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January 26 2018

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Another deleted picture. I want to preserve these as much as possible, so I'm posting this here so it stays somewhere.

January 24 2018

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Someone was kind enough to direct this to me! It's another example of many that Yes, It Can Be Done!

Our example is another Simpsons picture, that comes from the comic "Wall or Nothing", which is something of an earlier version of "A Tale of Two Springfields," only with a lot less Homer acting like a jerk. The important thing is that everyone gets covered in mud, and washes it off by skinny dipping, and in the background, you can see Homer, Marge, and Lisa.

This one got by with little to no problems. It didn't take a squabble to get it done. It didn't have to excessively hide Lisa like they did a few issues earlier. Any time this kind of thing happens to Lisa is impressive because cowardice usually takes hold, and that it didn't this time is wonderful. I mean, it happened to everyone, so we shouldn't be discriminating, right?
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Sometimes shyness can be very cute, especially with regards to certain children. Really, it's all in the face and body posture, which can be used to enhance a picture. This one is a clear example of such, using both elements to make for an adorable picture.
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Since last time we talked about Miraculous Adventures doing so well, let's talk about a time they got it wrong by saying "No Girls Allowed!"

This is from the issue just prior to the issue where she detransforms without an outfit. There's a weird setup where in one version she's wearing a white shirt, and in another she's a lot more shy and wearing a pink bra. I'm liable to think this is the original version (or that it's as close to it as we're gonna get without editing) because the French are a lot more lax about nudity, seeing it as no big deal. Whereas for us Americans, a Big Deal is what it is indeed, because we gotta do everything we can to Protect The Girls and denigrate the boys.

Nothing more needs be said.
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Now that a new director has been put in charge of The Loud House, our ban on Savino content is officially over. As such, since this picture was recently censored on DeviantArt, I wanted to preserve the original picture here.

As for the picture itself, it's a silly little gag based off Spongebob. I like how riled up Lana gets here, and how Lola gives her a ticket. Fun stuff!

January 23 2018

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Almost forgot this! It's time for our Monday Role Reversal, this time with a remake of the Chloe pic because I want my stuff to look its best.

January 22 2018

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And we're back, like I said we would be.

I never got to properly feature a piece from Touhou, so I thought I'd do one now since this pic is so cute. It's called "The Ice Fairy's New Clothes" and Cirno here is saying "Idiot's can't see my clothes!" It's nice because of how oblivious Cirno is and, let's face it, this scenario is always quite funny. Now I wonder if she can see the clothes...

January 16 2018

Where in the World is Chris Hagen?

Not here, if you're curious.

Okay, actual answer is a bit more complex. See, one of the banes of this blog is finding material. I've been running... a bit low on that, since material for the shows usually has to involve showing some examples of what can/can't be done. That, and school alongside money bleeding dry means I don't have much to work with.

I'm in a bit of a tough spot. I don't know if I'm gonna even have enough money to finance things I do for fun, since my parents no longer financially support me aside from "gifts", which basically means once the money is gone, it's gone for good since all my attempts at finding a job have ended in failure. If someone could donate to me, and I MEAN it this time, that'd be wonderful.

If that were all, it'd be one thing. Problem is, with the changes to the internet rules coming in who knows when, I've needed to get my last few pictures out there ASAP. Problem is... my artists are slow! I've got $80 that I can't spend because it's locked down with one artist, an IOU on a commission from Kri and a chance that I won't be able to work with him before school starts because he keeps getting locked down in massive 60+ character commissions that eat up all of his time, and Xierra is bogged down in work herself so nothing from her can happen. All this combined with losing the ability to even access my blog to begin with is a... disturbing thought, to say the least.

I may, emphasis on may have a week ready next week. Until then, just consider this blog a "maybe" rather than a "will happen". In the meantime, be sure to check out my Twitter at @ArcRoyale_Chris to hear my personal stories. You might learn a lot about me outside of my... hobby.

See you whenever!

January 07 2018

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Siiiiiiigh... Okay... 2018 is not off to a good start. I was going to talk about this in proper during a week of production, but now's a better time.

