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July 17 2018

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The Current Year is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you another example of blatant sexism... against men.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is quite possibly one of the manliest-named shows ever, and its protagonist is one of the manliest ever. His name is "He" and "Man" put together in one. He has bulging muscles and the outfit to show them off. He's so confident in his manhood, his prince outfit is pink and he still looks like a hunk. He's so much of a man, he's been joked about as being gay, just because he is so completely defined by "manhood". He's like the anti-Barbie, and people have made joke about it, too!

Naturally, toy companies wanted girls to be part of the market, too, so the same company behind He-Man also developed She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It's basically a gender-swapped version of He-Man, down to every last detail. And, for what it was, it was good from a sociology directive. He-Man wears a skimpy outfit. So does She-Ra. He man uses a sword to fight. So does She-Ra. It's a perfect counterpoint in all regards, no problems, right?

Well... Netflix, the people behind such tolerant series as "Dear White People..." have agreed to fund a new show in the Masters of the Universe franchise. The kicker? It's a GRRL POWAH show starring She-Ra. And if you note the costume, it is completely devoid of sexy traits, and has a totally flat chest. After all, breasts are scary to women! Of course, by this logic, He-Man would be wearing a suit of armor that covers up us ripped, bulging abs, and should look like only like a man that consumes over twice his weight in soy products.

I joke, of course. A new He-Man series would never be made in The Current Year. For you see, the mere presence of men is damaging to women these days unless they serve basically as slaves, ER I MEAN guys to service women or villains of the eeeeeevil patriarchy! After all, if we're going for revenge, the only solution to a patriarchy is a matriarchy, right? But then, notice it's only men who are the problem. Masculine traits are worshiped in this society, and feminine traits are to be looked down upon and scorned. After all, it's only okay for a girl to be a man... and for a man to be a corpse.

The fact that the 1980's understood what the gender-reversal of He-Man would be like perfectly while the current era struggles is just sad. Even worse is that it came from a cynical attempt to sell toys, not that this new show is. Say hello to He-Ra!

June 22 2018

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It's funny. I don't like talking about the new series of The Powerpuff Girls. I feel like it should best be ignored and forgotten. But then it went and pushed my personal button. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world where everyone says "No Girls Allowed!"

In case you've been living under a rock, and please tell me where I can find it so we can be roommates, the PPG reboot seems to attract controversy like a supermagnet. And what makes it all the worse is its seeming double standards despite it being a "feminist" story, when it doesn't even fall into the modern definition of feminism.

After all, Ms. Bellum was removed because the producers thought she didn't "mesh well with the image they were trying to create". This, combined with the flattening of Miss Keane's chest tells me that the producers didn't see Bellum for her brain, that which makes part of her name, how she runs Townsville basically on her own, how she's a positive role model for the Girls. They only saw her for her body, exactly the kind of sexism women face on a daily basis for being seen not for their skills, but their bodies. Or maybe they just didn't like seeing a woman be strong, since the primary focus is given to the masculine Powerpuff Girl, and plenty of time the strong superheroes need to be saved by a man.

Then they went and did an episode on transgenderism... and hit all the wrong buttons on the list, including portraying the person having his body changed as literally turning into a monster because something "went wrong". Oh, and the unicorn had a horn the entire time. After all the sheer backlash from the trans community, they backtracked and said "it wasn't really a transgenderism episode!" when, of course, it was.

But what I'm here to talk about is their sexualization of children, since, of course, sexualizing children is awful and shameful under any circumstance. For instance, twice in episodes involving Allegro, the girls end up twerking, a sexual dance in all senses. Need I remind you the Girls are not even teenagers. They even dressed them up with adult clothing and with heavy makeup. But the crown jewel of all of their apparent pedophilia is when one of the writers had the gall to self-insert their own character as Blossom's love interest, a kindergartner, need I remind you. They were practically roasted on the internet by all sides, and justifiably so; this is quite blatant pedophilia and everyone knows it.

But then... but then they had to go and censor a bath scene in the episode "Toy Ploy." Out of all the mines they decided not to step on in that minefield they gleefully aimed for almost each explosive... they picked the one which the original series had no problem with. The one that was of no issue to anyone. And the wort part is? Even as I was removing the bathing suits, the soap bubbles still censor everything objectionable. The bathing suits were not necessary at all.

The only thing worse than a hypocrite... is a cowardly hypocrite.

As of now, the Reboot is floundering. The Powerpuff Girls is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and good things are happening. The original show is coming to Boomerang, and Ace is being made a member of the latest Gorillaz album, with WB's blessing. Years from now, the Reboot will simply be forgotten, while the original show will be remembered for years to come.

