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June 24 2017

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Since I missed our Sunday sexiness, let's get it down today!

This pic of Homer here is totally the kind of thing you'd see in a men's magazine pinup, only done with Homer of all people. Note the chest he's covering even has cleavage, which shows a real dedication to the whole "this is what a female pinup would look like with a guy instead" angle.
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This is one of my favorite Lucky Star pictures. It's a nice, fun homage to Psycho's shower scene with just a bit of cute fanservice. What helps make this more cute than sexy is that Miyuki here has such rounded proportions that make her seem soft and cuddly, especially the face.
Well, it's the end of the month, so I should probably finish up this week and start a new picture run next week. I did say this was an "Updated Monthly" thing, after all.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus.
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May 26 2017

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I just recently replaced some of the pics I had to resize with larger versions. Enjoy!

Today's pic ain't much. It's a manga-esque pony comic that features the Cutie Mark Crusaders as humans in a world of Ponies. They were kinda poofed that way, so they started out without clothes; hey, if that kinda gag can work for boys, I don't see why it'd be a problem for girls!
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I love this pic. It's the pinnacle of adorable fanart with these two characters. It shows a very loving scenario with the two as the girl Chihiro here thanks the dragon of the river for bringing her to safety. He even supplied her lost outfit, too, since he's just a nice guy. Then again, you'd have to be pretty messed up to not do that. Also, it's a good thing the dragon has a human form, too, or this'd be really awkward, and don't ask me how I know that.
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Geez, at this rate I'm gonna be updating two entries per day... College is hard!

Anyway, have another Billy and Mandy Adam and Eve pic! Love the way the eyes just point at the obvious differences. At some point, that particular difference is gonna be made clear anyway, so I feel it's fine to make jokes about it since it's just biology. Of course, certain things are also biology, but then...

May 23 2017

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Most of the time the deer-in-headlights look comes from the girl themselves when they get caught in the nude. However, with this little scamp here, she outright comes to the door like that, after presumably stepping right out of the bath, and it's the pizza boy who has that expression. Let's face it, if you were put in this same situation, you'd probably have the same face. I just hope that pizza hasn't gotten cold.
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Why am I always late...

Don't know why I like this pic so much. Something about it seems very cute. Maybe it's Dee Dee's expression, or the way she's drawn. Either way, on-model stuff is the best.

May 18 2017



Hello, fellow followers! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I have some good news for you all.

First of all, our month's week of examples will be the next week. Look forward to some fun pics!

But let's be honest, you saw that big text and figured "Hey, we're gonna have a proper update?" Well, yes indeed! Remember how No Girls Allowed! did us in and caused the hiatus? Well, I just discovered a moment that can apply to that show, so feel free to expect it within the nearest update interval.

So when's that gonna be? Well, currently our designated editor Krizeii is working on another remake pic, but that one's for a pic I haven't featured on the blog... I think. When that pic's done, I will work on the second half of that pic, and then... we work our magic! Bonus points for his current transaction being a Role Reversal, so I can cover Monday, too! As for Wednesday, I've still got some stuff I can use there. Thursday and Friday may be a little harder, but I'm sure I can manage. I've got a Mature Musings entry, too.

So expect something to come up in the future. Can't say when since Krizeii doesn't seem to keep a good schedule, so don't expect it too soon. Still, look forward to my (one week long) return!

See ya then!
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April 24 2017



With our week having ended at last, I leave you with some very crushing final thoughts.

The day of reckoning is at hand. I have run out of material for the weekly shows. The entry that shut me down was No Girls Allowed!; I don't have any pictures that reduce censorship of a female character's scene, and the ones with adults go into Mature Musings instead, as you'll have noticed from the eclectic nature of that show.

Of course, to a certain extent, I wonder if a blog like this is even needed in this day and age. Just last night, Samurai Jack did a scene involving a nude little girl that not only didn't sexualize her despite being on [adult swim], but was used in a context-appropriate setting and pulled no punches in the message it gave. It incorporated the girl's nudity into character development, and didn't delve into cowardice at all.

