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Man, I'm finding a lot of new things this week! Surprisingly solid! With this, we're reminded once again that Yes, It Can Be Done!

Today's moment comes from the Miraculous Adventures comic, specifically Issue #3. That's based off a series that's fairly recent called Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat-Noir, which also happens to be a kids series. Sadly, I don't know all the details.

This is a moment I just love. In a previous issue, Ladybug's clothes were stolen, so when she detransforms she ends up nude and has to hide. Technically speaking, this is actually a continuity error since she was wearing a swimsuit in the issue they were stolen. Still, this is great for the fact that they bother to have this kind of thing in a kids' comic with no problems.

Oh, and get this: this was written by the French team, but the comic producers say it's okay because, and this is a very important "because": "No nudity is shown". See, THIS is what I'm talking about with regards to what's acceptable. Since the privates are totally hidden, this content is okay. Nudity doesn't HAVE to be sexual, and it's great that they preserved the writer's vision.

So when people say this kind of stuff is taboo, well, it isn't!

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