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July 29 2017

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The difficulty in finding pics of ladies is that they can actually be sexualized, so finding examples of stuff that isn't is harder. This one cuts it close, but is ultimately more humorous in the author's intent. I can tell because no uncensored version of it exists, despite the artist having no problem with doing so. So, this is a nice little play on the portal to the other world, since, you know, ponies don't wear clothes. Well, if there is another version of her in that world...
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There's this one Shizuka artist I just found. He does his own take on certain scenes from the series. I think his version of the Waterplay scene is pretty good, capturing the essence of the scene with a charming art style. I'd love to see him do some other moments from the series, too. But then, lightning can only strike so many times...

July 28 2017

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I can't post the rest of this because it's garbage, but it is a good pic on its own. "Natural Born Kissers" never featured a scene where the streakers found an object to obscure their nudity, so it's nice to see it featured here. Lisa material is hard to come by, so I feature it whenever possible, and this one is nice and cute without being too much. So, it gets a mention here 'cause that's the name of the game!

July 27 2017

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The way it's getting harder to find these pics, I'm starting to wonder if I should close shop on examples, too! Ah, well, something could slip through the cracks...

This pic is just adorable. It's a little fairy in the bath, caught by surprise. I generally prefer when girls cover themselves instead of showing off, since it shows that the girl is not just a toy to play around with, and has feelings as well. Though I will give 'em a reprieve if they're childish enough. This girl isn't, but still...

July 26 2017



I've finally decided what I'm going to do about this hiatus thing. I'm currently working on a massive comic with Xierra099, but in between I like to work on smaller ideas. As such, after the deal is done for the first chapter, I will work on a deal with her for a very special No Girls Allowed! I also have a fun little twist on the usual Role Reversal type pic involved. There might even be a little bonus for those of you viewing in NSFW mode...
Tags: announcement
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I've had a bit of a busy day, so I apologize for not getting on this blog sooner. Thankfully, I can now.

An official Gravity Falls book says that Mabel would want the power of invisibility because it means she could go naked and no one would mind (mainly because they couldn't see her). This picture is proof of that. It's also really good because it ties into the goofiness of little kids, and the reactions of the cast are all in-character: Dipper's disappointed, Stan's shocked, and Wendy's amused. I've always wanted to feature Mabel on this show, so I'm glad I get to do so now. A pity the art I really wanted to post can't be. Ah well...

July 25 2017

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Couple of slight delays on starting this week, one caused by trying to find the right material, and another caused by other obligations, I'm a busy man.

This picture works because clearly Hina here is expecting the viewer to bath her. She's obviously been looking forward to this for some time now, and she might have even been waiting in the bath for a while. The thing about Hina is, unlike the other girls, she's of the age where bathing her is cute no matter who you are. Just don't go too tough on her or she'll cry, and nobody likes to be in direct earshot of a crying child.

July 22 2017



I had to send that message earlier because it needed to be handled ASAP. In the meantime, next week will be our picture dump week of the month, because I still have some things I can show. Once we get our No Girls Allowed! pic done, we can start another week. As well as that, I'm contemplating doing a story runthrough of a role reversal situation sometime soon, if not by the time we get things back, then after next month's picture dump.

There's a couple of extra notes: I am well aware of the recent findings of an unreleased episode of Rugrats that offered an alternate take on "Naked Tommy". Sadly, I won't be posting it because it doesn't actually fit in the blog's mission. Gotta keep on track! Also, there's a particular example in the world of gaming that drew my eye that kinda relates to our objective, but I need more information on the situation before making that decision.

So that's about the lot. See you around!
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July 13 2017

It pains me to have to meet on such harsh terms, but here we are.

In case you haven't heard about Net Neutrality, it's what keeps the internet a free exchange of ideas. Nobody will bother you unless you do something illegal; the private businesses control what goes on each website. Don't like someone's business, go somewhere else. That's how I found Inkbunny.

So guess what the government wants to get rid of.