May the next reboot be a lot better than this.

May 20 2018

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This time, the only thing that's changed for our look into role reversals is the time the work was produced.

I'm going to lay it down on you; I can't stand Aggrestusko. I've tried twice to give the series as chance, but both times it's left me... infuriated, to say it lightly.

My main problem is in the portrayal of its main antagonist, Ton. Ton is a chauvinist, who demeans women all the time except to use as objects. Normally that wouldn't be the problem... except the series treats ALL men like this, all caricatures. The women? Mostly perfect.

And what's funny about this is that these same "evil men" viewpoints... were the POV of a VILLAIN just one decade ago. The Powerpuff Girls had a villain that proved feminism was not the same as misandry. Clad in female logos head to toe and obsessed with claiming Susan B. Anthony coins instead of Ben Franklin bills, this woman basically takes the viewpoints espoused by these men that women are awful, and turns it on its head. And keep in mind, PPG did a message on not to underestimate women in its own way with another episode, "Members Only", and that was also home to a bunch of gay jokes. Equal opportunity is good, is all I'm saying.

What's weird is that the goal of these two characters is the same. Men = bad, women = good. The difference is that in the 2000's, these views were espoused by the villain, while not forgetting the other side of the coin exists. Today, the girls are all perfect, and the guys are all trash. In other words, the viewpoints of a series that said that extremes are bad in either direction, from an episode written by an actual feminist, who created the girls' show everyone likes... are now having its villains being echoed by its heroes.

Then again, people tend to quote the PPG villain out of context to say she was right, so maybe there's the problem...
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April 18 2018

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Welcome to the first installment of our new direction! I just couldn't help myself; this isn't gonna always be a point-and-laugh show, but... this is so egregious I can't help but point it out. And laugh at it!

So I recently found that a statue of a mysterious "Rebel Terminator" is being made. Which tickles me because... there already IS a Rebel Terminator! It's Ahnold! In the majority of the movies! Honestly, the idea of a Rogue Terminator was fascinating in T2, but now it just makes Skynet look bad that all their machines keep turning against them!

But hey, if this was just a genderswapped Ahnold, I'd be fine with it. But aside from this design being too 2018 for its own good, let's take a look at the writeup for this thing. First off, I referred to Ahnold as a "Rogue Terminator" because of things like Attack on Titan, where you have the "Rogue Titan," or recently Pacific Rim Uprising with its "Rogue Jager." So what makes this one specifically designed to be a "rebel" instead of "rogue?" It's all on her gender; she's rebelling not just against Skynet, but the eeeeevil partiarchy! And I say it's against the patriarchy because of calling Skynet "oppressive". And what is the Social Justice Warrior's catchphrase if not "Help, I'm being oppressed!"

But the worst part about it is that she seems to have been turned on her own. So liberated is she by her human spirit that she somehow overcame her programming for... some reason. Never explained, because the logic behind having the males have to be reprogrammed and her just... well, magically being a good guy despite being a cold, unfeeling machine, of which others like her exist like the T-X and the Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminators, seems to be "QUIET! And there's a fresh one if you mouth off again."

Granted, I wouldn't object to a female Terminator being in the Ahnold type role. Cameron showed that it could work out well. It'd be even better if it was a female T-800 so she could have muscles. But all these modifiers make her too perfect, make her into a less interesting character, all because apparently women need to be coddled because they're "too fragile to have flaws." If that isn't condescending, I don't know what is.

But hey, maybe she's the reason why Skynet doesn't let Terminators learn on their own. And that it makes the T2 Terminator a victim of what is basically brainwashing is just hilarious.

April 13 2018

The New Direction!

When I first started this blog, I wasn't exactly sure why I was doing it. Regardless of which, I first opened this blog some time in 2016 on Tumblr. At the time, Barack Obama was in his final year as president, and America's culture was beginning to shift in the direction it would eventually head towards the following year; what is basically an act of revenge.

It is now 2018, albeit very early on in it. And now we're being told it's not okay to be white, and that all men are rapists. The frustrating thing is, well, we've been headed in this direction for some time now, you only need notice the cracks. But as seen by some of the stuff I've shared, we've been emasculating men for some time now, all for the sake of humor at their expense.

At the same time, though, we haven't been treating women well, either. Regardless of how men are treated, the Male Gaze is still in effect, as seen in works like Jupiter Ascending and countless others. So really, no side is getting off really well in this environment of The Current Year (TM).

