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November 22 2017

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Man, I'm finding a lot of new things this week! Surprisingly solid! With this, we're reminded once again that Yes, It Can Be Done!

Today's moment comes from the Miraculous Adventures comic, specifically Issue #3. That's based off a series that's fairly recent called Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat-Noir, which also happens to be a kids series. Sadly, I don't know all the details.

This is a moment I just love. In a previous issue, Ladybug's clothes were stolen, so when she detransforms she ends up nude and has to hide. Technically speaking, this is actually a continuity error since she was wearing a swimsuit in the issue they were stolen. Still, this is great for the fact that they bother to have this kind of thing in a kids' comic with no problems.

Oh, and get this: this was written by the French team, but the comic producers say it's okay because, and this is a very important "because": "No nudity is shown". See, THIS is what I'm talking about with regards to what's acceptable. Since the privates are totally hidden, this content is okay. Nudity doesn't HAVE to be sexual, and it's great that they preserved the writer's vision.

So when people say this kind of stuff is taboo, well, it isn't!
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Aside from tomorrow being thanksgiving, CN is running a big Teen Titans Go marathon. Because there's no "s" in CARTOON Network. As such, I've got a moment from that show that surprised me redrawn in the style of the 2003 series, handled by Xierra. I'll maybe ask Kri to do it to, but for now, here we are!

November 21 2017

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Sigh. My job will never be done. Just a few years ago, a no good, know-nothing executive put the hammer down and proclaimed "No Girls Allowed!"

The scariest words in the human language are "Think of the children!" Often times, these words are being said by people who know nothing about children, but think they know more than them. Case in point, a bill in Japan called for the end of "pornographic content", but was so vaguely phrased it basically meant censoring everything to the ends of the earth. When prodded about stuff like Shizuka's bath scenes in the cultural cornerstone Doraemon, the bill's owners said "that's an example of things that won't be censored."

So when a new Doraemon movie comes out and has a scene where Shizuka's clothes accidentally get vacuumed up, and her butt is shown in the process, you'd expect the people in charge of the bill to keep their promise and not censor the Shizuka scene when it aired on TV, right?

You don't know anything about politicians, do you?

Indeed, on the TV airing of the exact same movie, the scene was completely censored, completely blatantly with a big bright light that obscured just about everything, and I do mean everything. You had to buy the DVD to get the real thing. For those who don't know, this is the exact same strategy used by late night anime. Doraemon is considered in the same category as To-Love-Ru and Strike Witches in that their content has to be censored on TV. The only difference? Those series were for adults.

This is why we can't keep doing this. Despite all signs saying that this kind of scene won't be censored, it still is, for no reason other than it's a girl, as Nobita's numerous scenes show. What is it about a girl that makes it pornographic, other than the female body being "inherently sexual"?

When kids TV is given the same treatment as series for hardcore adolescent nerds, it's time to stop.
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Wouldn't you know it, I just found this pic today! Pretty cool, huh?

I don't quite know why Sakura is sleeping nude, but the situation is funny in how she realizes quickly she overslept and has to do the whole morning routine. There's plenty of room for jokes here, like how Sakura has so many different outfits that choosing the right one would be hard, or how she'd practically be in a hurry to get into her outfit, trying to get dressed while running... heh, that's not a bad idea. Should hit up Xierra when I get some cash.

November 20 2017

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It's that time again: Role Reversal time! Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the Savino ep for a while.

So this one comes from the episode of Dexter's Lab titled "A Hard Day's Day." The funny thing is that this episode happens to feature a lot of nude Dexter. This is one of those moments, Dexter being undressed out of his pajamas by his machine in his morning routine, and sliding down something like the Batpole to change into his regular outfit. It's definitely one of the more notable shots of Dexter's butt in the series, and we see it a LOT in this ep.

So, for this one, Darkton93 and I collaborated on a fic to reverse the situation with Dee Dee. For this segment, Dee Dee throws her regular clothes into the air, jumps out of her pajamas, then flies right into them to dress in the air. And just like Dex, there's a nice big shot of her butt cuz exact change only.

