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This time, the only thing that's changed for our look into role reversals is the time the work was produced.

I'm going to lay it down on you; I can't stand Aggrestusko. I've tried twice to give the series as chance, but both times it's left me... infuriated, to say it lightly.

My main problem is in the portrayal of its main antagonist, Ton. Ton is a chauvinist, who demeans women all the time except to use as objects. Normally that wouldn't be the problem... except the series treats ALL men like this, all caricatures. The women? Mostly perfect.

And what's funny about this is that these same "evil men" viewpoints... were the POV of a VILLAIN just one decade ago. The Powerpuff Girls had a villain that proved feminism was not the same as misandry. Clad in female logos head to toe and obsessed with claiming Susan B. Anthony coins instead of Ben Franklin bills, this woman basically takes the viewpoints espoused by these men that women are awful, and turns it on its head. And keep in mind, PPG did a message on not to underestimate women in its own way with another episode, "Members Only", and that was also home to a bunch of gay jokes. Equal opportunity is good, is all I'm saying.

What's weird is that the goal of these two characters is the same. Men = bad, women = good. The difference is that in the 2000's, these views were espoused by the villain, while not forgetting the other side of the coin exists. Today, the girls are all perfect, and the guys are all trash. In other words, the viewpoints of a series that said that extremes are bad in either direction, from an episode written by an actual feminist, who created the girls' show everyone likes... are now having its villains being echoed by its heroes.

Then again, people tend to quote the PPG villain out of context to say she was right, so maybe there's the problem...
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