If it were just that one moment, I'd've shrugged it off as something slipping through the cracks. But between that scene and the Lynn scene in Loud House, I've come to realize that we're living in a different society than when we began, than when I first started two years ago. It seems at long last people are starting to get the idea; the next logical step would be for internet forums to stop making a big deal out of it when it happens to a young'n. I predict good things in our future; we're finally progressing to a better world.

Of course, I'm not completely throwing in the towel. While I'm cutting off the flow of images to a once-per-month basis starting next month, I'm doing so so that when we do have enough material to sustain a full week, we can do so with our stream of examples like the old days. We'll also definitely be doing some special weeks with some comics and stuff.

So in conclusion, this isn't goodbye. When I'm ready, I'll be there. Until then, see you on Inkbunny!
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Our big announcement is just around the corner, so for now, let's savor the sexiness of the male gender.

Nothing like a good ol' shower scene to exploit women's bodies. Anime loves sexy showers, and often use them in ways to show off every sexy contour of a lady in true voyeuristic perversion. Well this time we've got an adaptation of a shower scene the male character Char Aznable took in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, courtesy of the comic book adaptation The Origin. The reason i picked this one is that it's more scandalous than the original anime, being sure to make Char look as sexy as possible. Need I remind you that good lookin' ladies aren't the only ones who can be good lookin'!

April 22 2017

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I didn't want to post this, but our upcoming situation forced my hand. It's time to talk about the ladies with some Mature Musings!

After so many years on the air, Fox new The Simpsons was a juggernaut, and seemed to be the only animated success on the channel. So the idea to create new animated shows for the network was simply to copy it, and this is how Mike Judge created the topic for today, King of the Hill. The big thing to separate the show was that it starred a family of conservative Texans, who tended to be portrayed as behind the times, but ultimately well-meaning. The big draw behind this show was that it was mostly true to life. In fact, the animation was its biggest advantage, since the numerous quotable lines could be attributed to the animation rather than being a knock against the show for being unrealistic.

Still, it did fall into some pitfalls. Most nudity was, as always, male-oriented, save a big exception in the episode "Naked Ambitions" involving the teenage Luann Platter. Still, today's example comes from the episode "Sug Night", where the main adult male Hank Hill has a dream of seeing his neighbor Nancy Gribble in the nude with a propane grill. While she is covered compared to how Hank usually is, that's okay by me since she's supposed to be alluring. Not so acceptable is later in the episode, where, in order to find out what the deal is with Hank, his wife Peggy takes him to a nude beach. And while Hank gives us a full show, Peggy has those same parts hidden by a foreground object, despite being as average as him. Need I remind you that cowardice isn't limited to just kids.

Since this came from early in my career, the edit is mine, coming from a Paint.NET drawing I did. I didn't want to post it, but at the same time feel maybe a guy who does such cute, cartoony art like Krizeii shouldn't do it, so this is probably the best to hope for (though I'll reverse that position if he proves otherwise). I studied some average-looking women to get the details on Peggy just right, and even then there's still some mild problems with it. Really, this is the best I can do, and I think I did a passable job.

On a side note, this was sent to me by a good friend of mine in a personal story of his growing up, and how this sort of thing frustrated him to no end. He and I agreed on this matter, this stuff has long-term consequences, and none of those consequences are good ones. Lack of confidence in one's body, body-shaming, feelings of inadequacy, sexism... all the results of cowardice that can't seem to see nude women as anything other than sex objects.
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I don't often get to show Dexter's Mom on this show. That's because the artists drew her in such a way that she sparked something of fetishization in the public, so most art I find of her is sexual. This art is good, though, since it takes care to make her look not too fetishy, and is mostly a humorous gag where she loses her bath towel, something we've seen many times. The soap bubbles also do a good job hiding those sensitive bits of her from view, making this picture probably the one example of Dex's mom I can post. Don't get too used to seeing her, boys!