I will likely do more with this episode. In the meanwhile, I've got both a comic version of certain scenes, and we've got a whole fanfic ready if this episode is one of your favorites and you wanted it to get the "Dee Dee's Rival" treatment. They're there if you know where to look!
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And we're back! Things'll be a tad slower since I had to nix Savino content, but I'll do what I can.

We'll start off with this silly little comic. It's a nice humorous scenario with "how do you do that" followed by a demonstration. It's fun, it's cute, it's everything I've ever wanted. Oh, and the colors are thanks to Darkton93. Thanks, Darkton93!


Tomorrow marks the end of our hiatus and the beginning of another official week. I'll try and find some thanksgiving stuff, but expect that to mostly consist of football. Sadly, because of our temporary ban on Savino content, our golden girl Lynn Loud will not appear. Sorry.

Also, today is International Men's Day! Now, that may sound like "white history month" or "straight pride", but hear me out. With the recent sex abuse allegations with people like Chris Savino, Harvey Weinstein, and Al Franken, it begs the question as to why all these are coming out within the same interval. Case in point, a previous time I talked about some comments our president made that were taken out of context, disapproved by the women who they were told to.

So what does that mean? Well, putting aside partisan party politics, it's led to a lot of people believe women because apparently "women never lie". Uh, newsflash, EVERYONE LIES. And people will definitely lie if they think it'll get them power, and don't tell me you wouldn't; even the smallest lie is, by definition, a lie, or did those cartoons teach you nothing? A bluff is a lie!

What this means is that when men say "#MeToo" women write "Yeah, you should be saying #MeToo I sexually abused women", or when somebody says "#NotAllMen" some feminist says "#YesAllMen". This kind of thing essentially downplays men's issues, worse when male rape is treated like a big joke. "Love is in the air," anyone?

The lie that "men are incapable of being sexually abused" and "women never lie about sexual abuse" is just as ludicrous as saying, say "an apple is a fruit, but an orange is not an apple, therefore not a fruit." No, both are fruit, and men and women are both people. Why should one always be believed in and one never? Revenge is not a substitute for justice.

So, that's all. See you tomorrow!

November 18 2017

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Because equality is about more than just dressing down, it's about recognizing when dressing down is impractical. Have another bonus picture!

November 16 2017

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Looks like someone else had the same ideas I had! Have a bonus picture!
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Since I got a Twitter lately, I thought I'd expand on one of the thoughts I had on it. Consider this a bonus post.

I've often heard a lot of people on Tumblr complaining about sacrificing an outfit's "quality" to please the "cis heterosexual males." That statement comes laced with a bunch of unfortunate opinions, most prominently that "cis heterosexual males" being pleased is somehow bad by virtue of them being "cis heterosexual males", whereas "cis heterosexual females" being pleased by sexiness is somehow okay. That is, Conan is fine, but Slave Leia is not.

So what I'm thinking is, the issue has been corrupted. It's not about (or shouldn't be about) whether or not an outfit is "too sexy". It's about what that sexiness serves. If the sexiness is used to build character for either the person wearing it or the person who assigned it, that's different. If that purpose flies in the face of the armor's practical purpose, then it's just an excuse. Everything about a character should indicate their personality or that of those around them, not just be used for cheap thrills.

Example of something good: Rainbow Mika in Street Fighter, especially Street Fighter V, wears a rather revealing outfit. But that comes with her territory: She's a Japanese pro-wrestler who fights in silly little battles that are more for fun than the life-or-death battles of Ryu and Ken vs. Shadaloo. Mika is fighting to show off, to put on a spectacle of a performance, so her outfit reflects that by drawing attention to her. Combined that with her attacks and mannerisims involving her butt, and it's quite clear that this girl is supposed to be sexy, but that's okay because it won't actually harm her. That's good sexy.