So we're going to be handling things much differently than we used to. We've seen pages like The Hawkeye  Initiative counter the problem of sexism against women, and now let's take a look at the problem in the opposite direction. Starting now, we're going to be doing a few changes to show how gender roles are enforced in society by force, and how those roles fuel a distaste of men.

That means we're going to start becoming unscripted. That also means I'll be posting something when I find the best example of how to do it. Also, if you follow me for the pics, we'll be doing "art appreciation" posts whenever showcasing the good stuff.

As times change, so too must this blog. We hope you find the experience eye-opening!
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We're going to be finalizing our new direction for the blog very soon. In the meantime, I'd like to take a moment for an unscheduled role reversal. I post this to show that humiliation is humiliation, and if it only becomes obvious when it's happening to a girl, we've got a problem with how we treat guys.

April 01 2018

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It's that day again, April Fools day! And this time I have a role reversal of a girl's scene! It's not exact, unfortunately, but I do what I can with all of my artists up and vanishing for some reason...
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So... just to show I'm not dead, have some cute boys. Since last pic was anime, this time we're doing toon. I'm not doing a pic of a sexy girl because that's not what this blog is for.

March 23 2018

Arc Essays: I Identify as "Tomboy"

So, I've been hearing a lot of stories about elementary and middle-school students being told that because they like (insert other gender activity than their birth gender), then they were transgender and needed reassignment surgery.

R-really? That's what you're going for, you're gonna double down on that?


I like My Little Pony, and not just the one the boys like. I like Powerpuff Girls, and I'm a big fan of many Pink Rangers. Does that mean... I'm a girl? Cuz I'm not.

My mother likes crime dramas, and has a favorite Battletech Mech, the most destructive out of all of them. She loves superhero movies for the action and not the hot guys. Does that mean... she's my father? Cuz she's not.

Look, I've got an abnormal brain, I (claim to) know a bit about psychology. And that's led me to the theory that, since there is a male brain and a female brain, and the brains are wired differently, if someone like me can end up with unusual brain chemistry it's not a stretch that a female brain can end up trapped in a male body and vice versa. Because that IS how the actual transgender people feel: trapped and like their body is not their own. When Jack Black's character in Jumanji is surprised that he's a middle-aged man, it's not just because she's a teenage girl; it's because her brain and her body are now completely criss-crossed, to the point where she doesn't even KNOW how she's supposed to go to the bathroom.

And I went through that phase, too, where I rejected girly things because I didn't want to become a girl. I was also, and this is kind of important... seven when I did that.

The fact is, whether one likes horses or one likes firetrucks or whatever have you is nature being interfered by nurture. Elementary school teachers tell toddlers "You don't want that doll, Billy, it's too girly, have a car!" and then later on in life they say "Well, if a girl likes a boy thing, she's not really a girl!" We logicians have a word for that: "No True Scotsman." It's the fallacy where a Scotsman is defined as "not Scottish", despite him being born, raised, and currently living in Scotland... all because he dislikes bagpipes.

I think people need to watch more Monty Python sketches... otherwise our world might BECOME a Monty Python sketch.
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March 06 2018

New Direction?

So, I've been trying to think about how I want to work with this blog. I'm worried it might be something of dead weight.

Fortunately, I think I've found my niche. The downside to this will be losing a lot of the original objective, but if that's what I need to keep this afloat, so be it.

I'm going to start taking sociology a bit more seriously starting now, hopefully in a push for equity for everyone. Not everything I say will be accepted immediately, but they are very much things I need to say.

So here's hoping we can see some big changes!
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January 29 2018


Another productive week come to a close, and just in time for it to be a month! As such, here are some final thoughts for you guys.

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue doing that thing I do. Every day I go on my Facebook or Twitter, I tend to see a story about how someone said Them, Too about a guy... keep in mind all we have is their word. I'm sure the possibility that women, as humans, also lie never crossed their minds when the justice system goes Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Because of that, I'm worried something like that, despite noblest intentions of mine, is gonna happen to me, too. Granted, I'm pretty low profile, but hey, living in the state I live on a college campus, I'm in double jeopardy. I might just stop commissioning things if I find myself in a position where I could get arrested.

Now, this is not my final answer. I just need some time to think this over. My birthday's coming up soon, I might have an answer by then. I'll let you know how things go.

See you then!
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And since I missed Sunday, too, here's the pic for that.

In my Supply Raids, as I call them, I often see pictures of girls with condoms in low amounts of clothing. So here's the exact opposite of that, with a guy holding his own "protection". After all, "the exact opposite" is what I'm all about!
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This came as a surprise to me, since it was directed to me by a friend. Time for some Mature Musings!