For some reason, some government jerk thinks it'd be a good idea to get rid of Net Neutrality, and turn things over to the FCC. Yup, those guys, who, over the last few years, have...
-Forbade and still forbid Lisa Simpson to be depicted nude on the show
-Balked at and censored an episode where Marge Simpson got very nude
-Wouldn't even allow male characters on The Simpsons to show their butts, a ban which lasted for 11 seasons
-Censored Dee Dee's entire torso with a massive plant while allowing Dexter to get by with just a leaf on the groin
-Forced Dee Dee to be hidden in silhouette during a sequence in Dexter's episode that was almost exactly the same, except Dexter got to bare all
-Would allow characters on The Powerpuff Girls to show much skin if they were 5 year old boys or 50 year old men, but not 5 year old girls once the show fell into their hands
-Let Henry's clothes disappear completely in KaBlam, but wouldn't allow June's to do the same
-Let Hank Hill's butt escape being blocked for a second, while keeping Peggy's completely hidden
-Forced Shizuka to take baths in her swimsuit
-Forced Ami to shower in her swimsuit
-Would allow Ami and Yumi to be sexualized, but not have even one humorous nude moment that wasn't covered with a chip bag
-Forced Dot Matrix's chest in Reboot to be simplified, only becoming defined when she left FCC control
-And had a reputation for being so uptight, they had a whole song dedicated to them on Family Guy over how terrible they were.

Needless to say, the internet falling under FCC control would be a bad thing. If people can get fired and blacklisted for their political beliefs over Facebook, imagine what that'd mean for some of us loli artists. Some of us would have to get our operations shut down at best, and get arrested at worst. I can already think of some big names who the FCC would shut down the minute they got power.

Not only that, but let's assume they don't do anything to us. We still have to deal with copyright. I guarantee a majority of us who do art based on popular characters do it because we didn't get much from the show. Fanartists can depict situations the show creators never would. However, once the FCC gains access to the net, they also answer to the major media companies in charge of those shows. Given how trigger-happy they are on YouTube for fanvids, imagine how they'd treat every bit of fanart they didn't like. Needless to say, sites like Inkbunny and even DeviantArt would be destroyed completely.

If you want the internet to survive in its current form, e-mail your congressional representative and tell them not to dissolve Net Neutrality. You owe it to you to keep the free exchange of ideas free. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and holding the entire internet gives you absolute power.

Good luck!

July 09 2017



With the week over and our entrance into another hiatus, I leave you with these final thoughts.

We've had an impressively strong week this time, covering some material that happened recently, being introspective, debuting a new show, tackling tough issues and challenging beliefs. In other words, it was a week of pure sociology, and I'm glad to have had the chance to do it.

As for what we can do now that we're on hiatus, my thoughts turn to that one week we did a special episode all throughout the week. Very possibly we could do more to use more time. Of course, all that requires a theme, but if you know my Inkbunny, you know we have a few slots which we can use the theme. We could do a role reversal comic with Dee Dee, or we could do a PPG story. Let me know which you'd rather see, and we'll go with it.

Thanks for sticking with me this week! See you whenever!
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Sexy time! Just with someone you don't usually see do it.

It's really hard finding these sexy male pics because I have to make sure they're female-oriented. Too many of these things may cause people to think I'm gay, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not gay so I don't want people to have any misconceptions. This one works, however, because of all the women throwing him money to take his clothes off. We don't often see this kind of thing in pop culture, so it's nice someone is acknowledging it. It certainly proves we're more alike than we realize!
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Back to a familiar company, it's time for Mature Musings! No big intro, I'm on a bit of a crunch.

Today, the topic shifts back to Disney, and how the company in no way reflects Walt's desires. A lot of early animators also worked as pin-up artists. One of them, for example, Fred Moore, worked on a short for the compilation Make Mine Music called "All the Cats Join In", which starts with some women going about their day, including a shower and putting on clothes.

Sounds perfectly normal, right? Not to the modern company.