On January 1st, 2018, and let me emphasize that for you, the first day of the new year, YouTube user Logan Paul filmed an actual suicide and posted it to his account, one which is watched by numerous children. Now, if Paul had something resembling, you know, a conscience, he'd delete the video from the feed and not post it there, or if he did mention it, talk about it in a separate V-Log, not one where he does things like say Mt. Fuji isn't where Fiji Water comes from. Instead, he subjected kids to a snuff film; not "basically", not "kinda", that's what he did, and that's what it was. In the end, the video was taken down... by Paul... after facing heavy backlash... while he chose to play his patented Victim Card at how those big meanies were saying mean things to him like how bad it is he joked about suicide.

And what was YouTube's punishment to the guy? Nothin'. Nothin' at all. He's still making videos. He tore the internet apart, and he gets a slap on the wrist.

Also on January 1st 2018, an Elementary School teacher in Utah got in hot water for showing kids porn. Except... that's not what really happened. He was an art teacher, and was showing kids examples of art in his class, his sixth grade class so they were of maximum age for elementary school. And the art was said to not fit pornographic standards at all. It was just a female butt. So what happened to him? Got fired. For, you know, doing his job. Apparently the parents complained about the art, then let the kids watch more TV and movies with butts aplenty.

Do you see now why I'm still working on this problem?

This nonesense double-standard of violence being okay and sex not being okay is absurd. The Last Jedi, a movie made by Disney, features a fight scene with lots of graphic, albeit bloodless violence. But the violence is quite horrific; heads getting cut off by lightsabers, impalements, stabbings through the brain... scary stuff! Meanwhile, Slave Leia is now being considered unacceptable to sell in figure format anymore, so stuff like that no longer exists. Which company did the deed? Disney! Apparently it's okay to sell "Star Wars figure with graphic violence action!" to kids, but not "Girl in outfit!" to those same kids just because of what that outfit looks like.

I mean, really, it's illogical. Kids don't see nudity as "inherently sexual", they find it funny! It's why nudity-based humor is a staple of adult comedies! In fact, if you do it to the right person, you can even have it in kids media, especially cartoons! Violence? You'll often find that in horror films, or stuff where violence is designed to horrify. Kids get scared of graphic violence. They don't get scared of girl butts. Show a kid a naked girl intended in a sexual scene and they'll be laughing their butts off. Show a kid a scene from Saw and they'll be in tears. So why does one get a scumbag a slap on the wrist while another gets guys who're doing their jobs the axe?

I grew up in similar situations to the kids in this class, and I was mostly okay with it. Kids're fascinated by the human body, especially given the things that're different between boys and girls. That makes sense for the same reason they're attracted to swear words; they want to learn more and accumulate info. Show them actual sex acts, however, and they don't wanna see them at all, and graphic violence is much the same way. The way we are treating content that is allegedly "unacceptable for children" is completely upside-down and backwards! We should be showing butts and hiding guts, not the other way around which is what we're currently doing!

In the end, if you're looking for an example on why the taboo against nudity and acceptance of violence in America is loony, look no further than how a jackmule of a YouTuber gets away with filming murder, and how a guy gets fired for doing his job.

December 20 2017

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Here's a fun little Bonus Picture, because it shows that what's on the inside counts more than the outside! Or, since that's Samus, is it the other way around?

All joking aside, it's fascinating that the sexual pin-up model is considered boring, while the awesome warrior chick is considered "hot" and "sexy". It's interesting to think that this pinnacle of power would be considered more attractive than the one who's actively trying to be attractive.

You know, something to consider.

December 04 2017

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Bonus picture time! This one kinda falls outside the purview of our blog, but I thought I'd include it here because I find it good. It's an example of how a female can go through some kind of shirtless moment, like using one's shirt as a flag. It could also be used for, say, a moment in a series where a male would have their shirt damaged in battle, and I'm not talking about navel-baring scratches. Well, unless the area still kept the bloody scars.

November 27 2017


Our productive week is done, so I leave you with these final thoughts.

If you've noticed, any of my pictures tend to have a lot showing, but never anything I'd consider "inappropriate." That goes for crotches of both genders, and the nipples of girls. But you've noticed I don't show that same level of censorship towards female butts. Why is that?

