In the meantime, next week will be our picture dump week of the month, because I still have some things I can show. Once we get our No Girls Allowed! pic done, we can start another week. As well as that, I'm contemplating doing a story runthrough of a role reversal situation sometime soon, if not by the time we get things back, then after next month's picture dump.

There's a couple of extra notes: I am well aware of the recent findings of an unreleased episode of Rugrats that offered an alternate take on "Naked Tommy". Sadly, I won't be posting it because it doesn't actually fit in the blog's mission. Gotta keep on track! Also, there's a particular example in the world of gaming that drew my eye that kinda relates to our objective, but I need more information on the situation before making that decision.

So that's about the lot. See you around!
Tags: announcement

July 09 2017


With the week over and our entrance into another hiatus, I leave you with these final thoughts.

We've had an impressively strong week this time, covering some material that happened recently, being introspective, debuting a new show, tackling tough issues and challenging beliefs. In other words, it was a week of pure sociology, and I'm glad to have had the chance to do it.

As for what we can do now that we're on hiatus, my thoughts turn to that one week we did a special episode all throughout the week. Very possibly we could do more to use more time. Of course, all that requires a theme, but if you know my Inkbunny, you know we have a few slots which we can use the theme. We could do a role reversal comic with Dee Dee, or we could do a PPG story. Let me know which you'd rather see, and we'll go with it.

Thanks for sticking with me this week! See you whenever!

July 03 2017


Yeah, that's right! Our hiatus is almost over! We've got another week planned, with all our shows completely intact! I hope the experience is eye-opening!

June 24 2017

Well, it's the end of the month, so I should probably finish up this week and start a new picture run next week. I did say this was an "Updated Monthly" thing, after all.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus.
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May 18 2017


Hello, fellow followers! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I have some good news for you all.

First of all, our month's week of examples will be the next week. Look forward to some fun pics!

But let's be honest, you saw that big text and figured "Hey, we're gonna have a proper update?" Well, yes indeed! Remember how No Girls Allowed! did us in and caused the hiatus? Well, I just discovered a moment that can apply to that show, so feel free to expect it within the nearest update interval.

So when's that gonna be? Well, currently our designated editor Krizeii is working on another remake pic, but that one's for a pic I haven't featured on the blog... I think. When that pic's done, I will work on the second half of that pic, and then... we work our magic! Bonus points for his current transaction being a Role Reversal, so I can cover Monday, too! As for Wednesday, I've still got some stuff I can use there. Thursday and Friday may be a little harder, but I'm sure I can manage. I've got a Mature Musings entry, too.

So expect something to come up in the future. Can't say when since Krizeii doesn't seem to keep a good schedule, so don't expect it too soon. Still, look forward to my (one week long) return!

See ya then!
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April 24 2017


With our week having ended at last, I leave you with some very crushing final thoughts.

The day of reckoning is at hand. I have run out of material for the weekly shows. The entry that shut me down was No Girls Allowed!; I don't have any pictures that reduce censorship of a female character's scene, and the ones with adults go into Mature Musings instead, as you'll have noticed from the eclectic nature of that show.

Of course, to a certain extent, I wonder if a blog like this is even needed in this day and age. Just last night, Samurai Jack did a scene involving a nude little girl that not only didn't sexualize her despite being on [adult swim], but was used in a context-appropriate setting and pulled no punches in the message it gave. It incorporated the girl's nudity into character development, and didn't delve into cowardice at all.

If it were just that one moment, I'd've shrugged it off as something slipping through the cracks. But between that scene and the Lynn scene in Loud House, I've come to realize that we're living in a different society than when we began, than when I first started two years ago. It seems at long last people are starting to get the idea; the next logical step would be for internet forums to stop making a big deal out of it when it happens to a young'n. I predict good things in our future; we're finally progressing to a better world.

Of course, I'm not completely throwing in the towel. While I'm cutting off the flow of images to a once-per-month basis starting next month, I'm doing so so that when we do have enough material to sustain a full week, we can do so with our stream of examples like the old days. We'll also definitely be doing some special weeks with some comics and stuff.

So in conclusion, this isn't goodbye. When I'm ready, I'll be there. Until then, see you on Inkbunny!

April 17 2017

And so, the week having come to a conclusion, I leave you with these final thoughts.

Many of you are familiar with me for my commissioned artwork from such artists as Krizeii and Xierra099. All that artwork can be very expensive, usually taking up weeks worth of payment. It's even worse when I have to worry about a massive comic project spanning several different pages. The current project lasts around 40 or so pages!

All that is fine if I have the money, and I have some time to get it because I usually see Xierra bi-weekly and have Krizeii on speed dial. Problem is, my payment is very variable. I get $25 every week on Saturday no matter what, but depending on how much extra work I do, I get bonus cash from an outside employer. And believe it or not, that's often still not enough for much, assuming I have to spend the money on something else. I've got several movies I wanna see, but can't because I'm basically in debt with the artists.

So in order to make things fair, I'm going to have to ask you send my boss some PayPal cash, so he can help me out with this. PayPal money exclusively goes to PayPal accounts, so I can use it on artists freely. It's essentially like getting a discount on a picture. As a bonus, if you donate, you qualify for a Weighted Suggestion, which means you can send me an idea and I'll put a little thought into it since money is involved.

So be sure to send us that money at darkton.artemis@hotmail.com! See you then!

April 15 2017

Nothing in my inbox, no essays I need to do (or can think of), so this show's taking a break since it's just text based, too. Maybe normalcy will return next week?
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