On modern day releases of this film, the scenes of this portion are censored. The original shot showed some sideboob, whereas the censored version cuts out their breasts altogether. I am a believer in historical preservation of media, especially media from older eras past ours. Disney, however, chooses to censor just because, as said before, the comapny doesn't target "the child in every adult", just children, and has a very limited view of what kids are like.

And why wouldn't it? The guys in charge of Disney these days have never even seen a Walt Disney work. They say the party line about what a genius he is, but they don't truly mean it since they don't know how much of a genius he is. They took charge when animation was just for kids only, and they've held that opinion ever since. If they did scare about animation, they wouldn't have to censor their works, since they would be remembered by adults for their historical context, not be shoehorned into the modern context.

Disney's not a good company by any stretch of their imagination, and their constant denial of history makes that most evident.
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Wanted to do more Lucky Star since I enjoy this series' cute art style so much. This is one of my favorite pics of the series because it's just so fun. Konata invading the hot spring leads to some really funny reactions by the other girls. Their bodies are nice and cute, as expected from art by the original artist. This is really a solid picture on all accounts, and I'm happy to share it with you.

July 08 2017


Ask ArcRoyale #5

I've really wanted to talk about this for some time now, given recent events. I think now would be a good time to look into my inbox and answer a burning question.

The question is: "ArcRoyale, you're championing for some form of equality, yet your pics are mostly of nude girls. How do you still call yourself a feminist?"

Of course I'm a feminist. Just one closer to the original agreement.

See, there's a story I heard from a really good episode of The Powerpuff Girls. There was a female villain who insisted the Girls let her go because she was a girl, and there aren't many female villains out there. With some help from the wise women of Townsville like Ms. Bellum (who basically runs Townsville) and Ms. Keane (who educates the kindergarten to help prepare kids for the world), they taught the female villain a lesson about Susan B. Anthony. She broke the law to make a point, but the judges wanted to go easy on her because she was a woman. She refused to go along with it, saying she should be put in jail like any man would, so the Girls dealt that same hand to the female villain.

It's a lesson that taught me so much about feminism. And it's a lesson feminists these days tend to forget.

Often times, the subject of why we need feminism comes from displays of sexualization, and why it's bad to sexualize females because it's exploiting them. But a common feminist and I would give different reasons for why it's bad. They would say it's because women shouldn't be sexualized since any form of it demeans women. I would argue that it's bad because there isn't an equivalent guy in the movie/TV show that gets it just as bad.

The ultimate irony is that modern feminism isn't actually feminism; it's misandry pretending to be feminism. Feminism is supposed to be about making men and women equal, but it's being used here to make women superior. There's an often cited quote about women only being paid 75% of what men are paid, but those figures don't take into account stuff like hours worked, difficulty of the job for each person, and availability. It's like this: The men tend to become surgeons who work 10 hours a day every day of the week, while the women become nurses and assistants at that same hospital who only work 6 hours a day with a few days they don't work on, both so they can take care of the kids. If the hospital made that pay equal, women who took the same hours and jobs as men would actually be paid 25% more, or in other words, it would be men who would only receive 75% of what women are paid.

But that probably doesn't bat the lashes of a modern feminist. Like I said, it's all about making the girls the ruling class. It's straight up revenge.

Consider this: Many people talk about Donald Trump using a statement saying he wants to "grab [women] by the pussy" and use it to say Trump hates women. In context, however, it was used in the same way we often say we've "got someone by the balls" as a way to say we completely dominate over them, and Trump wasn't talking about women if you listen to the full context. So then, why is it that "grab by the balls", the male phrase, is okay, but "grab by the pussy", the female equivalent, is not? Are they not located in the same place? Does it not hurt equally if both are grabbed? Is it not humiliating for both genders to have such injury dealt to them?