Maybe it's because I've seen screencaps from stuff like Family Guy and some of The Simpsons, but I don't necessarily consider butts a sexual thing. If we were to count every part of the body that made guys go gaga, we wouldn't be able to show girls' feet. But the butt is special. That's something shown on guys practically always. It was just in Thor: Ragnarok and used for comedic purposes there! To me, it's an easy way of using nudity for humorous purposes.

Of course, as primates, we are kinda animals, and we've caught animals doing far worse down there. They're even the reason breasts are on girls! They're literally designed to remind us of the butt. Come to think of it, the male sex organ is much the same way; often used to signal a guy as ugly or non-sexual, given how it shows on boys in anime and on ugly guys in stuff on [adult swim]. I honestly don't know what it is.

Still, this kind of thing, where a female butt is used for immediate sexuality and a male butt for immediate humor... it makes me wonder why, is all I'm saying. To an extent, I feel the same way about female nipples, but those can only be shown in R-Rated movies while butts can be PG-13, and parents take kids to see those movies all the time. If anyone has an answer, let me know.

Thanks for listening, all! See you in December!
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Yes, our sexy guys can come from screenshots, too!

Just look at this guy! He's got a great body, and that pose is just smokin'! The facial expression is almost feminine in a sense, adding to that feeling. It's a great example of this kind of thing being equal opportunity, given it comes from Disney.

November 26 2017

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I encountered this essay that explains so much of what we see going through in our country, especially given girls have been treated like objects by politicians on both the left and right, as well as many in the entertainment industry like John Lasseter and Chris Savino. As such, bonus picture!
I know I technically should have a title, but I don't have a picture to illustrate this, and I don't remember if the last time I did something like this I had one, so have a nice entry of Mature Musings with mostly text.

I recently ended up seeing a trailer for another video game turned into a movie. And this one is in live-action, making it even less worthy of adaptation. We're talking about Rampage, a game that basically had the objective of "you're a giant monster, smash everything, eat stuff." It was very memorable, but for some reason, all the boys crowded around the Player 2 side.

There's a reason for that, though. Player 2 controlled Lizzie, a giant reptile that was like Godzilla. All the monsters in this game were, in fact, humans turned into these creatures, and when your health hit zero, they detransformed back into a human. A naked human. One who covers their privates with their arms and scuttles away. Lizzie, of course, was the girl, so she ended up being very popular.

The movie, I guarantee, might not have a scene like that. At least, not due to the original intent. See, all the monsters have been changed from transformed humans into giant versions of the animal in question, with George a transformed gorilla, Ralph a massive wolf, and Lizzie a giant crocodile. Since they will of course not revert back into anything other than an ordinary-size animal, this is either an act of Hollywood thinking they know better than "some stupid game designer", or an act of cowardice to get rid of the naked girl.

Oh, but I know Hollywood. Hollywood movies like these tend to have brief hints at existing material without actually honoring it, like the Finster, Squatt and Baboo toys in the Power Rangers movie when they don't appear, and Superman being referred to by that name exactly once before that name is called ridiculous, or Wolverine being chided for wanting yellow spandex instead of boring black leather. So of course there's going to be a nude woman covering in there, but it will not be for comedy like the original game; of course it's going to be played for sexiness, because the female body is, according to Hollywood, "inherently sexual" and can only be used to entice people who are not gamers to watch the movie just for the possibilty of getting whacked to it.

So, you've basically taken two problems Hollywood suffers from and combined them into a tragedy of global proportions. Needless to say, Hollywood will not get any of my money.
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This is a little bit of a mature picture, but I don't feel it's out of line since it's more of an artistic picture. Even if the full anatomy is shown, it doesn't necessarily need to be a sexual picture. The human body is beautiful in all regards, and stuff like this proves it well.

November 24 2017

Ask ArcRoyale #7

Someone else had a burning question for me, so he decided to Ask ArcRoyale! I love answering a lot of these questions; getting close to 10!

Today's question comes from a friend of mine who writes "Dear ArcRoyale: When did you get started on your crusade?" That's an excellent question, so I'll try to explain as I can.