Ask ArcRoyale #4

With little left to do for the week, and since I can't keep taking days off forever, I'm going to take the time to answer a question I get every now and then.

Today's question is: "Hey, ArcRoyale, how do I know you're doing the right thing? That is, what makes you so certain your cause is just and not just for your own benefit?"

Good question! I'll try and answer as best I can, and my answer will draw upon the last few times I answered a question or did an editorial.

The media has been recently called out for enculturating negative ideas into us, and one of the ways we see this is in how we've questioned older media. Of course, a lot of the criticism we've seen has been of the most ridiculous of things, like criticizing Mrs. Doubtfire as "transphobic" when that was never the intent. It's not like they were making something like Birth of a Nation, after all!

And yet, while we criticize older ideas as inappropriate, our audiences tend to look the other way for newer stereotypes. Both Darkton and I have criticized Straight Outta Compton for being yet another story of how black people in the ghetto have to rise up into white society, and how frequently black people have been portrayed in media as gangstas who are prone to saying a phrase I can't repeat in this blog but I'm sure you've heard before. Fifty Shades of Black provides a perfect example of how casually we do this sort of thing thinking these cartoon caricatures are acceptable ways of reaching out to the community.

The sad fact is, these days, even boys are used less and less for humorous nudity in animation. Nick doesn't use them much and Disney never did; all that leaves is CN to do the job. And so far, some of their scenes are being censored overseas, like a scene in the Steven Universe episode "Frybo" that would've flown perfectly years ago but is verbotem now. There's also the fact that FOX is cracking down on acceptable levels of nudity in their cartoons, meaning the only people who get to use them are people trying to intentionally offend.

That's not going to have a healthy effect on children. It's going to teach different things to different genders, and the result of both of those is going to be negative. For boys, it's going to teach them that a girl is only as good as her body, and that their body is a joke nobody wants to see, lowering confidence. For girls, it's going to teach them to diminish boys' suffering and see it as funny, and that their body is to be kept covered at all costs, lowering confidence. If it sounds like it diminishes the other sex and teaches them their bodies are worthless, it's only because it does.

My evidence that this kind of deprivation is having a negative effect on children growing up comes from DeviantArt. Of the many people whose mental growth has been stunted, a lot of their crayon drawing-like nude pictures include girls, because they've been continually denied them for so long. And whenever a picture of humorous nude boys shows up in their sights, they're sure to ask for a version with girls, because they absolutely need them having seen none. Their curiosity is leading them to ask the question, and so far they're not getting it.

This has more than one negative consequence, too. At some point, not being able to find it and asking what it looks like, some confused kid is gonna type into a search engine a look for what the girl looks like naked. However, that's gonna bring up a bunch of pornographic websites, possibly doing damage to them. I may have said pedophiles are born, not made, but child abuse is the sole way to make them, and seeing pornography at a young age is most certainly child abuse.

So if we don't start loosening standards, things are going to keep being stagnant. And if they haven't worked for the past several years, why are we doing nothing to change it?
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I thought it be best if we close out the week with one of my favorite pictures. These girls are just so cute and from a series that's full of cute moments, I knew I had to include them at some point. As for the pic, it's pretty funny that the girls are holding clothes in front of them when they themselves aren't wearing any. I guess they needed to inspect the laundry before putting it on!

April 21 2017


How Do We Do It? #6

After seeing so many ways that it can be done, now it's time to ask the question of How Do We Do It?

For this look, we're taking a peek at Codename: Kids Next Door, and for this one we have a special guest commentator! My boss, Leonardo McDowell aka Darkton has been writing fanfics for the show for years, to the point where he made a dedicated timeline for the show. If anyone knows KND, it's him. Here's what he said:

"First of all, you're crazy, Arc, for getting me to do this. And not just do this, but do it TWICE! Why didn't you keep a log of what I said before? Ah, still, I'll see what I can do to remind you, because I'm such a nice guy.