That's all I'm trying to say with this blog: that the situation is unbalanced. If one gender is sexualized, the other should be, too. If one gender's nudity is used for humor, the other should be, too. And if you don't want it, than neither should be okay. Either you're allowed to say you've grabbed someone by the balls or pussy when you want to say you've got them at your beck and call, or you can't grab anything but the arm. Either men and women are used for sexual purposes, or no sexual ads can be released at all. Either men and women can be nude for the sake of humor, or neither can be nude at all except for art. Really, inviting the other side is a kindness, since life without it would be pretty much, well, a dystopia.

Now I'm sure some of you are looking to justify women being given special treatment because they've suffered more historically. While they have, and I'm not denying that, and we certainly have some relics of that older era, we've done things to raise them up, like the Equal Pay Act that makes paychecks identical for equal time and effort. My best argument against given women special treatment based on historical disadvantage is... if women have suffered for 100 years, 100 years of men suffering is not bringing equality or justice. It's just revenge, reversing the situation to make the guy you don't like the victim, hurting because you were hurt. After 100 years of men being made minorities, suddenly they'll start to go through the same kind of movement you guys made. Masculism, if you will. Who's to say they won't bar you from showings of male action heroes just because you're female, the same way you barred them from your showing of Wonder Women just because they're male?

An Eye For An Eye never justified revenge or paying evil unto evil. An Eye For An Eye was made because people kept on paying back stolen eyes by stealing both eyes, and more than likely a few teeth, too. If you truly want equality, you gotta start letting girls go through things like slapstick, combat holds, or, yes, nudity as humor. If all your want from your "feminist" movement are action stars and protagonists who aren't allowed to lose because "they're girls, what other reason do I need?", then you lose the right to call yourself a feminist. If you want equality, then you gotta get both sides of that coin. Otherwise, you're just a misandrist championing "equality" that's a little more like reverse sexism.

Aaaand this stuff got too heavy. Better mark NSFW.

July 07 2017

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Fun stuff here! This Lola pic can't be found in many places anymore, so I colored it myself to put it here. It's really cute with her pose doing that cover I love so much, and her butt is really funnily-drawn. Plus her red cheeks make this so adorably cute.
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Since I can't think of much How Do We Do It, mostly because we've exhausted the options I'm familiar with or are down to ones that don't fit thematically, I'm starting up a new series called What Would It Look Like? In this series, I post a character model I did with Krizeii's help to show what a girl might look like in any probable nude scene on the show. It's kind of a companion to How Do We Do It, showing anything that goes in that show.

Here's Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory. The idea is that she would, in addition to a leaf like Dexter's, have her chest censored by something up top. I picked a pair of daisies to be cute.
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I didn't intend to miss yesterday. Circumstances, however, placed my computer out of reach, so I didn't have any way to post. Now I have it, so we can get started again.

This pic is so much fun. It'd be one thing if it were just bathtime, but the girl with the water gun, Miu, is determined to be a troublemaker. All she ends up doing is causing drama the other kids would rather avoid. It makes one wanna drink, don't it? Shame the other kids can't...

July 05 2017

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I don't think any of you will fully understand how this made me the happiest little girl. You might have an idea, but not all of it. Once again this year, our little Yes, It Can Be Done becomes "Yes, It WAS Done!"

And what better to do it than in such a landmark of western animation like Samurai Jack. The backstory that you need to know is that it's animated show from Cartoon Network that it was the closest to art the network ever did. It got cut mid-run without an ending for 13 or so years, but it got brought back by [adult swim] for Toonami just this year as a 10-episode mini-series. But this wasn't some Family Guy, South Park, Robot Chicken "cram as much vulgarity as possible in thirty minutes" adolescent toon. The show had a lot of violence, yes, but it used it with purpose, like how the hero, Jack accidentally makes his first human murder using the sight of blood to horrify the audience, then uses blood to create striking visual images of a wounded Jack, and delves into the discussion of whether killing in self-defense is justified, complete with a blood-soaked flashback to Jack's childhood to drive the message home.

Most of the time when the series delved into mature content, violence was the big one, but their usage of nudity was just as thematically appropriate, too.