I was a wee little baby when I was born in 1993. By that time, the country was saying goodbye to George Bush the 1st, and hello to Bill Clinton. Clinton, to me, seemed to be a guy you'd want to hang out with, and had a good relation with the media, so a lot of movies and TV, even kids stuff, was getting daring!

When 1997 rolled around, I was five years old, and Y2K didn't strike for me when I was seven. I'd say I felt my first understanding of the world around me at seven, maybe eight. I grew up on the media of the time, including lots of 90's era animated movies, an anime boom, and Cartoon Network.

What does that mean? A lot of things. See, my brain develops a little differently from other people, and is somewhat of an analytical beast. But at the same time, as a child I had difficulty distinguishing certain elements. I didn't have sexual education until I was I think 10 or 11, so I just assumed body development was similar with slight differences. 'Cuz of that, I had trouble understanding why, say, Satsuki and Mei or the PPGs could be shown in the bath just fine, but Dee Dee's shower was more censored than Dex's.

Not too long after sexual education comes the curiousity phase, and shortly after that, I got my first-hand exposure towards "Nano of the North", followed up by Seiryuga's popular Nano Dance gifs. At the same time, I was just the right age to have "Natural Born Kissers" as part of my regular rotation. I didn't even see sexuality in that one scene from the Season 15 "Treehouse of Horror" that I'm sure those who've seen it know what I'm talking 'bout.

Sadly, I was the only one who didn't. DeviantArt conducted a massive ban of young girls right when I was 14 or 15 or so, not good for one who's mentally stunted and curious about the world. Of course, I'd say most of what I learned about the world and what made me what I was came from trial by fire, and exposure to more media helped me recognize patterns.

And the pattern I saw was clear: If a female is used for nude scenes, it's usually sexual. If the nudity can't be sexual, it usually doesn't exist.

I didn't start true development until I got acquainted with a secret society just three years ago, which would be at 21 years old, right after I had noticed good material was hard to find and had talked to several psychologists about it. To my surprise, I wasn't crazy, and the website had a full gallery of citations: the website covered nudity in animation, and didn't discriminate in purpose and who had it. As a result, I got to see quite a bit of material from various locations, and met people who thought much the same way as me.

On a whim, I decided to thank them by commissioning a piece of art for them, the Bart and Lisa in "Natural Born Kissers" pic. Since I enjoyed it, and it got good response as this group loves role-reversals, I kept doing it for their sake. Later on, a contact of mine suggested I open up a Tumblr page. While I initially intended it to simply show off artwork I liked and pics I did, it eventually expanded to a big weekly thing in roughly the second day I posted to it. As a result, I realized I could do something for justice's sake, and use the pictures to help illustrate key concepts. It even led to the creation of a comic series involving an original character of my friend Darkton93 to help illustrate the point.

So that's how it happened! Have a good Black Friday! I'll be sitting at my computer regretting the fact that my artists don't do sales then or Cyber Monday...
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It's a surreal feeling updating so soon after the last one. That's what I get for being lazy...

Anyway, even if Blossom can't quite get the joke, I sure can! It's a great example of overreaction: skirt gets flipped over, so somehow that warrants outfit being destroyed? Her reaction to this whole thing makes for a really humorous picture, and I think the artist, who happens to be my comic artist Xierra099 does the job well. Also, Darkton93 provided the colors you see here, so go thank him, too.
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As we do nowadays, it's time to put some art forward and ask the question of What Would It Look Like?

I know Numbuh 3 had her time in the show, but later episodes ended up showing more of certain characters, most notably Numbuh 1. So I requested another pic of her for a later project of mine. Incidentally, this is the first time I asked for a pic from someone of a KND character! Good to feature lesser-known stuff.
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I couldn't find an anime girl that fit today, so I'll just say "Happy Thanksgiving!"

This pic is good because it demonstrates the difference between a sexual picture and a humorous picture. The left side is a girl who is obviously trying to be sexy, doing a shirt lift. The right side is what that girl would be like in reality, doing a cover of her nudity. I usually say consent is everything, but kids should be discouraged from being seen as sex objects, so the right pic is a good example of a way to discourage it. At least, I hope...
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