Kids Next Door is a series that takes typical childhood concepts and dials them up to eleven to turn them into epic adventures. Eating a Brussels sprout POISONS OUR HERO!! Brushing your teeth IS MUTILATING YOUR MOUTH!! Stuff like that. The two big examples of nudity, BUTT and DUCKY, involved these concepts. He lost his swimsuit at the beach, NOW THE ENEMY HAS BLACKMAIL TO GET HIM TO STOP FIGHTING!! He doesn't want to take a bath AND GETS SUCKED ONTO A SHIP OF LOST SOULS!! Any new story should play off those elements. I bet you could write a rockin' fic about a horrific game of Doctor WHERE THE DOCTOR IS A MAD SCIENTIST!! Still wonder if that'd be better from a girl to a boy, though; Doctor is all based around the differences between the two, and I don't think you'd want it to look like sexual assault (I don't).

There's also those brief, quick gags that cartoons love to use. For example, the Nude Torpedo in ARCTIC that you seem to like (a lot) or Tommy mistaking what a Birthday Suit means to the KND. Stuff like that really needs no explanation, just use it wisely.

One more thing; KND is a show based around the idea of a central continuity, with consequences from one episode taking place in another. This was introduced when the age-changing cigar was brought back for the Season 1 finale, and it's been used all over the place, like with the Boyfriend Helmet from Season 1 being used back in Season 4, or Tommy putting Father's DNA into the Code Module in Season 3 coming back to haunt him in Season 5. Perhaps you could find a practical use for the Nude Torpedo, like destroying a kind of armor of some kind, like an enemy's strong one, or a cursed one hurting a friend.

Anyway, I'll leave you back to whatever you're doing. And lay off the nanos, they ate buildings and objects more than clothes (never)."

That's all he wrote! If you're looking for advice, feel free to ask him for more. His name's Darkton93 on DeviantArt, where he spends most of his time. Tell him Arc sent you!
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More of our golden girl Lynn with this one. Part of the difficulty in finding pictures to post is that I don't have as many folders as maybe I should have, but I have a massive base folder full of unlabeled stuff that everything without a folder goes into. Finding pics for toons is easy for the first few days since I can look in a folder. The last two? Not so much.

Oh, the pic! This is a great example of a girl getting into a nudity-related pickle. You can tell some chain of events must've happened that conspired to make her suffer in embarrassment. Special note goes to the band-aids; probably one of the best methods of censorship the Japanese came up with, they work great for Lynn because she's a sportsgirl and is expected to have a few some places. Guess she took some personal injuries...
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I was having some trouble deciding if I wanted to post a Simpsons pic and a PPG entry in this, or the previous pic along with this example, but due to the nature of our upcoming big announcement, I went with the one I already did for good reason. It's another example that proves that Yes, It Can Be Done!

The Simpsons is so much a merchandising juggernaut they made fun of that fact all the way back in Season 3. Today, merchandise is the only thing keeping the show alive, as it'll run until, in the words of Troy MacLure "the show becomes unprofitable." And sometimes, specific countries get their own unique material, of have the family endorse their own products, like the Japanese and C. C. Lemon.

Today's subject comes from France, a commercial for their version of Tide, called Vizir. Marge buys some at a supermarket to clean off the stains on the family's clothes. By the time she's hanging them out to dry outside, Homer, Bart, and Lisa get to see the fruits of that labor. They're also naked, and as the clothes fly off the rope because Bart pulled them too far, we see much of Homer, Bart... and Lisa in the nude. Bart shows his wiener before the movie, though it's more abstract than that per request of show creator Matt Groening. Lisa shows a lot, too, covering herself with that cover I so adore and running off to the distance, showing her butt for a few frames.