The secondary character is a brainwashed girl named Ashi, and I say "brainwashed" not with mind control, but that she was raised terribly and to become a child assassin to kill Jack. Her mother and instructor basically tortured her throughout her childhood, like crushing a beautiful ladybug right in front of her eyes, or teaching them not to help each other lest they be seen as weak.

To further drive that point home, we previously assumed that black thing that matched her skin was a catsuit, but the real reason is horrifying. When she was a child, Ashi's mother stripped her naked, then forced her into a pile of hot coals to toughen her up, that stuff on her not being a catsuit but charred flesh.

This is a brilliant example of using child nudity in a thematic way. Ashi's mother's brutality is shown by inflicting torture on a vulnerable child. The act highlights just how much Ashi suffered through her childhood, as well as highlighting how vile her mother is by how she inflicts horrific abuse to a little girl, her little girl. The act makes Ashi more sympathetic and makes the audience hate her mother, justifying Ashi's eventual killing of her in the next episode.

It's one thing to just use gratuitous child nudity for some sake, but this is on a whole 'nother level. The usage of child nudity is used to service the storytelling and develop character, being worked organically with the story. This is even better than a gag, because it actually ties in with the themes of the season, and gives the whole thing a mature tone.

How much we've changed from censoring Dee Dee to telling a good story. We're going in good places!
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The good news is I don't have to do my specific days of the week shows with Powerpuff Girls. No examples of Role Reversal, already did the one "No Girls Allowed!", and because of the numerous examples of Yes, It Can Be Done! we already know How Do We Do It. That means I can post examples freely.

As for the pic, I love this one because it's got Princess as cupid. Cupid is a nice situation for non-sexual nudity involving kids, and it's good to pair it up with a subversion of the purity of angels with a naughty girl, and Princess is definitely naughty! The author mentions he drew it before the fandom exploded with pedos. Okay, the fandom was never free of pedos, but they are worse now. Then again, it's 2017; everything's worse now.
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This was the show that tripped me up. Well, thanks to some negotiation with one of my advisors, I managed to find a good example for our show. It's time for another time the management stepped in and said "No Girls Allowed!"

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with it, but if you were a little girl, you might've been raised on "The Paper Bag Princess" once or twice. It's a fun little story about Girl Power, on how a little girl princess with a fancy dress, finds her castle under attack from a fire-breathing dragon. The princess loses everything, including her outfit, so she fashions one out of a paper bag. She then challenges the dragon to a series of tasks that ultimately tire him out, meaning the princess ended up beating the dragon after all! And the prince she used to admire makes a snarky remark over her outfit and how she's "not much of a princess", so she just declares she doesn't need him and rides off into the sunset. Girls Rule!

So what if I told you that the feminism was incomplete? Or at least kinda hypocritical?

Now, the final page was changed multiple times. The first time, the princess socked the prince, which I can understand why it was changed. Funny, but not acceptable to first graders, you know, violence and all that. The second change to the final page was that originally, the princess was gonna show her new freedom by taking off that paper bag, showing off her bare bottom.

There's a few reasons why I think it got changed, or at least any possible rationalization behind it. Don't exactly want little girls stripping in public and they don't have situational awareness to know the full details... but then, there was a page just earlier where she got shown naked, and her (featureless) chest was in view, so there are only two reasons I can think of why that stays and the butt goes. Maybe it's because at the end the girl takes off her clothes, whereas the beginning she simply lost them. And of course, kids books can't portray bad behavior unless it's supposed to be shown to be bad, like how the explorers in that one book can die because they're stupid, or how anatomy books can be made for kids because they don't have much other than just situation-less pictures.

So while it would be natural to assume cowardice was involved, there's a lot of other factors to assume. Unless boys in kids books can strip and not be criticized by the narrative, cowardice wasn't completely involved. The age-range for picture books is lower; older kids tend to go for comics or chapter books instead. While I'm all for raising kids right, I realize there are certain times for funny nudity, and this may not necessarily be one of those times.

Make your own call. I got nothin'.
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