And now the counterexample: The Amazons in the recent Justice League film have skimped out on armor to wear leather bikinis. Why would they do that? The Amazons are a warrior culture, inspired by the Greek legends. Unless the situation is like that of the Spartans in 300 (which, if I'm not mistaken, the director of Justice League, Zack Snyder, also directed) or the Amazons have diamond skin that can resist swords, arrows and bullets, then all anyone needs to is strike at the exposed patches of skin that essentially serve as bulls-eyes. That's sacrificing character and function for titillation. That's bad sexy.

I couldn't fit it in 280 characters, but there's also the case of Slave Leia in Return of the Jedi. Leia, upon being captured by Jabba, is forced into a sexual bikini and made to sit by his side and look good. But notice Leia doesn't wear anything like this elsewhere. Most of the time she wears really elegant or practical wear. This one time she doesn't was caused by, well, a real lecherous slime rat who forced her to wear it as advertisement. Note the first thing she does when freed is use her own chain to strangle Jabba. That says something both about Leia, that she's in a difficult situation, and about her captor, that he's not a good person. That's good sexy.

There are many examples throughout fiction like this, but by now I think I've made my point. It's not that titillating men is a bad thing. It's when men are titillated at the expense of logic and common sense that it becomes a problem. We only don't complain about guys like Conan or the 300 Spartans because men are used to being on top.

So yeah, nothin' wrong with bein' sexy... unless you're sexy for no good reason.
Tags: essay feminism

November 02 2017



Hello, hello! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! I sure did!

So here's our update. We have completed the Role Reversal for this week. We are currently working on our What Would It Look Like right now. Our No Girls Allowed! will be another Shizuka scene, so sorry if you're sick of those. I will start perusing my galleries for a good Yes, It Can Be Done! and Mature Musings. Or Friday show will be an essay that I think you guys will like.

Now for some unfortunate news: Due to recent snafus involving Chris Savino, all of his work has been temporarily suspended from this blog. That includes Dexter's Lab Seasons 3 and 4, Powerpuff Girls Seasons 5 and 6, and, unfortunately, The Loud House. That last one was the driving factor behind all this, since the snafu happened during his time there. All Savino-related content will return when Loud House Season 3 starts, since it will operate without Savino.

That's all. See you when that happens!
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October 15 2017



Hiatus has begun again. There's some final thoughts for the adults if you're in NSFW mode. See ya later!
The week is over, and our hiatus has begun. With that, I leave you these final thoughts.

On a memorable blooper of Family Feud, the question was "Something you find in any horror movie." The contestant responded with a girl running without clothes. He was teased for his answer, and got buzzed incorrect.

Sad thing is, he's not exactly wrong. A while back, I did a run of the Friday the 13th movies in honor of the day itself landing in October (and I'm surprised a new one wasn't released that day!). I started to play a drinking game with the amount of times certain scenes happen, stuff like Window Kills, Failures to Secure the Kill Against Jason, Kills After Sex, Kills After Baring Breasts...

Yeah in case you couldn't tell, there's a lot of unnecessary nudity in that franchise. Despite how cool the first movie was, the movies seemed to really go all out with female nudity and sex scenes, and I'm not really sure why.

I think I might have a clue, though, and it has a lot to do with how adolescent these movies seem. These movies already have enough "awesome" gore to titillate the violent-minded 18-year-old male audience, now add in some sex and we're all clear. The strange thing is, it never seems to happen to males, for one reason or another. They get killed, sure, but not after having sex, or not after getting nude.

This sort of thing is very damaging for how men treat women, since it tells men "yes" but tells women "no." That is, "feel free to horn in on the nekkid girl, guys, but don't you ladies dare get nekkid yourselves unless you wanna get brutally murdered/raped." This kind of thing both celebrates perversion and denigrates women, and it's a terrible thing to do.

So that's what I've been doing on Friday. Have a great October!

Marked NSFW due to mentions of R-Rated movies.
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Let's showcase some sexiness, shall we?