This was still early in the show's run, so it's interesting to see an example of Lisa nudity that isn't heavily censored. At last, the team found an idea that worked and used it in a country that'd accept it. The only censorship later down the line was with Bart, who later got a censor bar over his lower area. Lisa was left untouched, since there's no need to censor her at all.

When finally given an opportunity to strip Lisa in a way that doesn't diminish her or exploit her, they absolutely took it. And the result was a massive success for the company. If another country can use our own characters in ways that we can't, what's stopping us from using them the same way but our own cowardice?
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I think I may be just a little too busy, skipping out several days. On the other hand, looks like the image size limit just got larger, so I can post some full-size stuff!

This pic is fun! It's official art from a magazine, and it may just be the most revealing official art of the PPGZ. I'm glad they spent it on something as cute as this, what with the Girls enjoying a nice onsen trip. Though I'm surprised Kaoru is taking this so well, given who she's supposed to be...

April 18 2017

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Ah, the joys of hypocrisy and double standards. Let's explore some of those double standards as we look at a time an animator once again stepped in and said "No Girls Allowed!"

I don't often cover Nicktoons on this blog. That's because I've historically been more of a Cartoon Network fan. But when you peruse through the internet, you stumble across things that lead you to other things which lead you to either glory or disappointment. In this case, we have the latter.

That stumbling was upon a Nicktoon from the olden days called KaBlam!, an anthology series that showcased a series of animated shorts from different animators in different styles. It's kind of like What A Cartoon! except with series intended to always be shorts instead of just being pilots, although one series from that show, Action League NOW! did become a full series. One of its heroes is "The Flesh", a naked Ken doll superhero. It's pretty much a one note pun that really does nothing. (Maybe it's clear now why I didn't watch many Nicktoons growing up?)

Anyway, the wraparound segment tying these shorts together involved a pair of kids of an indeterminate age named Henry and June. It was traditionally animated and contained some jokes of its own, but the only reason I cared is some TV Tropes page or... well, some kinda database directed me to the episode "I Just Don't Get It", where the description I got was "Disappearing Ink causes Henry and June's clothes to vanish in the episode 'I Just Don't Get It' from KaBlam!" or something like that. One search for their page on the material, and I found out that one of those names was a girl! What excitement awaits!

Except... no excitement awaited at all. While it is true that the girl, June's clothes start to disappear around the same time Henry's do, once she gets up to her underwear, but just before her hat vanishes, she, while said hat is going away, bolts it to the nearest door and locks it tight with her strong grip. As for the boy, Henry? He gets totally naked. Why yes, we do see his butt. Why yes, they denied us a perfectly good opportunity for humor yet again.

That's not what I had in mind. That's not nearly what I had in mind. That's not even remotely what I had in mind. That and what I had in mind should not be mentioned in the same sentence together. In fact, that is so far removed from what I had in mind, I've decided to create an animated series with caricatures of the people in charge to mock and belittle them in front of an audience of thousands of people, and I think I'll name it "Perversion, the Cowardly Animator."

So, for this one, I actually contracted a different artist than usual. I don't like to be tied down to one artist, so I called upon the talents of minor internet personality Jugend aka JUG. He's another of those artists who works on model, though since he does a lot of this stuff for fun, I felt he'd be best to get the idea for this off the ground. The fact that I knew him from somewhere else under both of our names helps.

So who's at fault for this blunder? Well, there's the description on that database for being kinda misleading, though that's a different problem... really, the fault lies in the cowardice of animators thinking girls should be protected at all costs even if it means sacrificing a perfectly good joke. Kids are gonna look at this and get confused, and when those kids grow up into people looking for scenes where young girls get nude for comedy, they're gonna get disappointed. You can't honestly tell me with a straight face this is fair, that this is even acceptable.

Funny how double-faced logic always seems to diminish the boys in this equation. "Well, we girls should be free to show our chests in public, too, but girls on TV need to be covered more than boys or else they're sexually demeaning!" If only I knew the root...
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