This one comes from The Amazing World of Gumball, specifically the episode "The Rerun". The context is that the Watterson parents got turned into babies by the effects of the weirdness of the day. When time was reset, there's a brief frame of the parents in their underwear... only with Nicole missing something up top.

It amazes me that this got in on current era Cartoon Network. This is usually the kind of gag you'd see in adult cartoons, and yet it's done in a show for children. This is very good; it shows that things are getting into a position where this kind of gag can happen with females, too, which is all too fine by me.
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A very silly picture, this one. It's a nice, clean joke about Leni being less than bright. In particular, getting to see her reaction is good here because it can lead to a comedic scene with the soap getting in all the wrong places. This is one bathroom gag I have no problems with.

UPDATE: Darkton93 provided a colorized version of this pic! Thanks, Darkton!

January 26 2018

Ask ArcRoyale #8

Another day, another time someone decided to Ask ArcRoyale!

Today's question goes something like:
Dear ArcRoyale:
Is there any kind of material you won't publish on this blog? You know, that fits with the theme.

Of course there is! I'll explain thusly:

First off, I will not feature media from countries that, for the most part, have the problem fixed. That means I most likely will not feature anything from, say, French media, unless it was exported to the US in a high-profile way. The reason for this is, well, those countries are already "liberated" so there's no reason to feature them on a blog that talks about how liberation is a main objective. Funny thing, the artists behind Wakfu deliberately drew the missing details in a scene intended to be censored, and that, as a French cartoon, proves my point.

Another thing I will not feature are series designed to cater to pedophiles. These series, commonly known as "loli series", go outside our objective for an obvious reason: This blog is about how the female form should not be seen as "inherently sexual". As a result, anything that is quite sexual should not be glorified as a triumph, but as an example of a far worse strain of the virus infecting our culture.

And, of course, no matter how cute they are, I will not feature males unless it is to sexualize them in the same way women are, with emphasis on the same way part. That is, I'm not gonna feature something on our Sunday show that's intended to arouse gay men specifically, although it certainly can. The situation is closer to She-Hulk being a muscular brute and the male counterpart being an Adonis in swim trunks.

Also, certain artists have been blacklisted because I do not have their permission to post my work. Furthermore, certain series have been blocked from my shows where I require Krizart's work because he does not want to draw them in that way.

So that's what I won't do. Please do not ask for those as you will not receive them.
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I keep thinking I've submitted this, but I'm only now doing so! Anyway, what works about this pic is the sense of panic to the whole thing. The "naked at school" situation is often a great source of humor, and this one works great because of her reaction to being caught. Sorry, foooouuuund you!

How Do We Do It? #7

For the first time in a long time, it's time to ask that boiling question of How Do We Do It?

Today we're looking at Teen Titans, both the original and the new Teen Titans GO! to see how they can both use comedic female nudity to their advantage. We're only looking at the girls this time since the boys rarely have it happen to them.

Raven's a snarky girl, a moody teenager in both of her appearances. In GO! she serves as the straight man with a silly streak. Anything involving her would involve her being very angry over being caught in an inconvenient moment.

Star is just the opposite. She's the kind of girl who doesn't care at all, and this has been proven in the comics. The gag here is obvious; her not caring leads to flustering by the cast. GO! could even take this to its logical conclusion by having Starfire fight without an outfit and be censored by everything in the way, making the objects more humorous along the way, like a pair of watermelons and a cat... on different places than you'd expect.

Short entry, but my compy is malfunctioning. Hopefully I can get it to work right soon.
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Another deleted picture. I want to preserve these as much as possible, so I'm posting this here so it stays somewhere.

January 24 2018

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Someone was kind enough to direct this to me! It's another example of many that Yes, It Can Be Done!

Our example is another Simpsons picture, that comes from the comic "Wall or Nothing", which is something of an earlier version of "A Tale of Two Springfields," only with a lot less Homer acting like a jerk. The important thing is that everyone gets covered in mud, and washes it off by skinny dipping, and in the background, you can see Homer, Marge, and Lisa.

This one got by with little to no problems. It didn't take a squabble to get it done. It didn't have to excessively hide Lisa like they did a few issues earlier. Any time this kind of thing happens to Lisa is impressive because cowardice usually takes hold, and that it didn't this time is wonderful. I mean, it happened to everyone, so we shouldn't be discriminating, right?
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Sometimes shyness can be very cute, especially with regards to certain children. Really, it's all in the face and body posture, which can be used to enhance a picture. This one is a clear example of such, using both elements to make for an adorable picture.
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