Here's a fun picture! The guy is so hot, they had to censor his nipples! Stuff like that isn't often seen with males as much as females, but the guy's body, combined with his pose, means we simply had to! I think I saw this in Kill La Kill once or twice...

October 14 2017

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I don't have much to talk about, so have a What Would It Look Like with Ms. Bellum! The hair covering her breasts is my idea, since her hair is just so big. I guess now we know why she's "too sexy" for 2016!
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How'd you spend your Friday the 13th? I spent mine laughing at all the sexism in it. It makes a great drinking game!

Here's a picture I really like for one simple reason: It's more focused on Fluttershy being beautiful as opposed to sexual. The female body is very much attractive, and this shows it in a good light that's more like an art piece. Though one must wonder why she's nude in the first place, given how shy she is. Maybe she's not BodyShy...

October 13 2017


Ask ArcRoyale #6

Another week of motion, another question. Let's get on it, shall we?

Today's question goes something like "Dear ArcRoyale: I think the reason that male nudity is used for humor most often is because it challenges their masculinity, that is, it emasculates him and thus is funny because of that, which is kinda hard to do with a woman. What're your thoughts on that?"

That's almost not a question, but I'll try and answer it.

Two things throw a monkey wrench into this argument. First, there's male nudity used to titillate the audience just as their female counterparts are. You know, stuff like The Martian, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, or most of the Terminator movies. That kind of thing uses a lot of attractive guys for sexual purposes, making it pretty similar to female nudity of the same kind.

The other is scenes where the humor comes from the fact that the guy is too comfortable in his own skin. Aside from boys in cartoons, there's also stuff like Stephen Fry in the Sherlock Holmes sequel. The thing about those is that the humor comes from one of two things: embarrassment over the guy being hot and people drooling over him, or disgust at the guy being ugly.

Believe it or not, there are both of these cases with regards to females as well. A scene in the [adult swim] show The Oblongs uses an ugly girl's nudity for comedic value; and while the attractive nude girl in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is covered, the unattractive one is out in the open. Examples of the girl being "too hot" need only look no further than Not Another Teen Movie, where Cerena Vincent plays a nude foreign exchange student.

Now here's the pickle: A lot of my examples come from R-Rated or at least PG-13 stuff, stuff for adults. Children's media still keeps female nudity mostly hidden, yet male nudity out in the open. Despite the covers being unveiled for adults, they're hidden for kids. How do you explain this discrepancy? Unless, of course, the answer is "The producers think the female body is 'inherently sexual'," which simply isn't true.

In our current society that's pushing really hard on feminism, deflowering women doesn't sound fun. It'll take a while for this to really develop. So while humor over emasculating men may be okay right now, deflowering women isn't quite just yet, since we're currently in the phase where we try and lift up women as powerful. I have faith things will level out eventually, but only with a lot of time.

So I just listed three examples that show the argument is nonsense. Yet, it's still used. Maybe things will change soon, but it won't start by just assuming things'll get better automatically. We gotta take the first step. Once there, only 999 more miles to go!

Rated NSFW due to mention of R-Rated movies.
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Monster girls in the bath! Is there anything cuter? Well, there might be, but I haven't seen it yet. And this pic is indeed cute, with the two in adorable poses, clearly relaxing, and just having some time to wash away the struggles of the day. Or in this case, um, the night.

October 12 2017

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Here's something the Fox censors are too scared to do! It's another time where we show the answer to the question of "What Would It Look Like?"

Here's Lisa, totally embarrassed and totally nude. I originally got a pic that had her pearls, but I decided to have them removed. If she ever got her moment on the show, this is what it'd look like. Maybe she looked like this while she was swimming in the Fermentarium... whatever that is.
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A good art style can diffuse a lot of sexuality from a picture, turning it into something adorable. This is an example of such an art style: The stylized nature of the face and anatomy help make the picture look more adorable than alluring, as is the case here. Though, I'm sorry kid, but no costume is no costume.
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