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Arc Essays: I Identify as "Tomboy"

So, I've been hearing a lot of stories about elementary and middle-school students being told that because they like (insert other gender activity than their birth gender), then they were transgender and needed reassignment surgery.

R-really? That's what you're going for, you're gonna double down on that?


I like My Little Pony, and not just the one the boys like. I like Powerpuff Girls, and I'm a big fan of many Pink Rangers. Does that mean... I'm a girl? Cuz I'm not.

My mother likes crime dramas, and has a favorite Battletech Mech, the most destructive out of all of them. She loves superhero movies for the action and not the hot guys. Does that mean... she's my father? Cuz she's not.

Look, I've got an abnormal brain, I (claim to) know a bit about psychology. And that's led me to the theory that, since there is a male brain and a female brain, and the brains are wired differently, if someone like me can end up with unusual brain chemistry it's not a stretch that a female brain can end up trapped in a male body and vice versa. Because that IS how the actual transgender people feel: trapped and like their body is not their own. When Jack Black's character in Jumanji is surprised that he's a middle-aged man, it's not just because she's a teenage girl; it's because her brain and her body are now completely criss-crossed, to the point where she doesn't even KNOW how she's supposed to go to the bathroom.

And I went through that phase, too, where I rejected girly things because I didn't want to become a girl. I was also, and this is kind of important... seven when I did that.

The fact is, whether one likes horses or one likes firetrucks or whatever have you is nature being interfered by nurture. Elementary school teachers tell toddlers "You don't want that doll, Billy, it's too girly, have a car!" and then later on in life they say "Well, if a girl likes a boy thing, she's not really a girl!" We logicians have a word for that: "No True Scotsman." It's the fallacy where a Scotsman is defined as "not Scottish", despite him being born, raised, and currently living in Scotland... all because he dislikes bagpipes.

I think people need to watch more Monty Python sketches... otherwise our world might BECOME a Monty Python sketch.
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