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Pedos Okay, Lolis Not?

The psychology of the average "Elite Leftist" as I call them is complex, yet at the same time simple to understand. It's a philosophy that serves under the motto "It's all about ME!", and will do anything to bend the world around them while at the same time making others feel bad for using real-world logic that's lasted for decades of human society. At the same time, the wave of courtesy doesn't follow to others, and they will attack others for crimes they themselves commit, absolving themselves of responsibility.

Due to the relationship between the Elite Leftist and their followers, whom I refer to with the name "Leftist Follower", it is very easy to draw parallels with Orwellian fiction, especially that of his classic 1984, with a media that will alter facts, but the public will go along with the story even as it changes. We have always been at war with Eurasia, after all. Or was that Eastasia? The answer is... probably neither, or at least not to the degree that this dystopia is at war with itself.

To properly understand Elite Leftist psychology, you will need to unwrap as many layers as possible, and the best way to do that is to ignore their words. Actions speak louder than words in this case, and their actions show a desire for complete dominance of all aspects of life. One need only look at the behaviors of tech giants to see the sheer power they hold, and how they will not extend the courtesy they give their children to the public; they are but sheep to them, perhaps less than human. In their eyes, an ant has no quarrel with a boot, and we the people are all ants.

Of course, that's not what you come to this blog for, right? You come here for lil'uns. So let me explain how this relates to the topic I usually strive for, cuz let me tell ya... I only just now realize how many layers of the onion I've peeled.

There's a common joke that what's often referred to as LGBTQ+ is slowly becoming a password no hacker could crack. Well, the latest addition to that password may, in fact, be a "P", as in "pedophile." Sounds like a rough statement to make, huh? Well, in numerous articles, pedophilia is talked about as if it should be normalized, like they're no different from us ordinary humans. They just happen to like to have sex with children. In an earlier decade, this would be called rape, because it was.

Despite all this, in all my viewings on DeviantArt, loli art barely survives, alongside loli websites being taken down outright. But I thought pedophilia was normal? 10 year olds can make good drag queens, right? Whatever goes on, I usually hear two sides of the coin; one for ethical concerns, one for legal concerns. Maybe I'm misunderstanding some nation-wide rule here, but ethical concerns seem to tie in to basic psychology, the kind we've been told to supress. After so long a time being told to be wary of pedophiles, it's only natural lolis of your favorite characters would be considered gross. The shoe ends up on the other foot, and the other shoe drops.

But even when pedophilia is normalized (and somebody PLEASE help me when that comes to pass, as I hope it never does), I don't think that'll end the loli bans either. Just recently I was talking to some of the blog's staff about Net Neutrality, and how these big tech shutdowns of dissenters seem to coincide with the dissolution of said policy. The major hurdle for those against NN was the possibility of copyright infringement for petty reasons, and... that seems to be the case here. The "pedophiles will like it" argument seems to be part of the Doublethink scapegoat that serves as an excuse to get rid of it. Note the constant survival of loli art of original characters, it's all about copyright.

So if it sounds like loli is being banned less on ethical concerns and more on copyright dominance, I should clarify: that's exactly what it is.

Once again, I must stress this because it is important: I do not fantasize about children sexually. I have no desire to use children as sexual objects. But that mercy of mine is most likely not shared with the pedophiles given a larger platform. The only problem is... they're the elite. You're just animals to them. And some animals are more equal than others.

CORRECTION: The article erroneously implied LGBTQ+ individuals were okay with pedophiles being added to their ranks. This is incorrect.
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