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Welcome to the first installment of our new direction! I just couldn't help myself; this isn't gonna always be a point-and-laugh show, but... this is so egregious I can't help but point it out. And laugh at it!

So I recently found that a statue of a mysterious "Rebel Terminator" is being made. Which tickles me because... there already IS a Rebel Terminator! It's Ahnold! In the majority of the movies! Honestly, the idea of a Rogue Terminator was fascinating in T2, but now it just makes Skynet look bad that all their machines keep turning against them!

But hey, if this was just a genderswapped Ahnold, I'd be fine with it. But aside from this design being too 2018 for its own good, let's take a look at the writeup for this thing. First off, I referred to Ahnold as a "Rogue Terminator" because of things like Attack on Titan, where you have the "Rogue Titan," or recently Pacific Rim Uprising with its "Rogue Jager." So what makes this one specifically designed to be a "rebel" instead of "rogue?" It's all on her gender; she's rebelling not just against Skynet, but the eeeeevil partiarchy! And I say it's against the patriarchy because of calling Skynet "oppressive". And what is the Social Justice Warrior's catchphrase if not "Help, I'm being oppressed!"

But the worst part about it is that she seems to have been turned on her own. So liberated is she by her human spirit that she somehow overcame her programming for... some reason. Never explained, because the logic behind having the males have to be reprogrammed and her just... well, magically being a good guy despite being a cold, unfeeling machine, of which others like her exist like the T-X and the Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminators, seems to be "QUIET! And there's a fresh one if you mouth off again."

Granted, I wouldn't object to a female Terminator being in the Ahnold type role. Cameron showed that it could work out well. It'd be even better if it was a female T-800 so she could have muscles. But all these modifiers make her too perfect, make her into a less interesting character, all because apparently women need to be coddled because they're "too fragile to have flaws." If that isn't condescending, I don't know what is.

But hey, maybe she's the reason why Skynet doesn't let Terminators learn on their own. And that it makes the T2 Terminator a victim of what is basically brainwashing is just hilarious.

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